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I’m not sure if you can tell, but I had a PRETTY good time making these Halloween Sugar Cookie PARTY cookies. HA! Once again, no one thinks I’m as funny as I do.

But as you can see by the number of icing bags here, these took a lot of work, even though they might seem fairly simple. I choose to make cookies the hard way, meaning I decorate LOTS of different types and kinds all at once, instead of doing them assembly style. But it’s just more fun for me to create a variety. I’m never exactly sure how they will turn out, which little character I’ll like best. I like letting things develop as I go, because I feel like I get the best ideas that way.


I also usually NEVER write on cookies because I feel like no matter how good your handwriting is it looks kind of, amateur? And for these maybe it does, but for some reason I was feeling it, especially on these houses.


I knew that I wanted to make traditional Halloween sugar cookie shapes, with traditional colors. I have these vintage blocks that say “Halloween” as part of the decor in my living room, and one of the pumpkins was wearing a party hat, and that’s how I got the idea to put party hats on pumpkins!


And once they had hats, it felt rude not include everyone else. So here’s kind of a basic break down of how I added the party hats to the shapes. I make mutant cookies fairly often, and this is just my personal method. Maybe there’s a better one out there, and one day I’ll try to do a tutorial video for you with the actual cookie dough. But remember I share my recipe for the cookies, my NON-DISGUSTING royal icing recipe, and ALL my methods for making cookies and using royal icing is my online course Alison’s Cookie Party.


You COULD totally cut a triangle out of the dough (for a party hat) with a knife, but I like using a cookie cutter if I have one. So I cut my, we’ll use the pumpkin for example, pumpkin out of the dough, then I used a paring knife to slice the top off (the stem in this case). So I had a topless pumpkin. SO RISQUE! Set her aside. Next I used upper portion of my letter “V” cookie cutter to make the hat. I leveled off the bottom of the triangle with paring knife so it would be flat. Then I gently smoosh the two pieces together. It won’t be seamless, you can see on my un-iced cookies, there is a seam. It might even look like the two pieces aren’t totally connected, but when you bake them they get sturdier, and when you ice them they get even STURDIER. I didn’t have one hat fall off. I was kind of shocked.

For the spiders and ghosts I did it just a TAD differently. I cut out the spider from my dough, leaving enough room for a party hat above his little arachnid head. I removed the spider and THEN I took my “V” (inverted of course) and cut out the hat right above his head. So the bottom of the hat used the top of the curve from the negative space where the spider was cut. Now read that about 5 times in a row and it might make sense. If not, like I said, I’ll try to do a video tutorial when I have some more dough!


I did the same thing for the ghost as I did for the spider, using the negative space of the ghost shape to create the bottom curve of the party hat so it fit perfectly on his specter head, or lack of head? But because the ghost has such a small head I used the “V” from my MINI alphabet set. (I linked to the resources at the end of the post).


I created the candy pieces by using a circle and the top of the “V” and the candy corn is also the top of the “V”.


Did these take a long time to cut out? You betcha! Was I as giddy as little witch the whole time? Yes, yes I was. Because HOLY HELL THEY HAVE PARTY HATS ON!


And I try to make a Salt N’ Peppa reference whenever I can. So I really consider this a win.


The bats didn’t get hats because no matter how hard you try some party guests will just not accessorize. Also I thought the candy corns could double as hats for them, and that if the other hats feel off when baking, on the mutant cookies, that I could use the icing to glue those tiny hats on. But I ended up not wanting to because you’d see the “glue” or icing.


How good are those monster hands? They are 100% inspired by the artist Buried Diamond. I am a HUGE fan. She doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her. But I am SO not above being a fan girl.


And right up there with Salt N’ Peppa references is a Pitch Perfect reference with the “Jiggle Juice”! I also added the bubbles to the top of the cauldrons. I used the butt of a sheep cookie cutter. HAHAHAHA I’m not kidding.

Again, I really really stand by my course Alison’s Cookie Party, and hundreds of other people do as well, if you’re interested in learning how to make these time consuming, but super fun sugar cookies. You TOO can have a Halloween Sugar Cookie Party! There are TONS of ways to learn, and lots of recipes to follow. But my video instruction is so thorough and comprehensive, and my recipes are DELICIOUS, not just pretty. I’m not good at life guys, but I’m pretty good at these.



Here are the colors/ cookie cutters I used! Let me know what I forgot! Ha.

The pumpkins are actually a very saturated peach, and I liked that a lot instead of orange.

For the green I mixed the mint green and electric green gel colors.

The purple is a lot of things gone wrong. I couldn’t even tell you.

The pink is the deep pink, this is my favorite pink and I use it to make really pale pink too. I feel like the mauve gel and the light pink gels alway looks brown? Is that just me?

I use lots of different cookie cutter sets, but I’ll do my best:

Ghost & cauldron cookie cutters PLUS some other good ones I wish I had!

OR Ghost, bat (similar) spider in this set

Similar pumpkin (mine is a tad smaller I think)

The hand is from a random non-halloween grab bag set! But here’s a nice set.

Alphabet Letter Set (Large V)

Mini Alphabet Cookie Cutters (for the mini V)







  1. you’re an absolute hoot! those darn party pooper bats! love the creativity!

  2. Shalynna Crandall

    I am lol-ing at 1:30 am reading this post. Topless pumpkins, bats that song accessorize, sheep’s butt, everything. So hilarious!bi always get excited when I suddenly realize I haven’t read your blog in a long time.

    The cookies are too cute for words. I love your course! I have a micro-mini cookie business here in GA and I owe it all to you!

    1. Aw!!! thank you girl! i love that you read it still!!! xoxox

  3. michelle

    I purchased this months ago but now that I want to use it, I don’t know how to access it. Holler at me for where I can find it! Thanks so much!

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