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Hey lovers! So you know I don’t do guests posts all that often. So when I do, you KNOW they’re good. And I’m SO excited to share this gorgeous DIY with you today from Jessica Rasmussen of Wren Lively!  A little while back Jessica submitted the most gorgeous Southwest Party inspiration shoot, but as I tend to only feature real parties, I asked her if she would break down one of her gorgeous decor pieces from her shoot and share it with all of you lucky babes.

The piece HAD to know more about was a DIY Succulent Weave / Wall Hanging. Jessica used it as one of her backdrops for the Southwest Party. But I love it SO MUCH because it’s a party piece that you can create for an event, and then keep and really use in your home. I personally would only spend this much time creating a piece for an event if the party was HUGE or if I could keep it after the party as decor! And that’s what I love about this so much. It works as both.

This would also be a BOMB.COM table runner. Here’s a sneak peek of the weave in party mode:

DIY Succulent Weave Wall Hanging

See the full Southwest Party here.

BUT I think I love the one she created for this tutorial even more! And I might need to make one for my little lady’s nursery!  I would even use the fake succulents from Ikea, because with my 3rd baby I’m not going to be taking on plant life anytime soon.

So I’ll let Jessica take it away now for the DIY, but be sure to check out her gorgeous work on her blog Wren Lively. She’s so talented and will soon be way too BIG time to be doing DIYs for me! So let’s soak this up while we can.

Modern weaves and wall hangings are certainly not the same macramé creations grandma used to make, or are they? The current wall weave is a bit more ethereal, using more organic textures and fibers with a touch of the unexpected or whimsy. This DIY is the best of both worlds, recycling vintage weave forms and creating them into something with a modern edge.

This weave is overdyed and brought to life with the addition of air plants! If you aren’t one of the lucky who have actual grandma made weavings stored away, simply go to your local vintage shop and find one, or search Ebay, craigslist etc. I have found several at my local flea and paid a total of $2.50 for this yellow, acrylic beauty. Each weave is unique so this DIY will show you a few ways to hang your plants, or if you have any pockets, straps etc…you can simply tuck/hang air plants from those areas as well!

1) Start with figuring out what your fabric/fibers are. Did you pick up something acrylic, synthetic or do you have a 100% cotton masterpiece? Either way, there are fabric dyes that will dye both!

2) I was going for a muted magenta overdye, so I mixed a bright fuschia and wine colors to try to achieve more of that purple/pink. (Make sure to follow your specific dying directions according to the package). I mixed the two colors in a large bin outside, using enough hot water to cover the weave.

JessRas_wall hanging_Aug2015-1

JessRas_wall hanging_Aug2015-3

3) Use a spatula, wooden spoon or other items to continually mix your weave and completely cover it with the dye (it will probably bobble up and down). Since I wanted a more muted color, I didn’t leave my in the dye bath terribly long, about 10 minutes. Make sure to rinse thoroughly in cool water after color has been achieved. You will rinse out a lot of the dye, so if you want more color, simply put your weave back in the dye bath for longer. (pic3) (pic 22)

JessRas_wall hanging_Aug2015-4


4) Once your weave is completely dried assemble the rest of your supplies! To create mine, I used a magenta colored moss, gold wire, purple sea urchin shells, air plants, glue gun and scissors.

5) Hot glue the moss in a zig zag pattern vertically down your weave.

6) Hot glue your sea urchin shells. Make sure that the large opening is faced forward. This will hold several air plants.

JessRas_wall_hanging_Aug2015-41[1] copy



7) Next take a 8”-10” piece of the gold wire and loop it through the back of your weave to the front and then loop it from the front to the back, creating a “c” shape. Make “c” about 2-3” long depending on the size of the air plant you would like to tuck in the space.

8) Once a “c” shape is created bring your now two pieces of wire an inch below your “c” from the back to the front and pull them up to twist around your “c”.



9) Place your best fitted air plants into the appropriate spots, urchins, wires, existing pouches or tabs.

JessRas_wall_hanging_Aug2015-30[1] JessRas_wall_hanging_Aug2015-25[1]


10) Now your weave is ready to hang! The beauty of this DIY is that you can simply keep your air plants in the weave and “mist” a few times a week or take them out for a quick bath and tuck them back in their custom fitted areas.


Thanks so much Jessica! You can find more of Jessica at her Website or on her Instagram! Do you love this all as much as I do!?

Photography: Amber Wright from The Amber Image

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