Lingerie in the back of my car and fun Halloween things!



Halloween cookie time is upon us!!! First you’ll need to check out my online course: Alison’s Cookie Party, to learn how to make the perfect sugar cookies with royal icing!

Then you can see my Mr. Pumpkin Face cookie idea (pictured above!) or these are some I did a few years ago!



Again, I share all the skillzzz you need to make those, and the recipes in Alison’s Cookie Party.

But before I share more throw-back Halloween ideas, I want to talk about my lingerie.

I’ve been desperately trying since the beginning of the year, you might remember my huge kitchen overhaul/decluttering, to get CRAP out of my house.

Getting pregnant might have really thrown a wrench in those plans, and I’ve spent more time lounging around feeling crappy than I’m happy with, but there’s always and excuse right? But ONE thing I have done, and am pretty good at in general, is getting rid of clothing. Our house was built in the 1920’s and our closet space is non-existent. People are always SHOCKED at the amount of clothing I DON’T have, and the amount of space I keep it in. It’s very tight.

As my belly started to pop and my “regular clothes” stopped fitting WAY earlier in this pregnancy (lay off me I’m starving), I decided to pull out all the clothing I can’t wear, and won’t be able to wear for a long time. I boxed it up and it’s waiting patiently for my return. But this prompted me to get rid of lots of stuff too.

Even though I tend to clean out my closet every few months, there are still a few items that survive each and every round of decluttering–that totally shouldn’t.

My lingerie from my bachelorette and bridal showers ranks high up on that list. I got LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of lingerie as gifts. I’m not talking about the usual bras and underwear you WEAR. I’m talking about negligées and silky see-through items, and other things I’m not even going to describe.

I personally don’t wear THOSE types of things every day, so it doesn’t get worn out. And with pregnancies, and weight fluctuation, lots of it doesn’t fit a majority of the time. And if we are going to get really, really honest…a good majority of that lingerie barely fit me a year after our wedding.

Some of it KIND of fit after having Ginger, and you know, it’s lingerie so certain pieces of it fit IN A SENSE, after having Rad, but Eric and I have been married 7.5 years, so I can tell you EXACTLY how long I’ve have that zebra print bra and panty set with red lace trim that doesn’t have a snowballs chance in HELL of wrangling any small part of my lady lumps EVER AGAIN.

So I finally, FINALLY, bagged it all up and put it in the back of my MINIVAN (the irony) to take to DI (the place we donate clothing), because I mean, we could debate if lingerie is the type of thing you donate…but mostly I just needed the drawer space.

Fast forward 3 months later and I still have 2 tall kitchen sacks full of lingerie in the back of my minivan.

And things have started getting awkward.

Little cheetah print thongs and mustard yellow (it was ALL THE RAGE in 2008) slips have shimmied their sexy way out of the bags and are sprinkled around the way way back of the van.

We only have one seat up in the back row of benches, so it hardly ever gets used. But the other day I realized my sister-in-law (Eric’s younger sister) was snuggled up next to the previously mentioned zebra bra.

Volunteers at my events have helped load and unload things in the van…I’m SURE catching glimpses of strappy items that made them feel uncomfortable.

But I’d say the worst, WORST was on Saturday, when my dear, sweet, sweet husband/wife videographer team got in the back of the van to film something, and there was a teddy under HIS knees as he was trying to catch some footage of me out the back of the van (more on that later).

I should have JUST IGNORED IT and pretended not to see what he was kneeling on, but of course I started explaining what it was, and why it was there and OH WHY CAN’T I JUST SHUT UP? He was nice about it but said, “It probably would have been better to just pretend it’s not there…”

It felt like the next logical thing to do would be to share the incident online. Right? RIGHT!

Anyway. All the lingerie is still in the back of my car, because I keep not wanting to donate until I have MORE to drop off…

And on that note! Let’s talk about Halloween! It’s right around the corner and I’m working on a few things, maybe, I don’t know I should probably get a handle on the crap in my car before I commit to anything else…but I wanted to share some fun Halloween things of yesteryear that I’ve done that you could do too!

First up, I hosted a REALLY fun Halloween Dinner Party last year, so if you need some inspiration for something like that! Check out my Haunted Dinner Party.



If you need some easy decor craft ideas, and you’re looking to be a bit CUTER, I’ve had this witch for 3 years now? Or 4? See the Step-by-step Witch Crash Tutorial here!


And another old favorite that is THE BEST, my EASY Stuffed Pumpkin Video tutorial, this is so fun for a craft night with friends.


But if you’re looking for some TREATS! These are kid friendly and fun to make at a party. See my Halloween Party Treats for Kids.

halloween party treats

But I also love these easy cupcake ideas:

Witch Crash Cupcakes


So I Married an Ax Murderer Cupcakes


Of course, these are just some of my favorites! So you can see more Halloween Stuff here!

Also if you need some lingerie…well you know who to call!

Happy Halloween!




  1. Roberta

    Ha ha ha, I totally do the same thing! I have trash bags of clothes constantly in the back of my car to donate, which takes months to actually donate, which by the time I do clear out, the boot I end up with another bag of stuff to take its place. Luckily mine isn’t as funny lingerie, which totally made my day by the way!!

    1. hahah! why is it SO HARD to actually get it to the place? it’s a drive thru for us! it’s not even hard!

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