Alison’s Cabana Boogie: Dance Party

Thanks to Hello Tosha for the BOMB Invite

THE TIME HAS COME!!! It’s time for one last vacation from your problems before Fall REALLY gets us! Please come and boogie with me before I have a baby and can’t boogie for a while! GET READY FOR:



So sorry to those of you who missed out! Be sure to check around on IG before the party, because sometimes people can’t make it and offer their tickets for sale online! xoxo

In addition to a LUSH dance party with a BOMB DJ in the stage area of the beautiful Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City your ticket includes:

Amazing goodies from Munchkin Inc. for all guests, free Sodalicious, a hair braiding bar, a custom tote, yummy treats, glorious photo-ops, A BRAND NEW Throne of Awesome (squeal), and yes Cabana Boys!


All of the information is on the ticket events page, but if you need it one more time!


An all-ladies dance party so you can take a vacation from your problems

Wednesday September, 2
The Gallivan Center in SLC

DRESS CODE: Resort Wear Chic
Anything you can lounge and get down in, think 1950’s Beverly Hills Hotel, Muumuus, Palm Fronds

Enter The Gallivan Center from the Main Street side of the Plaza or from the west end of Gallivan Ave. Park around the venue on the street, or by using the Utah One or Wells Fargo parking garages.

This event is for my ladies 18 and up!

Again! I really would love if you come! The whole point of these events to put some LOVE in this world! No pressure, no expectation, plenty of fun and a time to relax! It’s not for social media “specials” or anyone BUT YOU!

Lastly, I just want to really emphasize that tickets for this party would cost upwards of $50 without the help of amazing generous sponsors. Munchkin Inc. is willing to PARTY WITH US and that means so much to me. When you show the sponsors love, it means I get to keep creating fun things, and keep things accessible, so I love them and I love you! Check out Munchkin on Instagram!

I can’t wait to party with you!


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Or throw your own! I teach you how to throw any type of event in my online course: Party With Alison! 


    1. HAHHAHA thank you.

  1. Ana

    Hello Alison,

    How are you? Just saw on Instagram about your party coming up. I noticed the tickets are sold out. Are you planning to add more tickets?


    1. hey I’m so sorry! I can’t expand capacity! But sometimes tickets pop up closer to the party as people change their plans!

  2. Brooke Severe

    Hi Alison, we bought tickets last week and I plan on going with my niece and my daughter. My niece is just a few days from her 18th birthday and this is actually going to be part of my gift to her. You aren’t checking id’s or anything are you and will she have any trouble getting in?

    1. sent ya an email!

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