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I’ve got so many things cooking, including a human, and SO many ideas, that I thought it would be fun to sit down and just like, check-in, say hello and share The Alison Show State of Affairs, because apparently I think I’m as important as the President of The United States of America and I need to address the union. So here we go!

My state of affairs:

1. I am 100% for sure doing an end-of-summer dance party! It is on Wednesday September 2, in Salt Lake City!

I’ve been going back and forth about it, and if you saw me in person I would have told you that, “I want to do a dance party before I have the baby, but I just need to make sure I’m mentally and emotionally equipped to do so!” Hahaha. I had to think sooooo long and hard about committing because, I’m like, pregnant. HA and I needed to make sure if I did a dance party it was for ALL the right reasons. The parties take SO much out of me, because there’s just so much that goes into them.

So I was really thoughtful and prayerful about it. And I worked towards it, but with the attitude that, “This will work out if this is going to be the best thing for my family and me right now. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just do something else.” And low and behold all the stars and planets aligned and I was able to secure an AMAZING headline sponsor, which makes the party a financial possibility for me, and an insane venue. I’m so SO happy about it because I really, sincerely, have felt this tingling in the air, like the world NEEDED one of my dance parties. And who am I to deny air tingles?!

I’ll share more details as I have them, but I’m still negotiating supporting sponsors, food, drink, swag, and such. No, there’s no magical fairy that does that for me (though I need one, do you want to be my fairy?). I shimmy around convincing people they should trust me and that I will in fact wrangle up 600 ladies (yes I’m doubling the number of tickets!) to party with me, and that it’s going to BE AWESOME. Muhahaha.


2. I made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I did another edition of “The late night cake bandit” in which I drop cake off at people’s houses after 9pm. Yet again, no one was mad! People love cake! Even cupcakes! The recipe for the cupcake and frosting was REALLY good and it’s in this book you should get: Trophy Cupcakes and Parties!: Deliciously Fun Party Ideas and Recipes from Seattle’s Prize-Winning Cupcake Bakery

3. I’m still pregnant.

Oh wait, what? I am? Yes. I didn’t forget. I’m 20 weeks. And I’m in the middle of writing a post called “Alison’s Tips for Managing a Rough Pregnancy.” But to be super honest, I was having such a hard pregnancy week last week I couldn’t get through writing the post without sobbing. In fact, I couldn’t get through most hours of the day without sobbing. HAHAHA. And then I didn’t feel all that qualified to share my “tips” for managing anything other than how to eat two donuts in under 60 seconds without an ounce of guilt.

Which, incidentally, would be a pretty fun post.

BUT! I hope to share the Tips for a Rough Pregnancy really soon. So I’ve been paying close attention to the things that are working for me this time around, and the things I’m still struggling with. So stay tuned for that!

3. I listened to a MIND-BLOWING life-changing podcast episode last week, and I REALLY want to share it with you.

I listened to it as I was wandering around alone at Target, which is always awesome, and the words literally stopped me in my tracks. I dropped my jaw. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

It was an interview on the Tim Ferris podcast, which is becoming a new favorite of mine, with Maria Popova: on Being Interesting, Creating More Time in a Day, And How to Start A Successful Blog


The whole interview is so good that I listened to it twice (it’s only 3o minutes). But I think the part that really resonated with me was her advice to people starting a blog. Now this is good advice even if you’re not into blogging…so read on and hang in there with me.

Popova urged people to NOT write based on what you think people want, but to write based on what interests you and excites you. She quoted one of Kurt Vonnegut’s tips for writing:

“Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.” 

HOW GOOD IS THAT? Ha. I love it so much. And that’s what stopped me. I was having SUCH a hard week and I couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason why. Then I realized in ONE HUGE aspect of my life I was “opening a window and making love to world.” And holy crap was I letting in the pneumonia.

But not in the blogging or work aspect of my life, as you might suspect–though I have to fight not to do that too. No, this time it all went back to why I kept sobbing hysterically while trying to write the pregnancy post. I was feeling like the worst parent in the world. And why on earth, should I, the worst parent in the world, be having another baby? It just seemed like SUCH a bad idea.

But as I thought about it, I was only feeling like the worst parent in the world because of all these make-believe expectations that I was putting on myself.

And that’s so easy to do! Right? You take all those crazy expectations you have for ANY situation in your life, then add “helpful” articles you find online, other advice, and then the worst: you find OTHER people to compare yourself to. People you are sure are doing a MUCH better job than you. And that there is the recipe for easily losing our OWN definition of what a “good parent” is, or what a “good anything” is, and we slowly start to become, or try to become, the type of WHATEVER we think we’re SUPPOSED to be. And that’s when you start to REALLY feel like crap. You can never live up to it, so you fall apart and shove donut after donut down your gullet.

Because at that point, you are essentially, as Vonnegut said, “writing to please other people.”

AW MAN! It’s just the same lesson I keep having to learn over and over again in all aspects of my life. Why can’t I JUST MAKE IT STICK! But I keep relearning it, and then I in turn come and force it on you, because, you know, those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

This week I’m focusing on letting go of expectations, and trying to find pleasure in each moment (especially with busy times ahead), and appreciate it for what it IS, and not what I think it SHOULD be.

So this is Professor Crazy Pants! Sharing all that’s happening over here! I have a few other projects I’m working on, some videos I need to edit, and one super empty refrigerator. Because who has time to grocery shop, cook meals, or do anything remotely practical when there are dance parties to plan, cupcakes to deliver, and epiphanies to be had?!

How are YOU doing? What’s new with you? I hope all is well.



  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well this pregnancy. Your tips are great no matter what. Even if they’re only to put them out there into the rather for yourself. for I love your donuts in under 60 seconds. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and when I was feeling not well mine would have been “how to eat a chicken snack wrap while driving on the freeway in under 60 seconds.” I shoveled that thing in my gullet so fast, because I was DESPERATELY HUNGRY, I was embarrassed of what other drivers on the road would think at the crazy lady. It’s not like they could see I was pregnant!!

    1. Aw thank you so much! HAHA i need to try a snack wrap!!

  2. Becky

    You are the best. The fact that you are planning a party for the WORLD to share, and you are PREGO, makes you an amazing human being! Way to be a rock star. I so wish I could come be your secret fairy and help you do all those little things! I’m still trying to figure out how I can justify coming to your party….Just need to convince my hubster that it’s reeeeaaaallly important that I drive 14 hours in the middle of the week to “visit” a few friends! Ha!

    1. hahahaha! I mean it’s totally a business trip, right?!

  3. jen

    um so i am also expecting baby #3 on christmas day!! so nice to see someone in the exact same stage as me! congratulations! Xx

  4. ALISON!!!!
    You don’t know how happy/sad it makes me feel when you say the exact thing that I always struggle with, you’re struggling with too. It is so FREAKIN hard not to look at everyone else blogs and instas and feel good about yourself.
    I literally struggle with this daily.
    “My blog name sucks” “I don’t post everyday like her” “I want to make this thing and sell it but someone else does too and what’s even the point?!” “I wish I was fun like her!”
    It’s so crazy. And I’m glad I’m not be only one…but I also wish I was because YOU ARE AMAZING!
    YOU ARE MY IDOL! You’ve got kids and you have a creative business! (How do you even?!) And you are so freakin funny and nice! And you have the reddest dance skills evaaaaah! And honestly when I look at your life I feel the same way as you do when you compare yourself to others…I know I shouldn’t but it happens!

    Basically…this whole long comment is to say that your life is amazing and you are amazing and you’ll continue to be amazing cause you’re you.
    I don’t know lol

    P.S. I don’t know if you even remember me but I wrote on my blog about all your “how to be awesome” videos because those helped me so much! And then you sent me a party in a box and I still cherish it to this day!

    1. aw thank you! you are so sweet! I do remember!! lots of love xo

  5. Jessica Jacob

    I totally feel you and the made up expectations! I think it’s scary to put yourself out there as a parent and how you are really doing things because people seem to be so judgy these days! I love that you are just real and put it out there!

    P.S. Live for your snapchat! Literally laugh out loud every time!! And literally my husband rolls his eyes at me every time!! Hahahahaha!

    1. Haha thank you!

  6. josie

    i love a good podcast recommendation! and a solid dance party! im hoping the stars align (i.e. the bishop husbands church schedule) so i can come!!! youre the best!

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