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I am so FREAKING excited to start this new video series today! It’s called: Teach Me Your Ways! And basically, that’s what will be happening! Haha, I love learning, and I love hanging out with talented people! So in this series I’m asking people who are an expert at something to teach me, and all of us, how to do something cool, fun, or useful.

In order to make it an official series I asked Eric to help me record a little jingle to use at the beginning in each of the videos. ARE YOU IMPRESSED? He totally auto-tuned me. Hahaha. Isn’t he the best though? It’s so useful having a husband who is a music producer/sound engineer, ESPECIALLY when you are trying to build an empire and take over the world.

For the first video in Teach Me Your Ways I’m having my friend Kayti Oldham from The Beyouty Bureau teach me how to do an amped-up makeup look. But I am a complete moron when it comes to makeup, so this is good if you’re a complete beginner like me! OR even if you know a lot about makeup I bet you’ll love the product recommendations and applications Kayti comes up with.

I was inspired to do this video after speaking at the LuLaRoe conference to over 1000 people the other week. It was in Southern California, and I had to do my own makeup! HAHA now before I sound like a HUGE diva (too late?) Kayti spoils me because she is one of my best friends, and is always willing to doll me up when I have a big event. So I went to do my makeup, alone, after about a year of Kayti spoiling me silly and making me look hotter than I am, and I was like UHHHH WHAT DO I DO?! I really didn’t have any idea on how to do much more than powder, blush, and lipstick.

I have been practicing the skills Kayti taught me all week and I am looking SO HOT! Haha. But really. It feels good to be able to amp things up a bit when you want. Obviously I don’t do my makeup like this everyday, but I had a business lunch today and wanted to look nice, and it was very empowering to feel like I had a polished put-together look! Even if I was also wearing on over-sized pony shirt. Balance in all things people!

I know people like short videos, boom boom boom to the point, and I edited this sucker down a TON, but like I said, I also REALLY like to learn, so I tried to leave some good meaty info in there as well. After learning from Kayti I went online and bought 4 of the items, haha and have been loving every one!

So I hope you love this! I hope you’re excited about my new series! Please don’t tell me things you’d love to see on “Teach Me Your Ways!”

Product mentioned in the video:

Moisturizer: Suki Face

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Make-up (the shades ending with .0 are for yellow tones and .5 are for pink undertones) I used 3.0

Brow Pencil: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown


Lip Outliner: NYX Wonder Pencil

Lipstick: Kat Von D Backstage Bambi


Eyeshadow Palette: Lorac Pro Palette 1st


Eyeshadow Prep: Bare minerals 5 in 1 bb Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow

Concealer: Nars Radient Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

Under eye Brightener: Bare Minerals Stroke of Light


Illuminizer: The Balm Mary-lou Manizer Luminizer Shimmer — good for those with pink undertones (I have yellow but we used this on me to off-set my pink hair)

Illuminizer for Yellow Undertones: Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish

Bronzer/Contour: Benefit Hoola

Must-have Make up Brushes

Foundation brush: Duo Fibre Sigma F50

Blush/highlighter brush: Sigma Large Angled Contour F40

Denser Foundation Brush/ Contouring Brush: Makeup Geek Buffer Brush

Eyeshadow Brush: Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E40

Concealer Brush: Sigma Precision Round P82

Happy shopping! And happy dolling yourself up!

Thank you SOO much Kayti for teaching me your ways! Be sure to check out Kayti’s other fun tutorials here!

And let me know if there’s anything you’re excited to learn about, that you think I’d like, be good to test it out on! Haha.

Love you guys!


  1. helen reinhold

    sis! you look so fab!! do you get your lashes done or are they strips?!!

    1. thanks! I get them done, extensions like every 3 weeks !

  2. Kimberly Couey

    Okay- what Eye shadow and lip product is Katie wearing? You girls were way too fun and this reminded me of a glam sleepover! Thanks for teaching me some of your ways!

  3. Allison

    So helpful and fun! Love it.

    1. yay! I’m so glad! thank you!

  4. Lindsay

    Sitting here on a grey Monday morning , feeling frumpy in my bathrobe, and you’ve just inspired me to go and put my face on and sieze the day! Thank you Alison, for cheering me up! Love from England. xxxxx

    1. HOORAY!! seriously that’s the best thing I could hear! Thank you!

  5. Kate Shumaker

    Big fan of your IG- first time commenter on your blog! But I loved this video and I definitely need a few brushes and products to add to my beauty routine. Also loved the dancing at the end- you can you you are real life besties!

  6. Liz

    I loved this so much!!

    1. thank you!

  7. Jessica

    Such a great video. Such great tips and love good product recommendations. I feel like I can do this process!

  8. This is just too good! If you ever make another one, just know if you end up doing a “buy all products here in one fell swoop like a boss” link to get everything at once, I’ll for sure be the first to click. So pumped on all this goodness! Time to get my shop on!!! Thanks lady!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA I should figure out how to do that because I basically bought every single on too! thank you! xo

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