A Fun Announcement: Baby #3


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Well, if my late night Taco Bell runs or unabashed posting of cheeseburgers on Instagram and Snapchat haven’t already given me away, haha, I’m super excited to share with you that we are expecting baby #3!  I’m currently about 13.5 weeks, and I’m due smack dab on Christmas Day. HAHA!

I thought to share the news it would be really fun to share this song that my whole family sings when someone is pregnant. Haha! It’s “Having My Baby” by Paul Anka. It’s super cheesy and has some really odd lyrics, but my dad would always sing it to my mom, to tease her, through all of her pregnancies (5 babies!) and when I was the first child to get pregnant in my family, the song kind of started back up again.

So here you go! Happy Father’s Day! To this amazing man of mine who was 100% willing and excited to do this video with me. Haha I swear people think I hold him at gunpoint. We filmed it in his new Pleasant Pictures Studios, where we makes really hip music. And I could not be more proud of him as a man and father, and I’m honored to be having his baby. Haha.

So a little bit about baby #3 and how this happened! It was on purpose. Kind of. I mean, it was but it’s still pretty rough.

I sincerely, truly, absolutely thought we were done after Rad. We have one healthy boy and one healthy girl, and why on earth would we need any more?!

But then one morning I was looking at my family, all cuddled up in bed, Rad (who is 28 months or so) crawling on Eric’s head, and Ginger (who is 4.5 years) giving us directions about something, and just in general being adorable, and I had the very distinct and unmistakeable impression that someone was missing. That there should be one more crazy child in that bed.

This sent me into sheer panic and terror. And when I say “terror” I’m not being melodramatic. My feelings about pregnancy and my experiences with it run so deep and hold so much anxiety and bad memories for me, that I am terrified of being pregnant.  My pregnancies with Rad and Ginger were so, well, horrible, that I really thought there was no way I could do it again. It’s a physical possibility for me, but almost a mental impossibility.

I know so many struggle to get pregnant, I know them personally and cry and fight with them. I always want to be sensitive to these families and individuals and their struggles. One of my top questions for God when we meet will be, “Why couldn’t those deserving people get the babies they wanted?!” But I share my feelings because I felt so guilty, for so long, about having them. And this just made things harder for me. It didn’t change the way I felt (depressed, anxious, suicidal at times) but SO WHAT. “Who cares if I’ve been crying for a week straight?” I’d think. “I’m able to get pregnant, I have healthy babies. I should shut up and stop complaining.” Right? Ha. No, not really. You can see how this logic is flawed. It stops someone from getting the help they should. And I didn’t get the help I needed with Rad and that’s why things got so dire at the end.

But one thing I’ve learned in life is that our trials are OUR trials, our struggles are OUR struggles, and if they are important to us, they are important. Period. So as I hope to be sensitive to people who would happily go through my trials to get pregnant and have a baby, and obviously I will too HENCE this third pregnancy, hahaha, I also share them so if you feel similarly, so you know you’re not the only one.

I plan on sharing some tips and things I’ve learned this third time around. Tips I’ve learned for overcoming a difficult pregnancy. Not in this post but soon! But I’m so happy and grateful to report that I’m doing better. I mean, I’ve known I was pregnant since I was 4 weeks exactly. So it has been long, and not easy. Each day can be a struggle. But I’m doing better. I have such an amazing support team, hahaha, and I’m ok. I’m going to be ok! Ha! See I’m just going to keep repeating that. And I know it’s true.

I’m so so so so sickly and insanely excited to welcome baby #3 into our family. Ginger and Rad are so in love with every baby they see. And I am so honored to be given this gift.

And can I share one terrible secret? As I was feeling like it was time to have another baby, but I really really didn’t want to be PREGNANT, and didn’t feel like adoption was quite right for family at this time, and then I had the thought, “Alison, if you have another baby you get to throw another first birthday party for them!” HAHAHAHAHA and as soon as I thought that I was like, “Ok, I can do this.”

So yeah, there’s the truth for you. I want this baby so I can plan one more 1st birthday party! HAHA. Maybe a few other reasons too.

I love a lot of things. I love working, I love parties, I love love love creating. But my truest and most complete source of joy is my beautiful, insane little family. I can’t wait to see what this next tiny person is like.

I love you. Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. And so so so much love to you.






  1. Chelsea

    I love your honesty, Alison. I had/have infertility issues and I was depressed and anxious while pregnant. I felt so much guilt, like I was a horrible person for begging God for this child and then being so low and miserable while pregnant. Talk about mixed emotions. So, I feel you!
    So excited for your family! Your two little nuggets are beyond adorable; I can’t wait to see this third! Here’s to a happy and healthy nine months (and beyond).

    1. aw thank you so much! it’s so hard when you have feelings you don’t want, right?! haha xo

  2. Mrs G

    Oh my goodness so excited for you!!! You are so funny and so brave. Thank you for sharing your fears and trials with us. You make me feel less alone.

    1. aw thank you for sharing that with me! xox

  3. Aunt Andrea

    Please let it be December already so I can play with this baby!!!

  4. Congratulations!!!! I totally understand your feelings about pregnancy. It was a miserable time for me too. I hope this time around is much easier for you!! Loved the video. Totally hilarious. I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day, and I also want to watch Gilmore Girls now. Haha!

  5. Carolyn

    You guys are so stinkin’ cute! That made my whole day. And I love your honesty. I’m another lucky, perfectly healthy girl who has healthy babies, yet hates being pregnant. I kept that to myself for my entire first pregnant because of guilt. I opened up a bit more during my second pregnancy, but it’s still something I struggle with. I had the same “shut up and be happy” mentality. It’s rough. But those sweet faces are so worth it! And you two make such friggin adorable kids! Congratulations!

    1. everyone’s got their something right! thank you so much! xo

  6. Carolyn

    Congratulations, Alison! I am so proud of you and I hope your pregnancy goes well:)

  7. Congratulations Alison!

    And thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself, which I know can be personal but also so meaningful for others, like me!


  8. Elise

    Such a leap to go from 2 to 3. You got this girlfriend!

  9. Kristin

    Thank you for sharing your story and being so real- all the time! I struggle with wanting to have another baby and living in fear of being pregnant and going through another traumatic experience. Especially after, when you can feel so lonely and sad, even though you have this amazing gift right in front of you. I look forward to more of your posts/ updates on your pregnancy and wish you luck! You’re awesome!

    1. aw thank you so much! so much love to you!

  10. Congrats, Allison. My baby is due at the same time and it’s also my third, so let’s do this thing! *fistpumpdance*

    1. aw yes! congrats!!

  11. Congratulations! I hope this pregnancy is the easiest on you, can’t wait to hear more!

  12. Rachel

    Thanks for sharing your story Alison! You are a brave Mama. I didn’t struggle during pregnancy, but had severe postpartum depression/anxiety. I think it is so important to share our struggles and remove the stigma! Thank you for being a leader and showing others Mom’s its okay to struggle! You are such an inspiration and amazing/beautiful woman! Good luck!!!

    1. what a sweet compliment! thank you!

  13. Brooke

    Alison your honesty about everything is SO refreshing! I don’t have kids, I have many friends with them. Some it came easy for, others had to try for years. You’re absolutely right that everyone’s journey is their own and they don’t always seem fair. I’m so happy for you and SO glad to hear you’re getting the support you need. As someone who works daily to manage major anxiety I know how hard and irrational it can be. Thrilled and proud of you!!! The way you share so truthfully helps those of us also struggling, it helps so much!


    1. aw thank you so much! truly!

  14. Andrea

    Your videos always make my day, and this one was amazing! I’m pregnant with my 2nd now and struggling so bad with horrible nausea (and throwing up) and extreme extreme exhaustion. It feels like I’m going to be pregnant and like this (sick, not feeling good) forever. I have to keep on telling myself that it’s not the case….and what I’ll get out of it is another amazing kid that I’m going to love! And it’s going to be worth it. Like you said, soon enough you’ll have another one in bed snuggling and acting crazy and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear with what you’ve created 🙂

    1. oh mama my heart breaks for you! haha but yes it will end! so much love to you!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! My little one was born on Christmas Eve, so we feel ya!

  16. Congratulations! How exciting to add one more babe to your family 🙂 Hoping your pregnancy is much less painful than the previous two and if not, it will all be worth it in the end!
    XO, Kelly

    1. thank you!!

  17. Jemaica

    This is seriously THE BEST Alison! I’m going to have to play this song for my husband! I’m telling you, you and I are on the same schedule! Our kids are all within a few months of each other. I’m due January 13th!! We’ll be going through the pregnancy crazies together. I love your honesty about your struggles. My real struggles usually come into play after the baby arrives. Serious baby blues that are difficult to pull myself out of. I’m nervous about it. So much so that I’ve even looked into placenta encapsulation cuz I’ve heard it helps with postpartum depression. But after looking at pictures of the process I just don’t know if I can go through with it. Let’s just say it wasn’t the wisest thing to be looking at while deal with pregnancy nausea. *Gag* Anyways, I think I need to figure out a different solution. Wish me luck! I hope that this pregnancy proves to be your best yet!

    1. Aw girl! So my sister-in-law did that and swears by it! You can hire someone to do it all and not even touch the placenta! hahaha but I’m with you and love our twinning baby making! xoxo

  18. So much joy for you! Congrats – you and your family are the cutest :).

  19. I watched this last night when the house was quiet and from the other room my husband was like…”Morgan..what are you doing…” haha. He’s in the phase still where he is terrified to have kids, but he will come around when he does, not worried. Anyways, I loved it. The video, the honesty, the whole thing. It makes me so happy for you and I know almost nothing about you. But I feel sometimes that I am still waiting on missing piece of my life because I don’t have kids yet, so I get it. I think someday you will tell him or her this story and it will make them happy too. Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

    x. Morgan

    1. aw thank you so much!!

  20. Congrats! I’m so excited for you!

  21. Hillary

    What joyous news! Congratulations!

    As someone who thinks she wants a second child but is truly terrified of going through the newborn/young infant/infant stages again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty!

    1. OH MAN! Also let’s talk about how HARD ginger was and how easy RAD was!! I think I have a post on here called, “why your 2nd baby is more fun than your first” hahah I promise that part only gets better OR you know it will end! haha xo

  22. Alyssa

    What a fun couple you guys are to make that video together. Having a growing family and having babies is cool, see, watch this video!! 🙂 I loved reading your blog post because it’s not all flowers and rainbows all the time but is definitely good when you think about one thing: “I can’t wait to see what this next tiny person is like.” Congratulations to you and your family!

    1. aw yes! thank you!

  23. nikki

    I am so excited for you! i’m almost 11 weeks, with my 4th. I feel insane, tired, and i’m a nervous wreck. so i will be following you to see how you are coping, haha. I’m right there with you! And the honesty of your post, awesomeness. You are great, and you got this.

    1. aw thank you so much! we got this? hahah no we got this! #4!!! you are amazing!

  24. Michelle P

    Congrats! OMG, that video is hillarious! I, too, sing that song anytime someone announces that they’re preggers. It’s so dorky! Here’s to an easier pregnancy and a healthy baby!

    1. HAHAh once it is in your head it will not go away!

  25. I could take your feeling about pregnancy and put them in a post on my own blog. Pregnancy was simply terrible for me, but I tried (and sometimes failed) to be okay, forgive my own feelings, and allow myself to just be. To enjoy the pros, like eating great crazy stuff, feeling a bit miraculous, and of course getting to have a baby in the end! I’m so sincere thrilled for you and your darling family. Love you mama!!

    1. thank you so much friend! you are so wise.

  26. First off, I’m SO, SO, SO insanely happy that you get to plan another party for another cute nugget (and all the ooey gooey nummy baby stuff that goes along with it) and 2nd, I FEEL YOU. After so many struggles with infertility, I feel guilty every day when I post something about Ryo because I know some else is struggling and waiting for their turn still. It’s crazy and doesn’t make any sense, and I’m trying to deal with it..but it’s nice to know someone else gets it and also knows pregnancy isn’t all roses. AAAAAnnnnnd, if you are contemplating a birth photographer….*hand raised* me, me, me!!! I also need to talk to you about something else so we’ll chat! Hugs and hope you get feeling better! xo

    1. Aw girl love you so much! Babies are still babies after all!! Yes let’s CHAT!!

  27. Aly

    oh my gosh i am pregnant and due just like 2 weeks before you (in fact we are pretty much on the same schedule… i have a 4 1/2 year old and a two year old too) This is my new favorite song! I think I am going to have to copy this I love it so much. Now it is just convincing the Mr.

    1. hahaha you can get him on board! congrats!!

  28. Marilyn Faulkner

    You’d think since it is the seventh grandchild I would be getting used to this, but for some reason I am over the moon about this baby! Maybe it is because I had accepted the fact that we would only have two little Faulkner/Robertsons to cherish, and they are each so phenomenal that when I heard that we would get to experience a third ~ well ~ it just seems like an abundance of riches. And after listening to that AWFUL song through five pregnancies, it was a delight to have you inflict it on the general public! Now they will hear it in their dreams just like I did! Love you doll, and we are so proud of you. This will be the best Christmas ever.

  29. Shailynn

    I freaking LOVE you Alison! Thanks so much for being you and sharing it with the world. I have my 2.5 year old baby girl. And I’m just now starting to feel like I am getting back to the person I was (mentally). I have felt like we are missing another little person in our family too, but I am still so scarred by my pregnancy, post partum and mental collapse that I’m afraid to even think about number 2. It makes such a difference to know someone else has/had similar struggles. Thanks for being so brave.

    Also, I’m moving from California to Utah (like tomorrow…arg) and I told my husband that the possibility of going to one of your dance parties is what I’m most excited about. Let’s be honest, it’s the only thing I’m excited about ( that and Cubby’s). Mostly kidding. Anyways, sorry for the novel of a comment. Just wanted to give you a heads up… a stalker-fan is headed your way ;).

    1. HAHAH Yes! Welcome!! I’m hoping for something in August but no promises!! Also you have so much to look forward to! Sodalicious! Well mostly that hahahaha and #2 is way way way way better than #1! You’ve already defined yourself as a mom! I swear you can do it! so much love!

  30. Yay! Your posts about your second baby really helped me when I was pregnant with my second. I was having a boy when I wanted a sister for my little girl and I loved reading about how you had the same feelings. And your Rad is so darling it made me excited to have a little gentleman, who did in fact turn out to be the best. And now I’m pregnant with #3 and all I can do is wallow in misery on my sofa and freak out about how I’m gonna manage this again. So anyway, I’m excited for you and glad that someone who is genuine, funny, and super awesome will be going through it all at the same time so I won’t feel so alone. Congratulations!

    1. aw thank you!! congrats on #3! We got this? hahaha we got it. xo

  31. Joy

    Congratulations! Our baby #2 is due on December 28th! 🙂 Thank you for being candid about your feelings. When I found out about this babe, I was ecstatic for about 12 hours and then kinda lost my shit. Fear, anxiety, depression, terror. Ugh. But when I finally opened up to my mom about it, she pointed out maybe I was dealing with some sort of PTSD. When I was pregnant with my first, my parents were going through a really nasty divorce and, being the peace maker of the family, I was in the middle of them and their arguments. Anyways, even though I haven’t sought professional help yet, something in my head/heart released when she mentioned that and I’ve mostly felt better ever since. This pregnancy won’t be horrid like the last one. We’ll be okay.
    I’m excited to follow along with you as we grow these babies 🙂 Keep us posted on how you’re doing! Thanks again for sharing. I’m so thankful I’m not alone. And you aren’t either! Love you, Pretty Mama.

    1. aw thank you! yes I also suffered PTSD from both pregnancies, but almost hated calling it that because it sounds so severe! but that’s exactly what it is! so much love and best of luck to you!

  32. LaModeMama Wendy

    Sincere congratulations and love to you and your family, Alison! I came to your blog to check put the cookie party courses and I saw this post! After reading the entire post, I keep thinking, ” What will this mean for Alison and her family?!?!?!” LOL just because I’ve never met you, but I think you are an amazingly talented and caring person and you inspire me. We are so very happy for you. Just more Alison awesomeness to follow!

    1. Aw thank you!!

  33. Alison

    I love that dance in your video. Lol ….I have 2 kids and I think I am done. I would love a 3rd, but I am terrified of being sick again. I had hyperemesis gravidarum and high blood pressure with both pregnancies.

    1. GAH! It’s so hard. I had to trick myself into it hahah xo

  34. Congratulations! You must be so excited. All the best for you and your family in the months ahead 🙂


  35. Katie H.

    Congratulations!! I’m happy for you! I hope you get all the help you need this time, and that it will be a better experience for you!! xoxo

  36. So I’ve been in bed all day. 8.5 weeks preggo and sicker than the first pregnancy which I thought was bad. I’m so happy to have found your blog!!!! I am so nervous and worried and anxious about this process. I was just starting to feel like myself again (little man is 2) and trying to remember why we decided to do this again. Looking forward to following your blog and preggo posts. You made me feel less alone 🙂

  37. Okay, so at ALT i almost cried talking to you about how you made me feel, well “normal” that I was in fact not the only woman on this planet to HATE being pregnant! I am over the moon excited for you, and I truly feel your loathe! it’s all good girlfriend! own it, lather in it, do what you need to do. you aren’t ungrateful, you aren’t a bad person, you are just honest little ol’ you! love it! I cracked up at this video because my dad tried to sing this song with my mom when she was in labor with me for 38 hours!!!! and she just about killed him! hahaha but luckily he lived to see another day! congrats! xx Chelsie Wood

    1. Aw thank you!

  38. Jennifer

    I also have a son named Rad!! How awesome. Except mine will be 1 next month. Mine is short for “Radney” which was my grandmothers maiden name. I thought I would never hear of another kid named Rad. Very interesting. Congrats on LO #3. My Rad is #4 for me.

  39. melissa

    whoa hey there alison, we are twins! sort of. when it comes to pregnancies that is–our kids are the same age and i had a VERY mentally/emotionally difficult pregnancy with my second the same time you were pregnant with rad. i also vowed that two healthy kids is supreme and why push my luck–and yet the stirrings of my heart led me here, 10 weeks pregnant with my third. if you can do it, so can i–and you can! and i can! and we are lucky (and also unlucky).

    ps i also read your snapchat post, but sorry man i still don’t get it. 😉 so we’re not complete twins. but close enough. you are just way cooler (obvs).

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