Hey Girl Baby Shower

YES!!! You are here! You are awesome. And you are about to become a part of the most fun “Hey Girl!” baby shower ever! Now, when I do a post about a party I’ve hosted I love to tell you why I did everything I did. I’m beginning to think that no one cares what I write and just want to see pretty pictures. And that’s fine. Look at the pictures. But it’s your loss because I’m a party-planning genius and everything I do has a reason and rationale and I’m just saying you might pick up a tip or two if you read all my rambling.

Also reading is good for you.

Ok this Hey Girl! baby shower was thrown for the most fabulous, beautiful Kayti from The BeYOUty Bureau. Kayti BROKE her ankle while successfully looking hot and sexy in Las Vegas on her babymoon because she was unsuccessful at walking in heels while looking so hot. SO SAD. Kayti has been in a boot/cast for months and unable to drive because she broke her right angle, which is actually the WRONG ankle to break. This boot/cast/wheely crutches phase was proceeded by about 20 weeks of horrible nausea and pregnancy sickness. So what I’m saying is Kayti needed SOME FANCY FUN! Her boot was taken off the DAY of the shower, so there really was reason to celebrate.

I hosted this shower with Bri Webb, a fantastic friend and graphic designer and that was super useful. Always throw a baby shower with a graphic designer whenever possible. Are you ready to party. I dare say you’ve earned it.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0080

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0071.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0062.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0079

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0049.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0063.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0053.jpg Hey Girl Baby Shower_0075.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0081

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0083

Ok! There’s your tasty smattering!

And now we shall walk through the party! I ALWAYS ALWAYS preach that there should be something for your guests to do right when they walk in the door. Whether that’s eat, or sit, or whatever, make it clear or people feel awkward. So we thought it would be fun, and fitting for the outdoor setting and our beauty-maven mama-to-be to have a “Braid Bar.” These PYT’s (the cute high school/college girls below) are neighbors of Bri, and we had them there right when people walked in and they offered braids to anyone who wanted one. We set up the “Braid Bar” on a picnic table and had our florist keep any extra flowers or clippings so we could use them in hair.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0061.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0054.jpg

Here I am getting braided. And all I can think is, “STOP SLOUCHING ALISON!”

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0069.jpg

And look how pretty everyone looked with their braids!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0068.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0055.jpg Hey Girl Baby Shower_0051.jpg

I was worried that people might not be SUPER into it, like maybe they had just gotten ready and wouldn’t want someone to fuss with their hair? But nearly EVERYONE was really excited to get braided! It was nice we did it on the picnic table because it became a great place for people to chat and sit in the shade. I think this is a great idea for a baby shower, a bridal shower or even a little girl’s party.

Now! On to the tables! I wanted to do individual place settings but not a full rental order with china. Well I actually DID want to do that but didn’t want to be quite so intense. Bri and I went over and over this trying to decide if we should just put out blankets, or chairs, or WHAT and finally I decided to cart over all of my furniture from Club Alison. I just couldn’t handle things not being consistent. A luxury of running my own rental space/venue. But also kind of a curse?!

Bri made the gorgeous menus and placemats and I hope to make those a printable soon that you can download! We had the beautiful flowers done by Mel Haupt Floral and I loved how the wild flowers elevated the neon pink plastic plates and paper placemats. I was obsessed with and giddy about the juxtaposistion of super soft with kind of sassy feminine, because that pretty much epitomizes Kayti. Bri and I tried REALLY hard to create decor that represented Kayti’s personality and taste.

We cut up that awesome triangle confetti from tissue paper and a mylar tablecloth. I wanted it to be a triangle shape to tie into the invite design (there are triangles on there) and to have one other element on the table other than the florals–but something that was easy and would not compete with them. Here I am sprinkling away!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0082

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0058.jpg

Love those wild florals next to my FAVORITE hot pink goblet! Links to the party supplies below.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0066.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0072.jpg

Here’s the mama-to-be enjoying her food!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0046.jpg

And speaking of food!

Shall we start with dessert? I think we should. We worked with Megan Faulkner Brown (no relation sadly) founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy to create a seriously LUXE spread. Please please please understand that there are certain perks to selling your soul to the Internet, one of them is that your dessert tables can become those I use to only DREAM OF. And also I used to have to (or get to depending on how you look at it) make all of the desserts myself. To be 100% honest I miss being as hands-on as I use to be. It’s something I had to let go as I’ve grown. But this year I’ve tried to pay attention to things I want to let go, and things that make me sad to let go. And baking is one thing I miss. So I’m gonna work on that. But working with generous bakery-owning professionals has its PERKS, it means we get a spread like THIS!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0050.jpg

AND THIS! Neapolitan cheesecake.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0048.jpg

And I seriously almost feel guilty rubbing this in your face because:

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0044.jpg Hey Girl Baby Shower_0043.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0042.jpg Hey Girl Baby Shower_0052.jpg


And I mean. It just goes on and on.  Cookies not even pictured, cake bites, and more!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0047.jpg

The desserts were so perfect and fit all of my goals of wanting to SPOIL Kayti. So I’m super grateful for that. The tip here would be if you’re lucky enough to have so many desserts don’t spend even more time making some huge crafty t0-do. We put the flowers on the table and the goodies and called it done.

Dinner was delicious and catered by my friend and neighbor Shauna Boyack. Who is smack dab in the middle of getting a site up for catering so I will update that ASAP! Shauna did an amazing job creating a light, fresh menu that was easy to eat while chatting on a hot day. Here’s Shauna prepping the chicken lettuce wraps like a pro!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0064.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0060.jpg

The infused waters were a hit!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0086

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0073.jpg

And these fingerling potatoes with garlic aioli are a reason to live.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0085 Hey Girl Baby Shower_0087

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0057.jpg


Basically if you accused me of using this whole shower as an excuse to eat Shauna’s food it would be hard for me to say, “NOT TRUE!”

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0076.jpg

WOW! I feel like we really did it guys. I feel like we really covered the shower. We pulled out a lawn couch and made Kayti open her gifts on it while we ate ALL the dessert we could. But I’m so sad we didn’t get more pictures of Kayti! Kind of tragic really. The only other element we haven’t talked about is my lawn art! My giant HEY GIRL! And I’m going to do a tutorial on this because I’m so freaking proud of how it turned out and what an impact it made!

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0078

The perfect lawn backdrop.

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0065.jpg

Hey Girl Baby Shower_0045.jpg

But now that I’ve shown you EVERYTHING! Let’s get really, really, really real ok? This is MAYBE completely bonkers for a baby shower? But maybe not. It doesn’t LOOK too crazy, because I’m deceptive like that. And sure lots of other people go way more overboard than this! But if you knew the breakdown, you’d be like, “ALISON WHO ARE YOU?” And to that I’m going to answer, “I’m just a girl, who has been given a license to party and abused it.”

Was it fabulous?! YES! Was it SO MUCH FUN? YES! But most importantly the person who the shower was for enjoyed herself and felt loved.

But in order to keep things cohesive, I transported 6 tables, 30 chairs, and a whole lot of other stuff to a friend’s backyard. It took over 4 trips in my van. And by “I transported” I mean “Eric transported.” We also had it catered, used a professional florist and I kind of had a diva moment (or many of them) trying to not put in a LARGE rental order (despite the fact I owned all that other furniture, I wanted DIFFERENT furniture)–and I only calmed down when we figured out how to do full place settings for each guest. Oh and let’s not forget my new friend owns a chain of pastry shops. So the dessert table…well that’s not something a usual baby shower budget can handle.

So why do I end on this note? Because you know how strongly I feel about parties that are realistic. I wouldn’t change anything about this party, the guest of honor is a treasured friend. She has done my hair and makeup for me over and over and refused to let me really pay her, and I know Kayti really appreciates this love language. Bri and I and her other friends wanted to make a fancy party for Kayti to thank her and show her how much we love her.

But do you have to use professional caterers and florists and bakers to show someone you love them? Nope. So just keep that in mind when you’re setting up your next party and you only have 2 types of desserts and not 15, ok?!

BUT I do hope you found some inspiration! And that you’ll pin it, and share it, and shower those you love! Or shower the people you love with love, show them how much you care…(James Taylor if you didn’t get it).

Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and being a part of my party. I love you! And I’m always so glad you’re here!




BEARY CUTE! Baby Shower (BOY)
French Baby Shower (GIRL)


Photographer: Heather Mildenstein
Florist: Mel Haupt Floral
Food: Shauna Boyack
Graphic Design: Bri Webb
Desserts: Sweet Tooth Fairy
Dessert coordinating and styling: Sarah Larsen


Neon pink goblets
Neon pink dinner plates
Neon pink dessert plates


  1. Holly

    Thanks for keeping it real! I like to splurge on one statement piece and be super reasonable from there. I just recently starting hiring someone to do invites. I CAN do it, but it takes more time than I want to devote and the gal that creates them from me is AMAZING and nails it every time. Looking forward to more Alison parties!

    1. Such a good policy!

  2. Jamie

    Wow! Alison, I like your brain. There are so many awesome things going on at this shower! A braid bar? Please and thank you!

    1. Thank you!!

  3. I love reading your party recaps so much I could almost do without the pictures…almost, but not really. You’re just so dang good at finding this amazing balance between just enough while not being overdone. You’re negative space says as much to me as what you fill the space with, if that makes sense. You’re simply spectacular. Thank you for continuously sharing with all of us.

    1. aw thank you so much! what a lovely compliment, i know what you mean and really appreciate it! xo

  4. Andrea O.

    I love the braid bar idea. I also love how genuine you are. What a fun and beautiful party!

    1. thank you!

  5. Rachel

    Hi Alison, Yet another genius party from the fun brain of yours! If only I lived in Utah, I’d be crashing all yo’ parties! 😉 Also, congrats congrats congrats on #3! I am due with my first in Nov. and sooo excited. (Though I feel ya about pregnancy being tough!) So I adored your braid bar idea. I’ve also seen a cool flower crown activity, as well as a henna artist to paint the mama’s belly (and everyone else’s hands). I’m having a boy though – know of any fun activities for the ladies, but that would work for a less girly shower? Sorry to pick your brain, but you’re just too damn good at parties not to at least ask. 😉 Thanks mama!

    1. Hey! Congrats!! So for boys I might focus more on a food-centered activity! hahahaha like decorating cookies or learning how to make something interesting?! I don’t know just throwing things out! but that’s probably where I would go!

  6. Brenda

    I really really really love this party! Thanks for the words of encouragement at the end about not needing to go so catered – but really, the way you break the party down doesn’t make the details seem so overwhelming for little me. Looking forward to doing something myself someday!

    1. aw thank you! I appreciate that!

  7. Rachel

    Thanks Alison! Good ideas as always – who can say no to decorating cookies? 🙂 Maybe my next kiddo will be a girl and then I can borrow your awesome braid bar idea. 😉 Thanks again for responding!

  8. Um, HI THERE, magical unicorn fairy princess!!! Holy crap, you are amazing! I absolutely LOVE the info/photos/magic that you captured and explained, all while looking fabulous and keeping it so real! THANK YOU! So often I used to see amazing parties like these, minus the realness, of course, and feel that crazy pressure monster growing and growing until it wanted to break out of my belly like that scene in Spaceballs (right? it was spaceballs, wasn’t it?) and consume me… but after years of eventing I have come to realize that the delicate balance between keeping it real, creating a big wow and realizing my limits (whether they be budgetary, time-wise or other) is so crucial. Thank you for your authenticity, delicious enthusiasm, wit, intelligence and sparkle! I have drunk the kool-aid, girl. Excited to have found you.

    1. aww! how kind! thank you do much!!

  9. tam

    Hi Alison! I’m planning a baby shower and love so many ideas from this post! I was wondering how much it typically costs to just rent tables and chairs? I love the lawn sign “HEY GIRL,” definitely going to use that idea and do an “Oh Boy!” 🙂

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