Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Sister Roundup

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I think this is possibly the best gift guide ever. HAH! I had SO much fun filming it with my sister, Andrea from Tubby Todd. And I really tried to include a well-rounded selection that fits all budgets, ages and styles. I literally wandered around my house grabbing everything I love and find myself recommending to friends on a regular basis. Because that’s what I always try to do! Recommend things I sincerely love and would talk to you about if we ran into each other at the grocery store and started chatting.

So I FULLY hope that YOU (and there’s a 90% chance you are female) will watch this for ideas, but that you also SEND THIS TO YOUR BABY DADDY! Mother’s day is for spoiling! I have gifts that are also good for your sister, mother-in-law, mom and friends, but YOU also deserve something special so pass this video or blog post along with the links! And after the guide look for some other Mother’s Day goodies I’ve offered in the past!

This gorgeous arrangement is from Foxglove Utah and I HIGHLY recommend them if you are local to Provo Valley. But if you’re not! I talked to the owner and lead floral designer, Courtney and for this spring season she suggests peonies. And I TOTALLY agree! There is one in the arrangement in the video, but I love a vase full of them as well. Courtney also suggested asking your florist for maybe something unusual in the arrangement, like an air plant or a succulent. And then you can keep at least part of the arrangement much longer than a traditional arrangement.

Mother's Day Flowers
Check out the arrangement that Foxglove did for me for Valentine’s Day (above), and I STILL have the air plants (the little plants in the wooden pots on sticks) from February! I just submerge them in water whenever I remember (every week or so) and they have lived that long!

Courtney suggests for keeping arrangements longer: to keep the flowers away from a window (I had never heard that one!), change the water daily, and to add a tablespoon of Sprite or 7-Up to the water to maximize the life. Do you think Diet Dr. Pepper would work? That’s all I ever have on hand.

Thank you Floxglove! Eric also bought me this Caldrea Countertop spray in Mandarin for Valentine’s Day, AND I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! You can order it in their online store!

CB2 Kastor Vase I bought myself this GORG vase for $20 a while back! It’s so pretty and such a good price. I think you can totally think of someone who needs it!

Murchison Hume Chef Gift Set I have really enjoyed having this beautiful set on my countertop! I love the Original Fig scent, and if the gift set is too pricy, I think even just one of the bottles would be a really nice present! The scrub brushes are pretty, but I don’t think you CAN’T live without them. Then again, it makes it a bit more fun if you want to really spring for it!

Tubby Todd Soap I cannot tell you how many good things people tell me about this soap! I mean, I love it, but my sister does own the company, so I might be a bit biased. Except strangers tell me all the time how much they love it! And I’m glad because it would be awkward if I hated my sister’s soap…this is a great gift for a new mom for mother’s day or ANY day!

Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan Holy sweet mother I love this sweater. I have been talking to everyone about it for the past week, so there is no way I could leave it out of the gift guide. Ok, so I bought the L/XL, but Andrea tried it on and would have happily bought that size too. So if in doubt, SIZE UP! I’m usually a L but sometimes a M, and felt like this was snugger than most larges. It is a bit pricier at $92, but I bought a very similar sweater from Old Navy 2 years ago and have worn it so much it looks ratty. So I’m excited to have it in a nicer material and wear it forever! A mom in your life NEEDS THIS SWEATER!
Holster Brands  How freaking cool are these?! You have to look at the video or at the website to see! If the mom you are buying for has a small sink, they will LOVE THIS, but the Hobby Holster is also such a fun gift for crafters. I’m stoked on these! The prices vary between $20-$40.

Humble Hilo Bag This is such a cute bag, and I love that it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. We are showing you the bag in a medium size, it’s $89, which means it’s a bit pricer, but it’s also because it’s nicer quality than your average Target find. Humble Hilo is run by a bunch of really awesome philanthropists and I’m excited to finally have one of their bags!

KITTEN’S GET THIRSTY TOO TUMBLER Tumbler At $15 this is a pretty purrrrfect gift. I like this as a gift because you could buy one for a woman of any age! I know my mom would love one, and I also love gifts I can buy in bulk for friends.

NOW in case you’re looking to host, want to make something special or want to utilize some of the fun stuff I’ve done in the past for Mother’s Day, here it all is so you can find it easily:

So many fun free printables for you to host a brunch, lunch, or dinner, PLUS some super cute stationary that you can print and make into a really sweet gift.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.12.51 AM


Part of my Mom’s Rule Mother’s Day Brunch was this  Cucumber Lime Punch ! It’s so easy and will make your meal special, even if that meal is pizza, which I fully support! If you haven’t tried it yet, well you are missing out. I’m serious.


And if you want to hear my thoughts on things, hahaha, this is an essay I wrote last year in celebration of Mother’s Day called: What We All Have In Common

Ok! Do you feel prepared for Mother’s Day? Do you want any of these gifts from the gift guide?! I hope so! Tell me which is your fave!!!

Don’t forget to send this to your man, maybe even tell him the minutes to watch in the video HAHAHA.



  1. Becky

    Love the ideas! My favs are the vase and the cozy sweater! Crossing fingers my man steps up this year! 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  2. Amy

    The holster! Where has that been all my life???

    May 6, 2015   |   Reply
  3. hi. LOVE your things! i’m interested in the printables for “moms rule” and “hey momma” and also the cucumber lime punch.

    May 2, 2018   |   Reply
    1. alisonadmin

      Sorry for the late response, but you can find those mama printables here! Thank you!

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