Just Living Life

Teaching Gigi the art of the bathroom selfie.

Living life is just about the funniest thing. We’re all doing it, doing it differently, and just trying to do our best.

“Just living life.” Was my go-to answer when anyone would ask me what I was doing for at least a couple of years. In fact I think I’m pretty sure I say it still.

But sometimes, while living life it’s hard not to get bugged or caught up on the stupid things. It can be difficult not to get mad when there’s a FREAKING Doc McStuffin’s band-aid on the chair that seems like it will never come off and you wreck your nails trying to remove it. And it’s hard not to be disappointed when you look at your wedding pictures and wonder, “How did I get so much fatter? Will I ever look that good again?”

I tend to live in the future. Hence all my anxiety. And it’s hard not to get overwhelmed and feel like a failure when I focus on all the things I haven’t accomplished and maybe never will. I make lists and plan and stress.

The funniest thing about life, maybe, is that it can be the hardest, when there’s nothing super hard actually happening.

But hard things eventually come around. Something terrible happens that helps change our perspective. Someone gets sick, or hurt, or worse.

And then you realize how unbelievably stupid getting mad about a band-aid on a chair is. You remember how short and precious life is, and who the hell cares if you’re fatter than when you got married? Why on earth would I spend two seconds on something as stupid as that when I could be helping other people, or loving myself?

I was listening to my, “You Are A Badass” book this morning, and in it the author says, “Love yourself and everyone benefits.”

How remarkably true that is.

I love who I am. I love who you are. I love who we will all become, you know, just by living life.

Good luck today.



  1. So beautifully said. Thank you- needed to read that. Much love to you and yours. Xx

  2. Um, hellz to the yes on this post.

  3. life is pretty sweet. and i think you rock at it and i rock it too!

  4. Erin Dougal

    As always, I love when you write. Hugs.

  5. LauraBess Kenny

    You’re amazing. For real. Thank you for always being hilarious, honest, and real.

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