Club Alison: Origin Story or How I Gave Myself My Own Club

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Here I am pretending like I’m the one hanging up my name in lights with my new bling from Vintage Marquee Lights !!!

Hello!!! Sometimes this blog gets the short end of the stick. KNOW WHAT I MEAN? I’m working SO SO SO hard to find and hire help where I can, so that I can get back to doing the things that make “The ALISON Show” the “SHOW!” ha, like writing on the blog and creating videos. But growth is crazy, and hard, and good, and I’m still trying to figure it all out! Anyway, I’ll just say I’m soooo far in event planning mode right now I really had to hold myself at gunpoint to get this posted! But I REALLY wanted to share this Vlog BEFORE my Alison’s Candy Shoppe dance party! So I’M DOING IT! I’M DOING IT! I’M FLYING PETER!!!

So in this vlog… VLOG #4!!!! I wanted to share all the crazy things that fell into place so that we could create Club Alison! (Here are my other vlogs!)

I’ve shared about it a bit before in some other posts, but I wanted to have the whole story in one place, and I wanted to show the BEFORE pictures.

So here is VLOG #4: All About Club Alison or How I Gave Myself My Own Club

In it I show you the space, how I use it, how we found it, why I need a Club AND office space, I dance a lot, and I talk about why you shouldn’t think too hard about big decisions. HAHA. I hope you enjoy!

If you want to see what has happened at Club Alison so far I’ve personally done: a haunted dinner party, attended a wreath workshop, hosted Alison’s Feelings fest, and then I’ve also of course shot some videos and photos there as well! Plus a few other events I haven’t gotten to posting about! BAH!

Now before you are inclined to share helpful suggestions for all the things we could do to further improve the space… 🙂 Keep in mind the goal is to keep rental costs low and also, we don’t own it. Not to sound defensive, I’ve just been doing this for a long time! HAHA. And yes white floors would be amazing. Just not amazing for dance parties!

But other than that, I love it and I love having it. I don’t know how long we will keep the lease, but for now, it’s ours!

Love you all! I’d love so so so much to hear what you think! Do you want a Club? What would you give yourself?! Also what other vlogs would you like to see?!

Thanks so much for sticking around.



  1. May I request a vlog sometime on marriage?? marriage fascinates me and how the whole institution is divinely designed to make ourselves as individuals better by refining/pushing/encouraging our spouse (whoa deep) and I think you guys do a mighty fine job at that. I so admire how un-inhibited you are, you’re candidness makes you relatable which a lot of bloggers/grammars are missing the mark on! Hope your love language is words of affirmation because friend that is what you got

    1. IT IS!!!! haha that is my love language! so thank you so much for your kind words! And I think that’s a really good idea! love it!

  2. Sooooo inspiring! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching this post. It’s so easy to over think everything, and be afraid, because of a fear of failing. Thanks for the reminder to go for what you love, and believe in yourself. Life has so many ups and downs, and this week has been a bit down for me, but I’m finally feeling inspired again! I think it’s because it just shines out of you! Good luck with Alison’s Candy Shoppe! I can’t wait to see more posts… I can live vicariously through the photos 🙂

    1. aw thank you so much!!

  3. Jackie

    As soon as I started typing your URL in my browser, I literally thought, “I’ve got a few minutes, I’m going to check in with Alison!” As though you and I are friends and we need to catch up. That’s how I feel about our relationship.

    Non-existant, yet totally co-dependant.

  4. GIRL! You are awesome and such an inspiration to just get after it. I love the club and can’t wait to see some pictures (and video – duh!) of the epic dance parties!

  5. It looks amazing! Also, you showed off those rad booties and then didn’t say where you got them! I’m dying to know!

    1. it’s from some cheap store in the mall! so I’m not sure how to source them! haha

  6. Amy

    HAHAHA you are the most fantastic lady! How frigging exciting that you have a club. I’ve never even considered owning a space to rent out, I love this! And also your dance moves. Spectacular!

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