VLOG 3: Overcoming Burnout, The Life of A Music Producer, and More Office Renovations

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Do you like air humping through vacant office spaces? Do you like watching people (and by people I mean me) get teased? Do you ever have feelings of burnout and being totally over it? Are you interested in me talking about basically nothing while pretending to play a keyboard/synth while wearing no make up?

I can’t imagine why, but if you answered yes to ANY of these questions you might, maybe, enjoy episode 3 of The Alison Show Vlog: Overcoming Burnout, The Life of A Music Producer, and More Office Renovations!

(If you’re like me and you need to start at the beginning, you can watch Ep 1 here and watch Ep 2 here.)

In this 3rd episode of my self-indulgent video-blog I hang out in the office of my music producer hubby, Eric or Pleasant Pictures, I talk about a few ways I try to overcome the feeling of wanting to do nothing but binge watch TV, and also I show updates on The Alison Show office space!

It’s riveting, it’s compelling, it’s anything but newsworthy, and it’s here for your viewing pleasure!

(video credits: Pleasant Pictures Music, LOVER sweatshirt, floral leggings, NEW SHACK – artist of song in video)

And here are a few more pictures for reference of the studio apartment that Freshly Picked is renovating, that I will rent from her and take over as my offices. You know, until I take over the world.





I think it’s funny I’m posting all these renovation pictures lately. Like my kitchen. Things torn up and in total disarray. I think it’s pretty spot on for how I feel internally. I have some really really good things on the horizon. Projects I’m excited about and a clearer vision then I’ve ever had before for The Alison Show and what I want to do with it.

But at the same time, it’s like, sometimes when you FINALLY know what to do next, that’s when it’s the scariest and hardest to do it. You work and you work and you work in order to see a clear path. And when the clouds finally part, instead of taking that first step you just want to sit in your darkness or even worse, instead of finally bolting out on the road that’s been presented to you it feels more comfortable to just continue running in circles. Like a busy little hamster.

Anyway. I’m the hamster. Spinning in my wheel. And now that I have some ideas on how to leave it, I think, “Maybe I’ll just keep spinning. I’m good at spinning.”

Does that make any sense? If not just picture me rubbing my hands together like little evil hamster paws. Throwing my furry head back and cackling.

How you doing? You spinning? You ready to bolt? Feeling burnt out or ARE YOU ONE FIRE?! Let’s all share our feelings.



  1. You make me happy.

  2. Aubree

    I think you could talk about nothing & it would be enjoyable! You’re just that awesome. You should vlog about how you got started doing your thang and how you knew it’s what you would love doing for a living. Also more dancing

  3. I am totally a hamster too! You hit everything I am dealing with spot on! Thanks for sharing. May we both have the courage to jump out of the wheel…

  4. tara

    Sometimes when I’ve lost my wanderlust I like to watch Maid in Manhattan on the Oxygen channel. <3 That new space is gonna be kickin'!

  5. Amábile

    Alison, you are wonderful! I keep on posting the same comments over some of your videos but I can’t help it. I love how real you are. Thank you for these treats and thank you so much for the inspiration to be my crazy self. You’re awesome!

    1. well I never mind a nice comment! thank you so much! xo

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