Vintage Valentine’s Sugar Cookies and Free Hand-Lettered Cards


Um, yes YES YES! I am so freaking excited to share these vintage valentine’s inspired sugar cookies and free hand-lettered cards from Hello Tosha!

I made all of these cookies with my sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe that can be found in Alison’s Cookie Party: An Online Course for Making the Perfect Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.



As I grow more and more in my business I have to really make it a point to take time to do things that I LOVE and do them just for the hell of it! Haha. Which is hysterical because I built a business doing what I love! But that doesn’t mean it’s not work! So I sat down and decided that I’d just make any type of cookies I wanted, Valentine’s or not. (But who are we kidding, it’s my favorite holiday!) With absolutely no pressure and no one to please but me. I told myself I didn’t even have to share them online if I didn’t want to when I was done.

I’ve always BEEN CRAZY for vintage valentine’s–with their bad/good pun humor and quirky illustrations. So I decided that’s what I wanted to make! I scoured the web for inspiration, looking at old cards and their punny sayings. Haha. And then I looked through my cookie cutters to see what I could come up with! The one thing I decided was that they all had to have oversized eyes and this color palate of pastels with pops of red. That’s what I felt could take my fairly modern-shaped cookie cutters and give them that same fun vintage vibe.

When I was about to start my cookies my girl Tosha texted me about something else. And as soon as I saw her name on my phone I just threw it out there, “Hey I know you’re not insanely busy… (haha she is!) but do you want to letter some punny vintage valentine’s cards to go with some cookies I’m making?!”

And of course Tosha, who is one of the most fun, generous, accommodating humans I know said, “YES!”

Then we proceeded to giggle hysterically as we perfected our puns. We laugh-cried the entire time.

I really took my time making these so that it would be enjoyable and not stressful. Plus, there was no deadlines! Ha. I baked the cookies one night, and then iced them the next. On the third day I added the finishing details with the edible writing pen, and on the 4th day I photographed them. On the 5th day, I rested and said it was good. HAHAHAHAHA Kidding, on the 5th day I blogged! I’m an online whore, not God.

Tosha whipped these cards up so sweetly and I could not love them more! SOOOOO without further freaking ado, here are my punny valentine’s cookies!

So first! The peaches are maybe my favorite! These took a bit of finagling. I squeezed a lemon cookie cutter to make it fatter, and then added the leaf, which I cut out with a paring knife, and the little stem, which I cut out with the top part of an apple cookie cutter. YES I KNOW I’m INTENSE.



And I LOVE the idea of gifting these in a little bag with the printed out card!



Similar LEMON cookie cutter
I used AmeriColor gel in Peach for the peach and teal and avocado for the leaf
AmeriColor Student Soft Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit

Next up?! The kitty cats! Haha.



And I’m going to share how to do the stamping on the cookies too! So sit tight.
SIMILAR CUTTER: Wilton Metal Cookie Cutter, 3-Inch, Cat

Ok so I was feeling PRETTY clever with this one, hahah because I’ve had that saw cookie cutter for a while and figured I could make it fit in somehow! So I added eyes and called it good! Tosha and I decided this one was better more as a threat. HAHA



Hand Saw Tin Cookie Cutter 5.25″ 

Ok! And now for all you horse lovers…HAHAHA and my most innaporpirate “neigh-ked” pun…



So I did the eye and the REALLY thin eyelashes with a new edible writing pen that I AM LOVING! It doesn’t have Prime shipping on Amazon WHICH I HATE, but it gets the thinnest line I’ve ever been able to get! So it was worth the wait. Haha.

Rainbow Dust Professional Cake Decorators Food Pen Jet Black
Horse Cookie Cutter


See, look how thin those lashes are on the horse! Also. Yes, I do think I’m hysterical. Thank you for asking.


And here are all of Tosha’s beautiful cards! Remember these are for personal use. I will find you, hunt your down, and attack you with my rolling pin if you rip them off.

Collect all 4!



And remember! You can totally make these cookies, and I share all my tips and tricks with video instruction, a 30 page e-book and a resource guide in

ALISON’S COOKIE PARTY! An Online Course for Making the Perfect Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing!

Happy baking, punning and sweet Valentine’s love making!



  1. Madison Hensley

    These are ‘purrr- fect’!!! ;D totally going to buy that pen btw… I’ve been searching for a good one!

  2. so cute!! love the “let’s get neigh-ked” one. you’re too funny. random note, and just because i love your blog and such. when i click on the newest blog post, i’m often redirected to a totally different post. like, just now i went to look at this post, and your holiday home tour came up, then went back to your home page, scrolled down to click on this post, and your flamingo party came up, then again and your thanksgiving table post came up. i might just be an idiot, but on the chance that i’m not, thought id give you a heads up. it’s happened a few other times too. doesn’t keep me from coming back for more!! 🙂 (have i been annoying? not trying to be.)

    1. no no it’s not you! It’s the site! I’m working on updating! If you click on the picture vs. the text sometimes it sends you different places…it’s special! Thank you! that’s very helpful feedback and I appreciate it! xo

  3. Kelsey

    Ok I may have missed it in the post but what did you use to stamp the letters? Just little letter stamps and the edible ink pen?

    1. I’m gonna share another post with that! but yes!

  4. HA! Yes!! I love this so much. And reading this took me back to our hilarious ‘scheming’ stage and it made me giggle again just thinking about it!!! These dang, lil cuties! Ah! So cute. You’re a cookie genius!

  5. HA! I love them all but the “I am busy” horse killed me! You win! Nice work!

  6. Wow…these look so much fun to make! It will be a shame to eat them, but bet they’re delicious!! My faves are the horses and cats….so cute 🙂

    Emma Jayne x

  7. Where do you typically buy your cookie cutters? Awesome job- They are all ADORABLE!!

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