The Alison Show Vlog: Episode 1


Good hell it was only a matter of time. I’ve been on YouTube doing video, I’ve been on my blog, blogging, and NOW, now, I’m freaking vlogging. I don’t know you guys. I don’t know why. It seemed like a good idea. I’m just going to try it for a while and see what happens!

Can you comprehend this? Is there anything you find at all interesting to talk about?

Anyway. In my first episode I share a peek at my new offices, that are TOTALLY unfinished, I talk about why I decided to get an office space outside of the home, and I also chat a little bit about a book I just read called The Miracle Morning and my thoughts on that!

Yes, yes, there is also some dancing. Because I just can’t help it!

But really I wanted to vlog as a way to check in with you guys, share what I’m working on, what I’m struggling with, what I’m excited about, and also answer any questions that you guys are interested in.

Ready to watch?!

So! SO! Let me know your thoughts! Love you all!



  1. Rikki Hein

    You don’t know me, but you do know my brother-in-law (Wuka!). I adore you! I think you are so interesting, fun, exciting, and I want to be your bff. You must be doing something right if want to come here and watch your vlog! I only read a few blogs now… literally a handful. And you’re one of them! Awesome job. I also want to learn how to dance like you. Oooh! Do a vlog in dancing!

    1. HAHA aw thank yoU! Love wuka! I have some dancing plans for sure!! haha

  2. This will be fun! I can never keep up with you because you are doing so much. So I think it’ll be fun for you to share.
    Also I love your voice lol like people would love to have Morgan Freeman narrate their life’s; your voice is what goes on in my head lol Hope that’s not weird.

  3. I’ve been following you on IG for about 6 months now and i think you’re so much fun! I think interaction is cool, so the vlogging was a fun thing. Keep up the great work on keeping it ‘real’…life is crazy; I totally get it. It’s fun to see other working moms just doing their best to make it work and stay awesome 😉

    1. aw thank you so much! Thanks for hanging in there with me! xo

  4. Abbie

    Alison!!! This is amazing–I will watch you do anything! I just found you and love you! You’ve already inspired me and have given me so many ideas of ways I want to expand and grow this year! I can’t get enough of you, I’m still looking through your website, I’ve watched all your videos. And I can’t stop talking about you to all my friends!! Keep doing what you do!

    1. haha aw!! thank you! I appreciate that so much!

  5. I love the vlog idea! You just need a throne. I laughed out loud at least five times. Plus I always appreciate honesty.

    PS – I’m 1000% sure you’ll have your own show someday (if that’s what you want). Go girl!

    1. aw thank you! and hahaha YES I HAVE THE THRONE!

  6. Yep. More, please.

  7. Shawn

    Thank you for dancing at the end! Great first vlog!

  8. You make me smile. And not in the I am laughing at you kind of smile. In the I am totally on the same page as you smile. Life is crazy. Let’s just all start doing stuff with intention and less distraction.

  9. Did I subscribe? Tried to. I have a whole, huge thing with technology, which is sort of ironic since I work for a gigantic tech company. I’ll try clicking on the subscribe prompt later, from home, when I can scream and weep in private as I attempt to figure it out. Just this, though, by way of a comment: YOUR OWN OFFICE!. I did this too, for three months at a time, when I had an opportunity. It was the best decision imaginable. A much bigger deal than a business decision or a strategic move. It was the whole Virginia Wolf “A Room of Her Own” thing. Transformative. I hope you will feel some of that mojo and include your thoughts in your vlogs.

    1. aw thank you so much! Yes it’s super empowering and freeing!

  10. You are hilarious. I always watch your videos just because you are so fun. Congrats on the new adventures, and YES to the vlogging! HA!

  11. I love this! I really enjoyed the How To Be Awesome Series and can’t wait to see more of your vlogs! Your humor, style and authenticity are absolutely captivating.

    1. that’s so kind! thank you!

  12. If it’s possible, I love you more!I love how the first minutes were you silently over analyizing every move you made, you’re so genuine it hurts lol Great job! & Congrats on the new vlog 😉

  13. Cousin Jenny

    I adore you. Always have, always will. I remember in London when you said you want to have your own talk show – well now you do! When I have a minute I come to your blog just so I can feel like we hung out. Where can I find the latest pic of your kids? They are lucky to call you mom. You are incredible.

    1. aw thanks so much cuzzy! I love you! The shoot I did with the valentine’s stuff is super recent! so you can see rad crying in it hahaha miss you guys and hope all is well! love you!

  14. You are such a hard worker and it’s obviously paying off because–look at your show!!! And hey, we had a class together at BYU and your writing was smokin’ then so I shouldn’t be surprised! I can’t for the life of me remember our professor’s name….(Madden? Yes! Madden.) I just love you and all you’re doing.

    1. Aw fun!! thank you! I LOVE madden! I took the class twice ! thank you so much for your sweet words and support!

  15. Ang

    Yeeeesss! Loved it. Talk about anything, doesn’t matter. Dancing is on point. Where are your jeans from ? Ooh talk about the search for the perfect pair of jeans and if you’ve found them or know others who have …. Haha jk .. “Unless you gon do it” ☺️

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