Valentine’s Day Balloons with & Apparel Collab


Love Fest Heart Sweater

All photos by Becky Kimball for The Alison Show and & Apparel / Styled by Kimmy Crosby Design


LOVER Raglan Pullover


Let’s Boogie Button Down

Balloons by Casey




Well if you don’t know, Valentine’s Day is like my FAVORITE holiday. It’s all about LOVE and candy, and flowers, and greeting cards, and are YOU SEEING WHY it’s my freaking favorite!?

In middle school and high school I would write my friends these rhyming poems about how we didn’t need men, and I’d make them mixed CDs (hahaha remember those?!) with angry anti-love songs, or dirty R&B songs.

But I’m older now, haha, married now, HA and celebrate the holiday in different ways. But one thing has stayed the same I LOVE TO DRESS FESTIVELY!

That’s why I was SO SO SO excited to do a collaboration with & Apparel! I worked with the FABULOUS owner and designer, Andrea, and we came up with some fun designs that would work for Valentine’s day, but also live the whole season through. It was also really important to me to do something at a price point that would work for a lot of you guys! I think you’re gonna be STOKED at the affordability of all this!

I’ve been into collared shirts and sweatshirts lately, so we did those for the women! And even made a sweatshirt that could go unisex!

For the kids I have the hardest time finding long sleeve shirts that are mostly black and white. So we did those with some fun key phrases. I love how unique the embroidery is, and we worked with some of my Spanglish. Soy de San Diego, remember?!

Last but not least I saw these CRAZY balloon creations at our local 7-11 a few months ago and became a woman obsessed! I FINALLY found the creator, Balloons by Casey, and begged him, haha seriously, to whip up some amazing balloon art for our shoot! Can you handle him?! I just asked for hearts and flowers and he did the rest! Ha!

I was hoping to get some more family photos, but Rad was in a TERRIBLE terrible mood, you can see little tears in his eyes in almost every picture. Oy vey. The life of a pageant mom!

But Ginger BROUGHT it. So there’s that.

So first I wanted to do a sweatshirt that me or MY MAN could sport! I chose the word LOVER and I paired it with this fun polka-dot pencil skirt, also from & Apparel. So here’s the Lover Raglan Pullover and the Polka-dot Pencil Skirt!


You know you want to match your man for the big day, RIGHT? Or you and all your girls? I thought so. But seriously. Because I worked at Hallmark cards, haha I’m all about giftablity. So many shirts with phrases are so specific, it’s hard to give them to a friend! So I tried SUPER hard to keep everything easy to gift! Because that’s what the day o’ love is all about! Shop the Lover Raglan Pullover.

And then I wanted something Valentine’s ISH for Gigi, that she could wear until it gets warm! So we decided on a heart with “Blah blah blah” and these amazing harem heart pants! They are the BEST material, not just a cotton, and they have pockets. Ginger and I both love them and they are SO cozy. Shop the Blah Blah Blah Top and Heart Throb Joggers.

She’s scolding me in this picture about how she’s not going to smile. Luckily reverse pyschology works SUPER well with her.


Now for the Spanish! So Andrea and I thought Llamame, which means call me, would be cute because it’s cheeky for a kid on Valentine’s day. Then of course we had to add a llama.

Shop the Llamame Tri-Blend Pullover


Perfect for a boy or girl…or mouse?


And then GUAPO of course is “Handsome” in Spanish, which you would know if you speak Spanish or have seen the 3 Amigos. And GUAPA is basically beautiful. So these make a freaking cute brother sister set!



Look at that sad little nugget, asking, “Why oh why does my mother value work more than my happiness?” I DON’T BUDDY! Usually…


Shop the Guapa and Guapo tops.


So I also ALWAYS love a baseball tee, and you know how I feel about being “AWESOME” so this seemed like a natural fit. Shop the Hello My Name is Awesome Top.


Now for the MAMA THINGS! I’m super super excited about this! My “Let’s Boogie” button down!


And I have been LOVING these large dot earrings! They are insta glam but kind of hide behind your hair.


As you can see you can totally boogie in the shirt.


I also LOVED this red heart sweater. It’s so easy to wear and comfy. Shop Love Fest Heart Sweater.


And this mod dress! Which I was convinced was so big it had to be a nightgown, but I think it actually looks so chic!


And a few more balloon valentines for the road?


Guapa Top




I hope you love the collab! Or at least love the balloons?! Haha I figured if I included both I could make the world happy.

I’m gonna list every item and the sizes I’m wearing so you can get a sense!

LOVER Raglan Pullover
(I’m in a M and Eric is in a L)
Polka-dot skirt
(Wearing a L)

Ginger is 4 and wore a 4 in all kid’s shirts, Rad is 20 months and wore a 2

Blah Blah Blah Top
Heart Throb Joggers
Llamame Tri-Blend Pullover
Hello my name is: Awesome Top

“Let’s Boogie” Button Down
(Wearing a L)

Love Fest Heart Sweater
(wearing a L)

Mod Dress
(wearing a L)

Large Dot Earrings

Thank you again SO MUCH to
Becky Kimball for the photos
Tia Celise for hair and makeup (she did Rad and Gigi’s hair too!)
Kimmy Crosby Design for styling
Balloons by Casey
all shot at Club Alison

Happy day of love!



  1. Betsy

    You are basically my favorite person ever…that I don’t even know. This line is so great. Now I’m going to force everyone in my family to wear something from here for v-day. And the caption about Rad’s happiness?

  2. Josie

    ok that mod dress, i love. how do you like the material? is it super clingy? cause it looks AMAZING.

  3. I need all of the kids tops immediately. Such a great collection! And those rose balloons are blowing my mind.

  4. betsy

    perfection. now everyone in my family needs v-day attire. ps – where did you find ginger’s little pinafore? too cute.

  5. Abigail

    I just bought the Let’s Boogie top! Can you tell me where you got the black jacket you wore with it?? I love that look!

  6. Sara Leonard

    LOVE your heart sweater!

    Online Clothing Boutique

  7. Stephanie Hengstler

    Where is the little girls tutu dress from?! Love!!!

    May 5, 2015   |   Reply
  8. Adrienne

    Bummed that I missed out on the black mod dress! Think you’ll hook up with them again maybe? 🙂 It’s time for some new work clothes that aren’t boring.

    May 9, 2015   |   Reply

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