Making Fresh Green Wreaths at Club Alison


This is me kissing up to the teacher, Lizy!

So basically in my life I just want everyone to:

1. Feel really good about themselves
2. Do what they love
3. Figure out a way to make crap loads of money doing what they love

I just feel like that’s not too much to ask.

One reason I wanted to have Club Alison is so that people could have a space to do those 3 things. And yes, of course, so I could have a space to do those 3 things! As I’ve tried to build an empire (and no I’m still not EXACTLY sure what that empire is) and create a career with The Alison Show, I’ve found that my life often feels like a huge mess because my HOUSE always feels like a huge mess.

I have had to use my house for EVERYTHING. For filming videos, for photo shoots, for storing party supplies. I mean you guys JUST saw that Holiday Home Tour I did. Where do you think all the other STUFF that is usually in those spaces around my house is? I’ll tell you where it is! It’s piled ceiling to floor in our guest bedroom. You can’t even open the doors because there is so much crap piled in there.

I’m constantly rearranging my house to fit whatever project I’m doing and I feel like (and it is) in a constant state of disarray.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Building an empire, chasing your dreams, well they require SPACE.

So that’s what Club Alison is. It’s some space. And I use it when I can, and we rent that space to other people who need it too!

One person that I love and have worked with MANY times is florist Lizy Bowden. (We did a video about holiday table decor together, and she did the florals for my Be Brave dinner and my Awesome party.)

Lizy needed some space to do a wreath workshop, and I was SO SO happy that Club Alison was available. Not only because she made the place look and smell amazing, but because her sharing her talents epitomizes what I want Club Alison to be about.


It’s no surprise that I took the wreath making SUPER seriously. In fact, truth be told, I made one entire wreath, was furious it wasn’t what I wanted, dismantled the whole thing and then remade it. BUT because I did that I really love the one I made! And feel confident I could make more.

See it pays to be insane. Open your eyes CRAZY LADY!


I’m going to give a brief recount of the how-to and what you’d need:


Supplies needed to make the Fresh Green Wreath

12″ Wreath Forms
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters and
Pruning Shears

The greens and berries we used were:

White Pine
Bay Leaf
Pepper Berry
Ilex Berry

So Lizy first instructed us all to gather some branches together of your chosen green, and clip them down to the same size.



Then you use your floral wire to attach this grouping to the wreath.


Lizy taught us that you don’t snip your wire in between attaching the bunches, and the make the bunches a bit fuller than you would expect.


So for my finished wreath I used cedar and bay leaf and alternated bunches of the two. Then attached the ilex berry at the end.

It’s hard sometimes to commit to classes like this. They usually cost a little bit more than I’m ready to drop at a moments notice, and also, it’s hard to commit to anything other than watching Gilmore Girls. But I was SO glad that I decided to do it because learning a new skill is kind of exhilarating! (Insert Urkle snort) Plus the class included the tools needed for making MORE wreaths. So it was beyond worth it! But I think the real value was the that everyone got tons of one on one instruction with Lizy.


It was really nice having her there to point out how to prune each of the different types of greens, and demonstrate different styles of wreaths.


Some cute students showing off their goods! Everyone’s wreath was different, but they ALL looked good!

I had SO much fun 1. Making the wreath and 2. Attending an event that I had to do ABSOLUTELY nothing for other than show up! It was GLORIOUS! I’m already bugging Lizy to do more classes, haha, so I can go to them of course! So if you’re local I’ll keep ya posted on my @clubalison instagram!

Wouldn’t these just make the BEST neighbor gifts, or gifts for your BFFs?!

Every year I think I’m going to actually get my present shopping/making done sometime the week before Christmas. But not until it’s ACTUALLY Christmas do I start getting really good ideas. So I’m always scurrying around last minute.

This year my too-little-too-late-idea is making fresh green wreaths for everyone I know! I was a little too busy last week but maybe we can all still make them in the nick of time?! Haha.

Well I hope this post wasn’t like, “Oh look at me I’m so cool I gave myself a club!” But more like, “I cannot even freaking believe I did that, it was scary as all hell, and I’m just so relieved it’s working out!” Type of thing. Haha. I’m just still pretty excited about it!

So go forth! Do! Make! Be whoever the hell you want. This week I want to be a wreath maker.

I love you all!



Photography: Jessie Evans 
Instructor & Florist: Lizy Bowden
Venue: Club Alison


  1. Veronika Hortt

    Where do you go to look for fresh greens?

    1. Her’s are from a floral supplier, but a florist or a christmas tree lot this time of year! Costco has greens sometimes too!

  2. Aly

    How long does a fresh wreath usually last? Is it best to get artificial instead?

    1. I think it depends on your greens. I felt like this lasted about 4 weeks? and I remember her saying to spritz it with water!

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