Christmas Sugar Cookies and Cookie Party Reviews

photos by Jessica Kettle

Last week we did a fun family photo shoot. And I’m stopping the sentence there because it sounds like a lie. Is there such a thing as a fun family photo shoot? HAHAHA. Well apparently YES! There is! When you have Jessica Kettle behind the lens, who is apparently a sassy 4-year-old whisperer.

I cannot WAIT to show you the photos, some of them are for Design Mom, where I’ll be featured this week with a holiday home tour! But there are some other ones I’m saving just for us. You and me, lover. Shhhh, don’t go.

But I asked if Jessica would take some shots of the family decorating cookies together which is actually something we do quite often. Granted we’re not usually all dressed, pressed, and smiling but we thought we’d bring out the big guns for photos.

It’s actually midnight as I’m writing this and I just finished up yet another batch of christmas cookies, and because I’m doing so much holiday baking I wanted to give you guys a discount code for Alison’s Cookie Party! So you can do some holiday baking!

The sale is closed!! Thank you!! But I assure you it’s worth every penny full price! See here!

Anyway I also went ahead and sent an email out to the first batch of Alison’s Cookie Party partygoers, and asked if they would write about their experience with Alison’s Cookie Party.

I was so flattered and honored by the number of people who responded! I’ve been so floored at how successful people have been making the cookies! They say, “Oh well they’re not good enough yet…” and I say SHUT YOUR FACE. Because of course compared to someone who has been doing them for 7+ years they don’t look the same, but compared to the cookies I made in my first two years? Well they are much better. Anyway. Here are some of the many I was sent:

“Alison’s Cookie Party is best purchase I have bought this year! If you want to have a fun time baking and decorating cookies, this course is for you. The cookie recipe is delicious and the cookies come out beautiful every time with following Alison’s steps! Thank you making a course that is easy to follow, fun to watch and has a dance break!!” Eva Keogh

“Honestly, Alison’s cookie party is where its at. I was super nervous about the delicateness of the process – but I had 100% success the first time! And I’m gonna chalk that up to Alison’s amazing attention to detail, clear instructions and killer recipe. If you consider cookies to be of any importance, (which who am I kidding – we all do) you need not look further. An investment you won’t regret and calories that don’t care for counting – these sugar cookies will leave you completely obsessed. Come on, with sugar cookies and Alison’s incredible dancing – this is one party you do not want to miss.” Sarahle Einav

“Well I can tell you there are a million things that I try and fail at but after watching these video tutorials, laughing my eyes out and enjoying reading the ebook, I felt empowered and that I could do anything! A bit dramatic? Maybe! But I was determined to succeed, dang it, I wanted to make pretty cookies. After trying it the first time I was so dang proud of myself and everyone loved and raved about not only the look but the flavor of the cookie and icing and how soft and perfect it was. All because Alison is a genius and is the greatest teacher. Having now made this recipe a third time I am attempting new tricks and color combos and I look forward to any occasion now where I can bring a plate of these cookies!” Kasey Gentry 

“Alison’s cookie party is flippin amazing. Not only did I learn how to make bomb cookies (I’d like to add that I CANNOT even bake a decent cookie from the pre-made rolls), but I had so much fun with it! The instructions/video are so easy to follow, you get to have dance breaks, and you get to impress people with your cookie skills! I have made them three times already and they have turned out perfect every.single.time! Kudos Alison, you have mastered the sugar cookie!” Kelsey Lauren



How nice are they?! But really, if you’ve been wanting to wait and see how other people like it all you need to do is go and look on the #alisonscookieparty tag on Instagram. So many fun ideas!

Again, I’m super excited to share more pictures with you soon! And I hope you’re having a fabulous December!



  1. Melissa

    These are super cute cookies! Can you share the source for the cutters?

  2. Thank you! The tree is vintage! Annoying I know! but the gingerbread man is from a wilton bulk set!

    1. Melissa

      Aw, bummer about the tree cutter. But thanks for the reply! Happy new year!

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