Alison’s Most Favorite Things! A Week of Awesome Stuff!

So you might notice I really don’t do too many giveaway collaborations on the blog or on Instagram. I’ve been giving some fun stuff away on Facebook, but all in all, I try to keep things super and authentic and promotional only when it really counts round my hood.

BUT I do have some of my most favoritest things that people have been kind enough to send to me, and I love them SO much I asked if they would give them away to my online friends for the Holiday season. They said yes. SUCKERS!

So this week I’m doing 5 days of giveaways. You enter to win on Facebook!


So to enter you just like my page, and like the page of the fine folks who are giving you crap.

Wanna see what you can win all week! Here’s the low down:

MONDAY: Kelly Moore Bag of your choice: value $249.00

photos by Emily Taplin

And thiiiiiiiiiis is why I’m not a fashion blogger. Well that and the donuts and the lack of REALLY trying most days. But STILL! I LOOOOOVE this back pack SO MUCH! I am officially on the back pack bandwagon! I wore it all around Disneyland over Thanksgiving and I loved the hands-free life! You guys get your choice of Kelly Moore bag though, and there are some real cute ones!

Enter on Facebook to win!

TUESDAY: Custom Stamp and Stationary from Sycamore Street Press: value $90.00


OK ok ok ok. I am OBSESSED with Sycamore Street Press and have been FOR YEARS. I kid you not, years. I LOVE their new return address stamps and they are PERFET for adding some pizazz to your holiday cards. You’ll also get some of her super cute stationary.

Enter on Facebook to win!

WEDNESDAY: Yosi Samra Shoes Surprise Shoe Box (2 shoes in your size) up to: $350 value


I have two pairs of Yosi Samra shoes (pictured above, who knows what I’m doing on my back…) that I’m seriously BEYOND obsessed with. You’ll see both of them in like EVERY picture where you can see my feet if you notice. They are SO comfortable and so cute. I love the little heel on that Demi boot, it’s the perfect height for running around town. I’ve never gotten blisters from them and I even traded out my tennis shoes for the demi boot at Disneyland the second day! That’s how much I love these shoes. You’ll win two pairs in a mystery box! There are no bad options!

Enter on Facebook to win!

THURSDAY: Saranoni Blanket – one large one toddler value: $170

And if you don’t win you can get 20% off with the code ALISONSHOW

Here are all the selfies I sent to my friends of me in my blanket, telling them how much I love it and how they need one. Real hot, I know.

I was having a rough day when the box with my Saranoni blanket arrived on the doorstep. I opened up and thought, oh, a blanket, that’s nice, and then set it aside. I know, I’M A BRAT. And I get a lot of mail (like so much mail you have no idea, we can talk about that later). I didn’t realize what a treasure I had been sent. So I went downstairs and took a shower. I had to run upstairs for something and it was cold so I grabbed the blanket. I thought, I’ll just lay on the couch with this for a minute. Yes, naked. I was the only one home. Anyway, fast forward 30 minutes, and I’m still on the couch, draped in this blanket in the buff like the queen of sheba, texting EVERYONE I know about how amazing this blanket it. My family came in town later that week and they all would fight over who got to cuddle with it.

It’s like HEAVY, in the best way. It’s SO SO SO soft and drapes like the robe of royalty. You need one! You must have one! And you can totally win one if you’re lucky!!

Enter on Facebook to win!

FRIDAY: Two $150 Gift Cards to Freshly Picked

And this is me having the BEST lunch in a little town in Vermont on our Vacay in October. I was eating this pesto mac n’ cheese. MOOOOOAN. That bag just sneaks in every picture!

Here’s my with my Freshly Picked carryall and Ginger her some Freshly Picked moccs. What can I say, we are a Freshly Picked fam.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 3.55.32 PM

Oh HEYYY! Who doesn’t love Freshly Picked?! AmmI Right or AmmI Right? And if you don’t have small feet in your house, you can be the best aunt ever OR get yourself a bag or keepall! They are the best. I have the carryall in Goldenrod, pictured, and Ebony with Walnut. The thing I like best about the carryall is that it is SO lightweight. Like SO SO light. But the keepalls would make such a perfect gift too! You could get 3 with $150! Boom!

Enter on Facebook to win!

And there you have it! Some of my most favorite things! I hope you love them too!

If you guys like giveaways I could seriously do them all the time. I just think too many sound like white noise. But what types do you like?

Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and good luck!



  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers I win at least one lol!

  2. Katie

    You’re amazing and your giveaways have been awesome all week. Of course you love all the most spectacular things! It’s pretty hard to identify who the winners are in the comments (since there are like a million comments). Can you maybe do a separate post announcing the winner? Love everything you do. Thanks!

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