Because I have been given much

(A few things I’m super grateful for: Gigi, this unreal vintage aluminum christmas tree I found for a really good deal, and my faux fur…in that order.)

I’m super overwhelmed with gratitude today. You know how sometimes you have like a big problem in your mind? Something you just can’t get over, or a feeling or an emotion you just can’t shake? And then some time passes, things happen, and you look back and realize that the problem has been solved. Or you’ve found ways to help the situation and it’s just, not that big of deal anymore?

Today I realized that some things that have been troubling me have dissipated. Thoughts and feelings that left me sleepless for weeks are gone. And it’s like, I hardly even noticed they had left. It actually took a lot of work and effort on my part to fix those faulty thoughts and get them to leave. But now that they are gone it feels like they snuck out the back door. And even though they were horrible house guests, after the mess was finally tidied, nothing of them remains. Now I’m sure I’ll find a dirty sock when I least expect it, or they’ll show up again unannounced. But for right this minute I am rid of them.

It’s easy when things are going ok to just bounce along and not really appreciate it. So today I just wanted to take a minute to enjoy the fact I can breathe, my heart isn’t racing, my skin isn’t crawling. I don’t feel crazy. And for me, that’s saying a lot.

And because I have been given much, I thought I’d give in the way I tend to give. Which is by sharing my experiences and saying, oh hey friend, if you kind of want to die or cry or both right now, this too will pass. The holidays are such a happy time, but I also know they can be a sad time for so many. So whether you’re feeling good, or hoping you could feel better, from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best, and so much love.




  1. Sarah

    You two are the cutest! Hope you have a great Christmas season!

  2. :* lots of little kissy emojis back at ya!

  3. Alison, you are super rad. I am glad you are back to writing, because this post is just what I needed to read today. Thanks. 🙂

    1. well thank you so much! that means so much to me. lots of love.

  4. AmyK

    I just finished writing my -very depressing- feelings in my diary! And to see this made me smile because someone else went through the emotions I’m going through right now. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. You gave my heart a hug!

  6. Today was a kick in the pants kind of day, not in the motivational way, so this was nice timing. I still feel like I want to throw up and huddle in a corner but there’s always hope that I will find an amazing fur coat (which will, of course, solve all my problems)


    1. THIS IS SO TRUE! Like you might find one at H&M or Forever 21 for like $60 and then you can just roll around in it! xo

  7. Jennie

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s like an all consuming feeling when you’re going through a trial, and then sometimes it just dissipates in one day and through the busyness of life you almost miss it. I think it’s really important to take that moment and realize all the blessings that God is given us. I like how you wrote this Alison, and I’m glad that you’re back to blogging. There’s something special about writing out your feelings. I’m excited to see what else you write about, Instagram captions are just not long enough. 😉

    1. hahah thank you! and thank you for writing out your feelings!! xo

  8. I saw this post yesterday when you posted it, but it didn’t have any comments and I was afraid to post a comment first because…#stagefright? But actually I had no good reason because I really really like what you posted on here and I HEAR YOU SISTER. I was actually just thinking about this concept the other day because my husband had the hiccups for TWO HOURS and we were commenting about it/complaining about it for what seemed like forever and then an hour later we realized that his hiccups had left and we didn’t even notice. I know that is SUCH a stupid example and what you were talking about is wayyy bigger of a deal than hiccups I get that, I just thought it was the perfect illustration of the concept. Why do humans suck so much? haha. I complain so much when something is going wrong and then once things are going right again (or “normal” again) I don’t even notice. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful 🙂 esp for the fact that I don’t have the hiccups. haha

    1. hahah NO that is a PERFECT example! I LOVE it in fact I’ll steal it some time I’m sure! Thanks so much for overcoming your stage fright and sharing! xo

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