I miss writing, Happy Holidays

(This picture has nothing to do with this post other than I did love writing all the stuff for Cookie Party, I think I’m pretty hysterical)

This blog used to only be writing. Like no pictures, no crafts, no parties, all writing. I’m a writer. I was a writer. And now I don’t write, unless I’m checking in or recapping or letting you know about something that is happening somewhere else, like YouTube, or IG. And I’m trying to not get down on myself for that (even though that’s my natural tendency) because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s not like I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs over here. Because I love doing so many things other than writing!

But sometimes I miss the writing. I miss the writing and not needing to post it to Instagram, and post to Facebook, and promote and make things accessible and user-friendly. I’d just write and sometimes people saw it. Sometimes they commented. There were no higher powers to please or numbers to maintain.

It all started so simple. It all started with the writing. And then it all grew. I wanted it to grow. I pushed it to grow. I kept DOING DOING DOING but somewhere in there I stopped writing, writing, writing.

And now if I write, and don’t cross-promote or any of that jazz, there’s no response, and I don’t think too many people see it. Google reader changed a lot of things. And that’s ok.

But I just wanted to come in and say I think I’m coming back. If any of you like to read.

I miss writing.

But then I think, I should be doing video, or I should be doing a podcast. Those grow, those do well. Or I SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD. Oh hell. Do you feel like that? So many shoulds.

I want to do it all. So so so badly I want to do everything. I love that about myself, I hate that about myself.

But writing is pretty easy.

I can do that.

So I’m just saying I might do it more. I’ve teased before. I’m a tease. But it’s a habit. Writing is a habit and I want it back. Because it’s a good habit that helps us make sense of things. I’ve been writing to help with anxiety lately. Writing out feelings and then ripping them up. It’s super helpful. Writing things for no one, not even yourself. It’s so helpful. What a funny thing right?

Try it. But you have to physically write, it’s something about the brain connection. So you can’t type. Physically write your feelings down, then rip them up so you can’t re-read them.

I love the ripping part.

Anyway. Hello. Hi. Hey hey hey.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Sarah

    Alison! I love your writing. That’s why I read your blog. I think you’re amazingly talented and I like hearing about the crafting and the parties, but mostly I just like hearing about your life and reading your writing. You always have great insights. Keep it up. Love your guts.

    1. You are so sweet! And you’ve been with me for forever! the nicest compliment ever. xo

  2. i LOVE the writing. love it, love it. just do it for you!

    1. aw thank you!

  3. Melinda

    I understand the feeling.

  4. Lindsay

    I love reading, so continue with the writing!

  5. My favorite posts of yours have and always will be just you sharing your thoughts and feelings and bits about your life.
    I tend to stop following blogs that lose the personal voice. I don’t want a magazine experience when I read blogs 🙂

    1. That’s such good insight! thank you!

  6. Andrea

    I miss all your writing too! Do it!

  7. I agree with Ariana! I love the more personal bits. All the sponsored stuff, I understand it pays the bills but what’s going on in your head? How are you?!

    I love writing. I just found a post I wrote a year ago and never posted because I didn’t have a picture to accompany it. Thing is, it was a great post! As I read it I thought to myself that it was really helpful for the time I was going through (and am about to go through again – it was a post about my then 4 month old daughter and I’m expecting in the Spring). I’m going to post it soon. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. 🙂

    1. DO IT! Post it! Well and with the “what’s going on in your head” I so SO feel that, but it starts to get to a point where sharing that type of stuff is like too much. it’s all SO much how much we share online, and what I’m expected to share as a professional, what I feel like I should share as a human, and the more you share the more you open yourself up to feedback, oh the feedback! and obviously you don’t want a one-sided conversation but it takes a lot of mental energy and to be able to withstand people commenting on your life all day. (because it’s not just blogging any more it’s IG and FB and YouTube and on and on!) I think that’s probably why I took the break. I had to get back to a place where I could share without feeling so vulnerable and not being able to handle the exposure. Anyway obviously I’ll ALWAYS share hahaha! But you post yours and let’s all screw pinterest-friendly pictures! YES?! haha xo

  8. Hey buddy. I hear ya.

  9. Thanks for sharing. <3

  10. Kate

    Hi Alison!
    I’ve always really liked your writing! I was just talking with someone about your awesome party skills the other day and I said, “Remember when Alison Faulkner wrote cool things for Inscape at BYU?” (I remember!) This is just to say that even if it’s not on this blog, totally keep writing.

    1. HA! Well thank you! I had forgotten about that!

  11. Replace ‘should’ with ‘could’. You could do anything! Remove should from the dictionary and there are no shoulds left.

  12. J

    I second Ariana. Keep writing.

  13. Always keep writing. Your words and your heart are more important than a bajillion beautifully perfect cookie photos, although those are great too. 🙂

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