Haunted Halloween Dinner Party at Club Alison


Well I haven’t talked about it much, except a little bit on Instagram! But I totally renovated a warehouse and gave myself a “club.” Haha. It was kind of a big decision, that I didn’t think through too much…but I find that if I think through decisions like that too hard I talk myself out of them. And after a couple weeks of panic attacks (you think I’m kidding) I’m feeling REALLY good about it!

Basically Club Alison is a large space that I can use as my studio, a place to host events, and a place to rent out for other people to use! It’s perfect for photography, videography, pop-up shops, workshops or parties! My husband, Eric, is going to be managing the rental side of things, because he answers his phone, keeps track of dates and is emotionally stable, and we will have more information on pricing on details in the next week!

BUT I was given the opportunity to plan and help host a haunted dinner for a new start-up, and it was the perfect opportunity to rush and get the space done! Planning the dinner was about a 10-day turn-around, and it was PRETTY insane, but if I hadn’t accepted to do the dinner party at Club Alison I think it would have taken me at least a few more months to buckle down and get the space done! I’m SO SO happy with the way things turned out and SUPER happy with the beautiful women who work with me on my team to help get stuff done!

I was super excited to do a dinner party, especially a Haunted Halloween Dinner Party, mostly because I hardly ever get to do a seated event for 60 people (not in a restaurant), AND I REALLY wanted to work with Tom Call of Food Made By Tom. I got to go to one of his pop-up dinners the other month, and I have literally been dreaming about his fancy food ever since but only really eating Del Taco. So it was SUCH a treat to work with him and his amazing team!

So we kept the focus of the party on the tables and a really fun photo backdrop. The backdrop consists of TONS of bones from Wal-Mart, tied together with fishing line. We tied in carnations and greenery to add some color and texture! If you want to make this just tie each bone to the next with fishing line, and then add the carnations by tying them to the nearest bone. Carnations are super cheap and sturdy, so you could do these a day or two in advance and the flower heads would be able survive without water!



We spent a good portion of the decor budget on florals from Tinge Floral. This is how I feel about flowers, if you’re going to do them, DO THEM. Other wise go withouth!

My lead stylist for events these days is Sarah Larsen, and she is a THRIFT-STORE MAVEN! Haha. So she scoured the world for every brass candle holder, interesting jar and test-tube this side of the Wasatch. Because we had such beautiful flowers and flatware the thrift store stuff didn’t feel as cheap.


We got these perfect bees from Blickenstaff’s and worked them in because the name of the start-up is Hive and the hashtag for their project is #thebuzziscoming. We hot glued them to skeleton hand’s and skulls and positioned them in jars with moss. I feel like there were so many fun tiny details!

We found this organ for $15 at a thrift store and just had to find a way to work it in! Good thing my husband can totally play the organ! Ha.

I’m super into him these days.

I’m like, a total diva so of course I had to call in some professionals to help doll me up for the Haunted Halloween Dinner party!! It’s THE ALISON SHOW after all. Kayti from The BeYOUty Bureau came up with the most awesome make-up for me, and Hair by Jessica McArthur whipped up this boufant in no-time flat! We even cut off some of a table runner we had to make a quick spooky bow!


All in all the dinner was a success, and it was really fun being able to use my new space for the first time!



Here’s Tom, the best caterer in the world, and I look so creepy smiling in that makeup!


And here’s Sarah Larsen, who worked so hard and made everything so beautiful! I’m super professional to work with, as you can see.

I hope you guys are having a very fun spooky week and that you grabbed an idea or two for the next time you need to host a Haunted Halloween dinner party, or you know, just creep out some dinner guests.



Photography: Jacie Marie
Florals: Tinge Floral
Caterer: Food Made by Tom
Graphic Design and Signage: Bri Webb of Collected Blog
Art Direction: Alison Faulkner
Lead Stylist: Sarah Larsen
Make Up: The BeYOUty Bureau
Hair: Hair by Jessie M


  1. Nothing makes me miss living in Utah, except your blog. And this. Damn. Party. Seriously killer.

  2. ok, all i want to know is what The Buzz is haha. BUT ALSO I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS. trophy for being the most creative person. also, i LOL’d after about your husband doing things because he’s emotionally stable because LITERALLY my husband and I are going to open a rehab together for EXACT reasons hahahah

  3. Um, I haven’t been to your site in forever and a day because I follow you religiously on insagram and facebook, but holy moly on a donkey… this site is the bomb diggity dang dawg! Bravo lady, bravo.

    Your Halloween party we to die for and I can’t wait to see what else you crank out from Club Alison!

    1. aw well thank you!! welcome welcome!!

  4. Looks amazing! Congrats on your club!

  5. awesome party, and looking forward to learning more about the hive project since it seems every UT blogger/IGer has something to do with it. Your makeup and outfit are perfect, I’ll definitely have to remember for when my kids are older and we go from cutesy halloween to spooky halloween.

  6. “Hey” Alison (I’m from the South- GA to be specific)! First of all-what an AMAZING party!!! This is an oxymoron to me but…what a CLASSY Halloween party!!! You nailed it (with the help of many as you said!). That backdrop is killer and sets the entire tone!!! I’m so excited for your new adventure and the leap of FAITH it took to commit to the warehouse and make it Alison’s Dance Party come true!!! I admire you zest for life and the pure guts it took put your dreams and vision into motion! Bravo!!

    I’m battling breast cancer for the third time (and I’m only 40 years young) and am receiving chemo treatments for the second time in a year (did 9 treatments from Sept. 2013-Feb. 2014) and have had to start back this Sept because a small residual tumor that didn’t completely get obliterated with treatments last time! No worries-we are blasting the tar out of it this time and I’m gunna beat this)! I say that only to let you know that I LURVE to watch you dance away on IG when I am in the bed recovering from each chemo treatment! It peps my mood up and makes me happy! Seeing your smiling face and dancing for me when I can’t just thrills me!!!

    So-just wanted to let you know that and to keep rockin on even when it’s hard sometimes! Believe me, I know!
    Thanks again!
    Heidi Ferguson

    I’m BrownEyedGirlyGirl on IG

    1. Now I’m like sobbing. You are SO amazing and this means SO much to me. thank you for sharing and being so strong! SO MUCH LOVE!

  7. fabie

    you are so gosh darn creative. loved this!

  8. what an amazing party!!! everything looks(looked??) great! I was so inspired by you when pictures where being posted on instagram that I decided that I just had to throw a Halloween party. definitely not as cool as yours, but I still had tons of fun making it happen. I can’t wait to see more of your parties!

    1. aw thank you so much! can’t wait to see yours!

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