Flamingo Fest Dance Party

flamingo-fest-20 flamingo-fest-27
I have yet to accurately figure out a way to describe *JAZZ HANDS* without just saying *JAZZ HANDS!*


The flamingo party was the crowning jewel of the Search For Your Awesome tour, and everything I’ve ever wanted to do for a party.

In my opinion, it was the party to end all parties. The 5 other events were for bloggers and influencers, but it was SO important to me that I got to try doing one event for the general public. Or you know, my general public. Haha. And Bing was SO generous to comply!

I can only imagine how annoying it must be to watch bloggers, or online people, all get invited to the same events, and then watch them all post about it. Then again, as someone who works for brands, and is trying to maximize exposure for money spent, I see how inviting people with large followings makes sense. It’s a funny system either way, but Bing was open to doing a community event, in the city where I love and live, Provo Utah, it was SO SO fun. My sister flew in, the MAYOR came (he has a blog and is very hip), and I was able to include so many people who aren’t ordinarily a part of the “scene.”

It is INCREDIBlY rare that a brand host a FREE party for the public, at this level. So BING really truly was making dreams come true.

Let me list out what the party entailed, and everything was FREE lovers:

Nail art for all attendees
A Smilebooth pumping out free pictures
Specialty Mocktails
Snow cones
The rockingest DJ ever
A 6 foot flamingo
Hot pink lipsticks and flamingos as swag
Pink foiled “Search for Your Awesome” prints as swag
An appearance and dancing by the Provo City Mayor
The most gorgeous view of Utah Valley ever!
And me dancing like a fool in feathers!


As I said, the party was open invite, but it was limited attendance and it was first come first serve when I announced the tickets. There were 250 and they were gone in about an hour! So am sorry if you didn’t get there in time!

I hope this video will suffice.



This flamingo was my FAVORITE part of the party. I was just CRAZY CRAZY insistent on the fact that we needed a 6-foot flamingo. I wanted to make him myself SO SO SO badly, but because I was traveling so much right before this event, it just wasn’t an option. Well it was, but not one that Eric would permit. LUCKILY I actually knew someone who could make him, and not only make him, but make him at a level far beyond anything I ever could. Chris Purdie is an installation artist, musician, and basically the nicest human on the planet. I have some making-of shots of the flamingo so I’ll share those soon!


But my favorite party of the night? Was before the party event started. Kayti from The BeYOUty Bureau had just dolled me up, and I had my “outfit” on, hahaha and I wanted Eric to swing Ginger by so she could see the party. I didn’t realize they had arrived yet, and I was super stressed and busy bossing people around because it was about to start and I heard this small GASP!

“MOM! YOU LOOK BEEEEEEEAUUUUTIFUL!” And I saw a tiny Gigi SO excited to see her mom all done up like a flamingo. I cannot write about it without crying. It was so sweet, and so sincere and it was the best reminder to just CALM THE HELL DOWN and remember what really matters and what the whole point of the party was: TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL AWESOME. And I think it worked.
This is my sister! Obviously super good dance skillz run in the family.

Here’s the Mayor showing off his Flamingo socks that we found him to wear. He LOVES fancy socks. He totally danced too! Such a good sport, especially considering I didn’t warn him he’d be like, one of 3 men there. HAHA. flamingo-fest-13
The GORGEOUS roof-top view of the Utah Valley Convention Center garden terrace! I think this venue is SUPER underutilized! This was a REALLY really fabulous place for the party. I highly recommend it, and I don’t recommend every venue that I work with! Ha.

Oh and the view from the bar, wait what?  Kimmy Crosby KILLED it on this backdrop! I was going to do a tutorial of that too, would you want one?!

The centerpieces had bowls full of hot pink lipstick. Naturally. And I think we had about 100 of those “Search for Your Awesome” foiled prints by Hello Tosha.
flamingo-fest-16 flamingo-fest-4

And the other favor: FLAMINGOS! Haha. I thought my “Adopt a Flamingo Foundation” sign was HYSTERICAL. Those pink boogers WENT FAST! I was sure I would be dragging dozens home, but they were gone well before the party was over!

flamingo-fest-32 flamingo-fest-26

We had 4 AMAZING nail artists working SO hard the whole party giving girls the cutest details on their mani’s! There was a line for it the whole time.

flamingo2 flamingo-fest-23

And this is Jann, who made my feathered frock!

And my friends from Bing! The best humans ever!

It was a fantastic night. And I felt like this the whole time.


And then I crashed for about 3 weeks straight. KID YOU NOT.

A lot of people have asked when I will do more of these. When will I host more super expensive parties that are free to the public?! AS SOON AS ANYONE WILL FOOT THE BILL! Hahaha. So if you or someone you know is in this position, please pass this along as my resume. I CAN THROW A PARTY! Ha!

ALTERNATIVE OPTION: You all help me become the ruler of the empire I am trying to build and I do these as a public service. DEAL?! DEAL! I like that option the most!

Either way thank you if you came, thank you if you read this post! Thank you for being the best! And thank you to the SWEET SWEET SWEET angels who helped volunteer to set up and clean up!


Creative Director: ME ME ME
Event coordination, execution and styling: Kimmy Crosby
Venue: Utah Valley Convention Center
Florals: Ashley Beyer
Photographer: Jessica Peterson
6 foot flamingo sculpture: Chris Purdie
DJ: Justin Godina
Signage and design: Hello Tosha
Feather Frock: Studio Jann Marie
Make-up: The BeYOUty Bureau
Hair Styling: Jess Newcomb


  1. does gigi know how good she has it?
    where do i sign up to be a faulkner?
    is there some paperwork i can fill out?
    love it. love your awesome. love your flamingos.

    1. hahaha thank you!

  2. Jemaica

    You need to know how much I LOVED this night! It was seriously the BEST EVER! So many fun details, amazing decor, rockin music , fun people and then there was you in your Lady Gaga grandeur! Definitely a night for the books. My friend Brooke and I were on a high for the rest of the week! Thank you so much for letting us come and making us feel like VIP for the night. You really are the sweetest and made us feel like one of the girls. Keep up the fabulous work and you better believe I’ll be at your next extravaganza! Oh! And please put up a tutorial for that amazing backdrop! I need something like that at my next over the top party!

  3. Sarah

    Looks like a dream!!!! Great job!

  4. Love following along to see all the good and happiness you are bringing to people. Makes me miss Provo!!! Get it, girl!

  5. Alison You are Awesome. Pun totally intended:) I came across your blog via my mild (ok big ) obsession as of late with daydreaming of alt. It is so cool to see the creative journey you are on and how honest and inspiring you are!!!! The how to be awesome series has really changed my perspective and living a little bit more fearless and fun:) thank you.

    Totally adore you sharing this party!!!! You really pulled it off! Go you:)

    1. Well thank you so much! That is such a sweet comment! Are you headed to alt in January?!

  6. Oh my gosh.. You are awesome!!! I totally want to be your friend !!!

  7. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet! I’m planning a glitter garden party wedding next June with dinosaur, camera, book and flamingo motifs, and this is blowing my mind right now. Love the tropical bar background. So inspiring, Thanks!

    P.S. I originally posted this on your unicorn party post by accident- both were super rad parties, nice work!


  9. Elizabeth

    Love the party theme! I absolutely love the gold back drop behind the bar…..Can you be so sweet to let me know where I can find it! Would love it for my daughter’s graduation party!! You are one fabulous chica on how your creative mind came up with all this!!

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