The Alison Show SURVEY!

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Well hello! As you all know, or picked up on, The Alison Show is always undergoing changes hahaha, well because I’m always undergoing changes! But anyway, in my 7 years of doing this I’ve never conducted any sort of survey! Can you believe it?! I have no idea what you all think! Well other than your sweet comments, emails and stuff like that!

SOOOOO I have a 10 question survey! It’s more qualitative than it is quantitative, but it shouldn’t take you long to complete and it would MEAN THE WORLD to me if you’d help a sister out!

I’m basically always gonna do whatever I feel like doing…hahaha but I’d love LOVE to know what you find helpful, fun, inspirational, useful…ANYTHING so that I can point myself in a good direction where I’m doing what I love, but it’s actually meeting the wants and or needs of you guys! Cause you know, I like to invest in people who invest in me. WINK.

THE SURVEY IS CLOSED!! Thank you SO much for taking it! The results were SO helpful and interesting!

As a thank you I’m going to send out some of my sugar cookies to a few lucky survey respondents! Cookies? Eh? Eh?

Thank you again for reading, commenting, being awesome and sharing in part of this! I love you. You know I do.



  1. Jenny

    This survey is a great idea!! It is good to know that you
    Want to make people happy!! You rock!! Survey completed!!

    1. thank you so much!

  2. Done!

  3. Thanks for all that you put out into the universe, Alison!


    1. thank you! xo

  4. Brilliant idea- yet again! or should i say awesome idea… and i enjoyed sipping on a diet with a bit of lemon while taking the survey. seemed very appropriate.

    1. HAHAH thank you!

  5. I did it! You’re doing good things! Whatever you decide, don’t stop 🙂

    1. Aw thanks girl! Hard to know what to do but then again you just have to do it…wait, does that make sense?! hahaha xo

  6. Maria Fischer

    I took the survey and I enjoyed it! I haven’t been following you for a long time but so far I enjoy everything you do.

    1. thank you so much! I appreciate that! xo

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