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I am so so so SO excited to FINALLY share with you guys ALL of the events I did with Bing!

To recap, in June I did a “Search for Your Awesome” tour with Bing in 6 cities! It was based on my How to Be Awesome Series. In each city I acted as the creative director, or events producer if you will. Meaning I helped execute the concept and coordinate the events and flow of the parties! In each city I partnered with one or two local bloggers to host the event. It was super fun because each blogger did such a fun twist on the “Search for Your Awesome” concept.

Four of the parties were what we called “Maker’s Workshops.” (Then one party was at a blogging conference and one was a dance party). At the makers workshops Bing invited 20 or so influencers (bloggers, photographers, shop owners) and we learned a skill and I spoke about BEING AWESOME. Hahaha.

The parties were a way for Bing to reach out to some awesome people, doing awesome things, and share some of the cool things Bing has like OneDrive and Bing Rewards.

In each city I partnered with one or two local bloggers to host the event. In Seattle I worked with the lovely Cassandra from Coco+Kelley. Cassandra is a super classy, understated gal, so it was fun working with someone on the opposite side of the spectrum! Hahaha. Cassandra is known for her gorgeous dinner parties, so she taught us all how to style a table top.

For each of these parties I’m going to go through and share some party planning tips and thoughts that you can hopefully implement at your next birthday bash, baby shower, or life event that might normally cause you stress when planning.

Before we get into it! The OTHER good news is: Modern Atelier did a FABULOUS video of each party! So you can really get the feel of it! Click through to watch it!

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BingBeAwesomeSeattle008BingBeAwesomeSeattle 1

You’ll see this trick at a lot of parties I’ve been doing: fresh florals on the wall! We had this wooden “Search for Your Awesome” sign at each event, but we found ways to make it look different and fit every theme. The lovely florist used some nails (that were in the brick) and wire to frame the sign with this greenery. In my own home I use removable double-sided mounting tape when I put florals on the wall.


Cassandra’s signature color is green! And I love how it paired with the bricks of her venue. I think one thing we all can forget to do is remember to think about the walls we have on hand for our party. Usually parties are in our home, or a friend’s home. So I like to think of the available walls and wall space that will be used as a backdrop when I plan the decor.

Red and green are complimentary colors (remember, colors found on the opposite side of the color wheel, so the green balloons on the red brick are about as high contrast as you can get!

BingBeAwesomeSeattle055 Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 2.31.30 PM
Another way Cassandra brought the green is was with these INSANE linens! I was OBSESSED with them. Renting table linens from a party rental place is actually cheaper than buying new linens, and an easy way to really make your party feel extra classy.


See look, Cassandra loves me!

BingBeAwesomeSeattle064 Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 2.34.44 PM


Like I said, Cassandra is a classy broad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. I love how she got this custom Zebra pinata to play up the jungle vibe. Now I, of course, would have gotten like 15 of these guys and had life-size ones…but I always like to take things kitsch. And maybe you don’t! Hahaha. So here’s an example of elegant yet FUN!


BingBeAwesomeSeattle077 BingBeAwesomeSeattle209

The gift boxes held these “AWESOME” rings, made custom by Emi.ko on etsy. And they were Bing’s gift to guest at every event. This is one of my favorite humans modeling her ring, Moorea Seal! She owns the most beautiful online shop, and also a bricks and mortar store in Seattle. Getting to spend time with her and see her shop was one of the best parts of my Seattle weekend!

BingBeAwesomeSeattle202 BingBeAwesomeSeattle174

When guests arrived they got some fancy drinks, again, drink stirrers! A great, inexpensive way to bring in a theme and add some fun! I’m not saying these were inexpensive events! HA! No, just that you COULD do something like that on your own!

BingBeAwesomeSeattle226 Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 2.43.51 PM

Aaaaaand here I am telling people about my search for awesome. Look as they listen in awe! Haha.



A couple more AMAZING Seattle babes, Alexandra and Jenny! And then here are some of the results of our table top styling lessons!






Mine was made by committee. I get too excited in social settings to focus on much. BingBeAwesomeSeattle199

This is my buddy, Raphael, he works for Bing and is pretty much my favorite. He dressed better than me at every freaking party, and yet, I still love him.


And there you have it! Our first event! The rest will soon be here: Search For Your Awesome Tour! And let me know if you have any questions on implementing these ideas for a party of your own!


Co-Host: Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley  @casslavalle
Photographer: Belathee Photography 
Venue: 95 yesler  @95yesler
Videographer: Modern Atelier   @modern_atelier
Graphic Designer  Tosha Seeholer  @hellotosha
Florals: McKenzie Powell @mckenzie_powell


  1. Looks like a fun + beautiful time. I want to be you when I grow up 🙂

    1. hahah thank you! It was so fun! but also cool to see how other people style things, cause it’s usually me and my usual people I work with!

  2. Love all of it. I’m currently planning my 40th in a very ugly space. I only mention that because well, what do you do if the space is just so, so ugly? I’m trying to go with ugly as the theme if I can’t drape the whole space. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more!

    1. HAHAHA you only really need one or two not-ugy walls! So I say cover where you can but make it count. So one for a photo-op, even if it’s not a photo wall, and one for behind the dessert or food table, because then you can make a pretty display!

  3. I have been patiently waiting for that jumpsuit to go on sale ever since I saw the first picture of this party on Instagram. A girl can only dream!

  4. Woooot! Looks so good, lady! I dare say, AWESOME! 😉 Love seeing all the pics and the vid made me feel like I was there. Love!

  5. I want your jumpsuit!!

  6. Raphael

    Alison is synonymous to awesome. Thanks for being our hostess with the mostest! Who knew stacking plates would make a fun Friday evening?! (Only fun with you, obvs!)

    1. HAHAHAHA the BEST!

  7. Goodness gracious, what a fun evening!
    It was refreshing to hear your candid honesty in an often crazy industry!
    Happy to have connected!

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