Flamingo Fest Dance Party in Provo!

adorable invite by Hello Tosha

AHHHHH! I’m so freaking excited to announce that all of my life’s dreams and goals have come true, and Bing is allowing me to host

A FLAMINGO FEST DANCE PARTY! as part of the Search for Your Awesome parties that I am throwing with them!

The best part is it’s Bing’s treat! That’s right! Totally free for you, well you people who live close enough to Provo, Utah to come! It’s not just for bloggers, or people who whore themselves out on social media (like me), but for everyone!

BUT because of that, there are a limited number of spots, about 200 only! So you have to RSVP for a ticket! And it’s first come first serve! So hurry, hurry!


And please just one per person, so have your gal pal’s register for themselves!

Ok so about the party! It is going to be awesome, it is for friends of The Alison Show and Bing! So it’s not like a family party, it’s a dance party, for hot mamas! Ok!? I hope you understand that I love your children, but I do not want them stealing ANY of my dance floor space. Wait, did I just sound heartless? MUHAHAHAHA.

Dress code: THINK PINK

There will be nail art! Signature drinks, Smilebooth (which is like the creme de la creme of ALL photo booths!) and I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of a giant flamingo!

So now’s our chance to boogie together.

Let’s all shake our tail feathers.

And for those of you too far away to party I hope I can capture enough fun details for you!



  1. Mame


  2. Mame

    SO DAMN EXCITED!!! Yay!!

  3. Priscilla Westover

    Looks fun. Please send me a ticket for the dance party!

  4. Keira Ford

    Hi!! I’m sooo excited for this!!

  5. Emily

    This looks like it will be an amazing event! Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I was unable to snag a ticket. Is there ANY other way I can get a ticket??


  6. Laura hall

    Any chance you want to open up 3 extra spots?!?! Please?

  7. That’s so cool! It makes me wish I lived in Utah just so I could go! PS I love your how to be awesome video series!


  8. Sad there aren’t any tickets left. I have so much flamingo power in my closet. 🙂 No waitlist?

  9. Oh no, it’s all sold out 🙁 wish I would have reserved a spot! Sounds like fun!

  10. Hiii!! So I was just browsing through blogs and found you here! Realized i’m in your ward, I couldn’t stop staring at your awesome hair today haha! Anyways, I love your blog! Definitely going to be one of my go-to’s!

  11. Cathy Deegan

    Hi Awesome Allison
    I have been following your antics on IG and I too am an awesome dancer (or another nut job as my husband would put it!) my speciality is expressive jazz and I totally own it…every time 😉 I thought I was the only one! so I am so happy to learn there are more like us. As a brand new mama I have just started to teach junior a few mama moves and to my delight he LOVES to dance.. Oh the pride. I love to see your videos and I wish wish wish I lived on your side of the world to attend one of your parties and kick it.
    Loving your work,
    Cathy xx

  12. I so wish I could have attended! I am swooning over all of the insti pics!!!


  13. eva

    Love your blog – you are so creative. You haven’t updated in a while – hope everything is ok -(isn’t it weird how you can end up worrying about strangers on the internet!)- and you are just super busy having summer-time fun! xxxx

    1. HAHAHA no thank you! I know! I need to do that…!

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