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You guys! I am SOOOO into being fancy these days. It is seriously my FAVORITE word. And pastime! Every now and again I can get Eric on board with my fancy visions, and this time I have REALLY sparked a flame. He is beautifying our backyard in FULL force!

We finally made the plunge and bought some backyard lounge gear! Man is patio stuff expensive! This set is from Ikea and it still adds up! But we have used it so so much, I’m glad we finally just ponied up.

backyardigans-4We’ve been busy planting flowers, the garden (corn, tomatillos, peppers, and tomatoes), some grapes and just today a rose bush!

And when I say “we” planted I mean ERIC, always Eric. I just stand around with my large diet soda and say things like, “I don’t want any damn pumpkins this year! Last year they assassinated my tomatoes!” And then I walk away to check my Instagram. Imagine a Miss Hannigan-like character, but with Diet Dr. Pepper instead of bathtub gin and that’s basically what I look like in the backyard.


Ginger has been LOVING it and she is really good at “helping” and by helping I mean carrying small plastic teacups of water back and forth from the bathroom to the backyard. I’m so busy relaxing on our outside couch that I seriously have NO idea what she’s doing with the water, or why she feels the need to transfer it teacup-full at a time all around the freaking neighborhood, I just know I’ve slipped on one too many wet linoleum spots from her spillage.

Like I said, I’m busy:


Rad loves being outside but has turned into QUITE the tyrant as of late. I’m not kidding. I keep telling people he turned into Godzilla overnight. He can’t talk, and he can’t walk, but whenever he sees something that he wants he just starts grunting and yelling with this insane brute like force! He points violently at what he wants until his confused and terrified mother figures it out. 9 out of 10 times he wants whatever drink I’m holding.

If it’s water I oblige. But if you let him have a sip he grabs the cup, then blows down the straw with ALL his tiny might until ice cold water comes bubbling out on everyone and everything. Then he let’s out a tiny Beevis and Butthead-like laugh, right before YELLING at you to let him do it again.

Yes. This is fancy living friends.

I’m pretty sure it’s EXACTLY what Beyonce’s life is like.

In other news I have been super inspired by color lately and I’ve been posting on my 30 Days of Awesome challenge religiously! Go me.



  1. Ella

    The insanely loud grunting and yelling and violent pointing has been a hot topic among my mom friends the past few days. I don’t know how to make it stop!!! But I need my son to learn to talk!!! Just commiserating….:)

    1. YES get with it children! haha

  2. I just DIED laughing at 1) how much I can relate to all of this and 2) Beyoncé. Dying.

    1. HAHAHA kids make us all insane right?!

  3. Lindsay

    Hi, love the Ikea furniture – is the rug also from there? I need some color on my deck.

    Keep up the hilariousness! My 7-mo preggo self really enjoyed your latest Sister Minute.


    1. haha thank you! the rug is from target a while back!

  4. Caroline R

    The Godzilla and Bevis and Butthead references cracked me up- literal lol’ing here!

    1. Haha thank you!

  5. Sarah

    My day just got fancier for reading this.
    love. you.

    1. Aw haha thank you!

  6. hahahaha! day made! this is seriously how I have felt these last few weeks being pregnant! haha I just point and nod while the hubby works his butt off! haha all the while being so loving of course! haha and Rad sounds exactly like my 19month old! ahh

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the miss hannigan-like character, i can totally see it

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