Sister Minute #3 The Only Thing You Should Say to a Pregnant Lady

Some dancing sisters, I believe Andrea was preggo but BARELY and I was still in the “cute bump” before “HOLY HELL YOU’RE HUGE” phase.

Are you guys pumped for another SISTER MINUTE!? (You can catch up on the first two Sister Minutes here!)

My sister and I both get large and in charge when we are with child. It’s super fun having people ask you if, “You sure you aren’t hiding twins in there?” Over, and over. No I’M SERIOUS. I got asked that ALL THE TIME.

Andrea and I have been pregnant at the same time…twice. Haha. And so we have discussed in length that there is really only ONE suitable thing to say to a pregnant lady. Ready? Let us know if you agree.

Also before I had kids, I started a series called:


Haha and when I was pregnant with Gigi, I did a version of:


You might enjoy it?

Also the best part about launching Sister Minute is that Andrea’s daughter Jo Jo and my lil girl Gigi run around saying, “SISTER MINUTE!” With the same dramatic inflection that we do in the video. They both started doing it without any prompting from us, and they live 2 states apart! Haha. It’s Sister Minute the second generation! And it’s terrifying.

Haha! Happy weekend friends!



  1. Chelsie Robertson

    YES. ALL OF THIS. ONE MILLION TIMES. If I hear “Oh wow, you’re not due until JULY??” one more time… mama’s going to lose it.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA trust me…TRUST ME I understand! MUHAHAHA

  2. Amy K

    “You look AMAZING! can I get you anything?” Got it, now I need to find a pregnant woman to say this to her xD

  3. Tyler

    I love you guys. I hadn’t got a chance to watch the first two videos and they are amazing. As is the third of course. So awesome.

    1. I’m so glad! thank you!!

  4. Jessy

    Love it! And so true girlfriend!

  5. Haha! This was awesome! I love this. I noticed that when once I was much larger and I was in a elevator would be hover into one corner like I had the plague – weirdos! Yes, when I was pregnant those were few of the things I would’ve loved to hear!

  6. Seriously, people are so insensitive with the preggo comments! It got to the point that I was lying about my due date to total strangers, just to get them off my back. Whether I was 7 months and huge, or 8 months and freaking huge, a stranger would say “WOW. When are you due??” and I’d always say “Tomorrow” and then they’d back off, even though I would still have like 7 weeks left. I’m reduced to lying just to get strangers to be nice to my preggo self! How sad am I?? But honestly, you are so right, it all goes back to, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it all!

    1. I know! People feel like they have to say SOMETHING but they really, really don’t!

  7. Kirk

    The only thing I say to pregnant ladies is:
    It’s not mine, is it?

    1. THANK YOU

  8. Jessica

    I love it when little Andrea pops out 10 pound babies. You two ALWAYS look amazing. Xo

  9. Marilyn Faulkner

    You know, even though neither of you are pregnant right now, you both still look amazing! I wonder, could I get you anything?

  10. Hahahaha!! Loved the pre- & post- dancing! :)!!!

  11. Erica

    I remember when I was preg with #1 and you were always very kind to me. One day I got home from work and I had to cut the sides of my scrubs to accommodate my love handles and you and Andrea were sitting in your front yard with a blanket and you said to me, “you look great!” I wanted to kiss you.

    1. you WERE and still are a major hottie!!!

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