Kid’s Party Table and Banana Printables


The problem with kid’s parties is that there are a bunch of kids there. HAHAHAHA. Kidding. Only KIND OF. No but seriously, I’ve found that if you don’t have a concrete plan for what the kids will do, it’s bound to be chaos. And I think planned chaos is easier to handle than just chaos in general.

For Mr. Rad’s First Birthday Party Banana Bash, I knew I’d need something for Gigi and her friends to do, because Mr. Rad doesn’t really have his own friends yet. His mommy is his friend, shhhhh baby boy that’s all you’ll ever need.

Anyway, I wanted an activity for the kids to do if they wanted, but one that I didn’t spend so much time and money on that it wouldn’t matter if they did it or not. Also I find that crafts for the kids are nice for some parents at the party, who maybe might not know as many people or are looking forward to having something to do together with their kid.

You guys! I have so many thoughts on this. Haha, crazy right?! In fact I have SO MANY opionions about this I made a video! So here you go:

For the party hats I used my favorite paper, Astrobrights, and I mean that sincerely. They were kind enough to send me a box of paper, and it just happened right before Rad’s party, and I ended up using ALL of the amazing shades of yellow to print the bananas and make the party hats!


I have free blank party hat template that you can download!

Download that baby, then print it on whatever Astrobrights paper matches your theme! So easy. The kids were young, so I kept the supplies for decorating the party hats simple and on theme with some pom-poms and printed bananas that I already cut out. That way they doubled as decor too. GO ME!

Download the Banana Bunch Graphic here!
(personal use only, if I see my bananas on crap you’re selling I’ll probably hunt you down and make you clean my office)


I loved the bananas on the balloons too! I was really proud of myself for that idea. HAHAHA I’m in an odd mood, sorry this post is VERY sassy.

Want to see the kids enjoying the party table?! Hop through.

kids-party-table-9 kids-party-table-10

No, I swear, Ginger is THRILLED. HAHAHA. They had the time of their lives running around beating each other with giant bananas and scribbling on the table! So there you have it! How I set up a kid’s table?! Do you guys have as many theories on this as I do?! Or any party crafts or activites for kids that were a SMASH?! I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for stopping by!

And a BIG HUGE thank you to Becky Kimball, who came and saved the day and helped me set up and get things all ready! And of course Heather Mildenstein, the best photographer ever!


This post was done in conjunction with Astrobrights, but all the opinions and crafts and ideas are MINE MINE MINE! Seriously! They are rad! Go to their Tumblr page to see some REALLY fun craft ideas!


  1. this is awesome! i loved the video you posted a few days ago, especially how genuinely excited you were to get the giant bananas! those kids are lucky to have you as a mama. the colors though! i want to redo my bedroom in that teal and yellow. is that weird? RAD party!!

  2. Carmen

    This is an awesome idea, I have started planning for our son’s 2nd birthday. Last year we did a sailor themed Yo Gabba Gabba and I made sailor hats with the different characters on them for the kids to wear! Felt boards would be cool to do at the next party with different scenes on them!

  3. Woo-hoo! I made a cameo in that video too! 😉 hehe!

  4. I love this! I am having a similar themed party (but with donuts) for my son’s 3rd birthday! If you have any extra time (I know doubtful, but it never hurts to mention.) or ideas for that shoot me an email! Brilliant work it looks like this party was a hit!

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