New series! Sister Minute #1 and #2


So, I don’t know if you remember, but I have a little sister, Andrea Faulkner Williams, that I love a lot! You can see like my ode to her here (and the party I threw her when she moved away from me). We’ve been thinking about doing some sort of series together for YEARS, but we’ve never been sure what we should do it about! So we decided to finally JUST DO IT already, and film some videos for a “Sister Minute” series. We filmed them a month or so when I was in San Diego, which is where she lives.

To get you started I’m sharing two today! And honestly, I’m not quite sure what to say about them. Hahaha. We discuss everything from being sisters, to being moms, to lessons we hope our daughters learn from us, to dance moves we’ve learned from my dad, Craig.

Basically they are intended to entertain, delight, spawn discussion. Haha they’re just SISTER MINUTES!

In this first Sister Minute Andrea and I share 3 things we do when we’re sad, that help cheer us up.

Mama Bear shirt c/o Loved By Hannah and Eli

I’d love to hear a simple pick-me-up you do when you’re sad? And how absurd is my #3?! I know, I know, so weird.

And in the second video we share one of my dad’s signature dance moves! So you’ll want to see that, because there may or may not be a cameo. If you’ll recall I’ve gotten him to dance once before.

Isn’t my dad the best?!

Ok let me know your thoughts. Hahaha.

And if you’re looking to watch some more fun stuff! Check out How to Look Hot in Photo booth! Or maybe Mr. Rad’s Birthday Bash!



  1. Amy K

    I honestly laughed so hard my belly hurt

  2. Jessica

    So fun! Love you guys!

  3. Amy K

    I honestly laughed so hard my belly hurt
    A- I loooooved the dance move WE NEED MORE
    B- my pick-me-up when I’m sad are: writing in a journal (I just started recently), have a good cry to just put it out there (sad depressing music help), talk to my best friend, and finally if I’m too sad I either have a long shower or take a nap, a very long one

    1. You’re just like Andrea!!! So fun! Thank you!

  4. Brenda Smart

    You two sweethearts are the perfect blend of Craig and Marilyn

    1. Hahah thank you!

  5. OMG this is awesome!!! please do more!!!

    1. hahaha thank you ! Oh, there will be more. Lots more!

  6. Caitlin

    You guys are the cutest!

  7. “What in the hell in Sister Minute?” says my husband as I hold myself from peeing all over our couch.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA Gigi has been running around yelling, “SISTER MINUTE” ever since I showed it to her! She loves watching her Papa dance!

  8. You just turned my from right upside down. More, more, more!

    1. frown*

  9. This is awesome. You know I love it.

  10. Suzie Whittier

    I love you guys. You and Andrea are so cute, and I miss the feather butt terribly! Remember when we were almost real friends once??? We are the worst! Soon!


  11. Jackie Crane

    I love it!! My three things are totally both of you guys combined…treat, call mom, cry. Next time I’m taking a pic. ALSO, I didn’t realize…my HUSBAND is the guy in the picture for Andrea’s Going away party! BTW is holding Jo and my husband is holding our daughter! Who knew my hubby made it on to your blog…one day I will. Life goal.

  12. I love that Andrea has to call three people before she feels better. Mine is like, text two people, call three people, tell the same story eight times and THEN I feel better. Also a good cry, also, I LOVE to turn on some old school seasons of The Office with some good old Michael Scott. Always helps.

  13. I LOOOOVE the concept of sister minute! So great. It’s endearing, entertaining, and funny. Another home run, Alison. 🙂

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