Moms Rule: Mother’s Day Brunch

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Learn how to make these adorable pineapple cookies as favors with my online sugar cookie course: Alison’s Cookie Party 

You guys, Moms Rule! Haha, so that’s why, when I sat down to brainstorm some ideas for a Mother’s Day brunch, this is what I came up with. I worked with my friend Kimmy Crosby, and we wanted to create a party that you could throw for your girlfriends, not just your mom or mother-in-law. Because we thought, why not celebrate the moms in your life who make the day-to-day job of being a mom better? So this a girlfriend’s brunch, not just a Mother’s Day brunch! Haha it would also make a pretty cute baby shower.

For all the resources and TONS more pictures KEEP READING.

I hardly EVER do “staged” parties, or a party for the sake of taking pictures, so this was a bit different for me, but it was fun because I feel like I got to be super creative without time restraints or a lot of pressure, and at the end of the day, it was a much more relaxing and enjoyable party for me, as an event planner, haha than an ACTUAL party where I’m super concerned about all the guests and getting everything done in time.

I love showing party ideas not because I want you to look at them and think, “Oh, that’s unattainably cute.” But because I sincerely love sharing ideas that I think people can recreate and use to show their love for someone else-via an AWESOME party!

So I’m gonna break the post into 4 sections:

1. DECOR: DOWNLOADS: Moms Rule Poster 48×36″ // Hey Mama Placemats 11×17″ // Pineapple of My Eye Poster 36×48″ // FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, if you sell them or use them in any other way I will get all up in your biz-nazz, designed for The Alison Show by Hello Tosha // Pineapple honeycomb tutorial
2. FOOD: Yogurt Parfait Bar // Store-bought Bakery Items
3. DRINK: Cucumber Lime Punch: Tutorial coming soon!
4. FAVOR: Pineapple glasses // Pineapple Cookies made by Alison! ME! Cookie cutter found here


Let’s do it, shall we!


Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.43.34 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.39.16 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.54.29 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.49.14 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 3.05.13 PM

Pineapples people! I told you they were hot. Well, basically anything tropical, so hot right now. Haha but I like it because it’s can also be a pretty timeless trend. For the centerpiece I made honeycomb pineapples, tutorial coming, and Kimmy made that gorg banana leaf table runner. Then we used napkins, coasters, and other necessitates to fill the table out and not create too much excess work.

For the rest of the decor I did posters! They are such an easy and inexpensive way to play up any theme. You know that I LOVE using large-scale printing! To see how I do it, watch this tutorial I made!

I teamed up with Hello Tosha, and she created so many beautiful things for you guys! All of the downloads and dimensions are listed above. Tosha is SO talented and I love her lettering! Also, these place mats are cheap to print and really make a table setting rock! But please, please these are for personal use only. Ok? I’ve had to take downloads down because of people stealing them and I’d hate to do that with these!


Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.48.58 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.12.51 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.14.15 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.17.35 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.13.40 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.13.51 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.14.25 AM Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 11.49.06 PM

When it comes to a party the thing I love to do most is fuss with the decor and the theme. So I’ve started letting myself off the hook when it comes to cooking everything myself! So for this brunch I did easy things that didn’t require too much prep. I did a greek yogurt parfait bar, and used adorable Martha Stewart cupcake liners to hold the berries, granola, and nuts. I ordered some color-coordinating goodies from the Provo Bakery, a favorite of mine, and the grapefruit also doubled as decor. I like to do double-duty whenever possible for a party. I had my cookies on display, but I also used them as a favor. See what I’m saying DOUBLE TROUBLE, that’s how to do it.


Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.22.40 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.21.56 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.21.46 AM

The drinks were very much intended to be part of the table decor! The cups were from Target way back when and belong to Kimmy, it’s her gorg house by the way. Sigh. We used coasters and food picks (in the straws of the drinks) from Martha Stewart to bring in some traditional Mother’s Day colors. But I’m going to do a recipe for this drink because it’s so good it honestly doesn’t matter how good the food is, all people will talk about is how damn refreshing this drink is!


Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.24.15 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.40.55 AM
Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 12.41.30 AM

I don’t believe in doing favors unless they are purposeful, or can be used as something else, like decor or a treat. The two favors for this Mother’s Day Brunch were my pineapple cookies, used as decor, and the pineapple glasses, which were fun for the moms to take home to their kids.

Ok! So there you have it! More tutorials to come! But overall I just LOVED how this turned out! I hope you found some fun ideas!

Happy Partying


Styling: Alison and Kimmy Crosby
Photography: Heather Mildenstein
Party guests: Megan Conley, Jessica Swenson, Kayti Oldham &Kimmy Crosby


  1. You did it again. I think the pineapple of my eye print would look adorable in a nursery. Perhaps even in my living room. And those cookies. If I were your real life friend, I would always be at your house looking for goodies to snag.

  2. i’m printing that pineapple of my eye print! i LOVE it! my friend nicknamed junie, “sweet pineapple baby” cause she’s polynesian and it’s been that ever since!

  3. Amanda Hill

    Adore this all! You are to cool for school. When will the pineapple poster be working? I can’t get it to down load? the rest worked???

    1. It’s fixed! Sorry about that!

  4. Kadi

    I love this party! I’m trying to print the pineapple print but the link doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Fabulous! I think I would only ever want to do a staged party! My stress tolerance level it very low. Everything in those pictures is glorious and those cookies are perfection!

  6. SO ADORABLE!!! I just got back from Hawaii for vacation with my Mom and LOVE this party idea. I tried downloading the pineapple print but for some some reason it will not download for me. The place mats and Mom’s Rule will download but not the pineapple poster. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Thanks!

  7. Love this brunch idea! I downloaded the PDF of the placemats and the Mom Rules poster, but the Pineapple print link seems to be broken. 🙁

    Any chance of getting an update of that so I can complete the party decor package you so beautifully put together? Thanks so much for the downloads and inspiration!

    1. fixed!!! thank you~!

  8. All I can say is SWOON!

  9. Such an awesome, fresh take on a Mother’s Day brunch! I would love to attend a brunch like this with my fellow mommy-friends. 😉

  10. anna


    May 1, 2014   |   Reply
  11. HannahF

    You are the pineapple of my eye print is too cute!! Love the theme! Definitely will recreate this at my Mother’s Day brunch. Thanks for inspiring!

    May 2, 2014   |   Reply
  12. HannahF

    You are the pineapple of my eye print is too cute!! Love the theme! Definitely will recreate this at my Mother’s Day brunch. Thanks for inspiring! Btw, where’d you get the 2 finger ring from?

    May 2, 2014   |   Reply
  13. Amber

    Hi! This is such a great idea – we are totally doing this theme for our family Mother’s Day brunch this weekend 🙂 The placemats and mom’s rule poster have worked wonderfully however when I download the pineapple poster it isn’t poster sized! (360 x 504 as opposed to the mom’s rule being 3456 × 2592) Am I missing something?

    May 4, 2014   |   Reply
  14. I love everything about this, so tropical and fun and pineapples! Who doesn’t love pineapples right now? No one, that’s who 🙂 Xo

    May 7, 2014   |   Reply
  15. Kate Skinner

    Hey Alison!

    I am in love with the Pineapple of my Eye print but the link isn’t working. I saw that above others were having issues but it appeared to get fixed, however; I am still struggling to get it opened. Any help?


    May 8, 2014   |   Reply
    1. All of the links are working on my end! I have checked twice! The files will automatically download when you click on them! If the pineapple is the wrong size you can re-size it or have your printer size it because the file is high res enough! Thank you!

      May 9, 2014   |   Reply
  16. Michelle

    Hi! This party is absolutely darling and do-able! Believe it or not, my brother asked me to put together a little baby shower for my sister-in-law in 48 hours for a surprise visit. And I had just pinned your party to keep in the hopper! So here we go on the pineapple express! One question, I’m unable to open the links for the printables….are they working? Thanks!!

    May 9, 2014   |   Reply
    1. All of the links are working on my end! I have checked twice! The files will automatically download when you click on them! If the pineapple is the wrong size you can re-size it or have your printer size it because the file is high res enough! Thank you!

      May 9, 2014   |   Reply
  17. This is fantastic! And slightly unrelated…I LOVE your table and bench. Did you make it? I’d love something like that for my new house!

  18. Shani

    Hi there!

    I know you posted this some time ago but I just found out about it thanks to Foodie Crush blog. I have a question, the placemats, are they printed on 8.5 x 11 paper and did you laminate them or anything to give the placemat some type of protection from drips, spills, water rings etc.

    Thank you for sharing – it’s all so fun. And who doesn’t love pineapples!!



  19. ilisa eichenbaum

    Hey Alison,
    Love your stuff and we used the placemats for Mother’s Day, so amazing!
    Would love to duplicate for Father’s Day. Any chance you will create “Hey Dad” placemats and “Dad’s Rule” sign?
    Would love to hear from you…
    ilisa eichenbaum
    Thank you!

    1. Hey! Such a good idea! I’m gonna see what I can do!

  20. Kelsey

    I can’t seem to get the downloads to work. Have they been taken down? 🙁

  21. ashton

    I can’t seem to get any of the hey mama or any of the downloads on this page? There is not link that I can click on. I LOVE them and would really like to use them for a baby sprinkle I am having?

    1. you just click on the name of the item and it should automatically download!

  22. lillian

    hello, I realize this event was yrs ago but still interested in where you got the table runner from? thank you!

  23. Lisa Anderson

    Where is that amazing wood table from???? I love it! XO

    1. alisonadmin

      It belongs to my friend who hosted, so I’m not sure. But thanks for the love! xoxo

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