Perfect & Easy Buttercream Frosting Recipe

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I’m surprised how often I get asked for my buttercream frosting recipe, because it is SO simple. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s just a combination of all the baking books I’ve ever read over the years, and my many hours spent frosting things. Haha.

But I realized, as I tried to tell others about it, that there are some VERY specific things I do to get the frosting perfect and tasty everytime. So this video is detailed and if you follow it, you’ll get my exact buttercream, which I think is PEFECT.

You can, obviously, add less or more sugar, less or more butter, and even some milk or heavy cream if you want less butter in there. But all in all, if you follow these tips YOU ARE GOLDEN! I hope you enjoy!

OVER DRESSED shirt c/o Salt & Pepper Tees

RECIPE (will frost approx. 24 cupcakes or 1 layered cake)

– 2 cups unsalted butter at room temperature
– 4 cups or 2lbs of powdered sugar
– 1tsp vanilla
– pinch of salt
– you can add a little milk or heavy cream to thin out the frosting as needed…add in 1tsp increments

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This recipe would about frost a cake like this!

Ok! Happy baking!!!



  1. Kelly

    I love this!! I have a standby butter cream recipe that’s similar, but I’m going to try your recipe sometime soon.

  2. Rachel

    Omg you are hilarious! Can I move to wherever it is you live (the midwest, judging by your awesome accent) so we can be best friends? Lol, sorry I totally just sounded like the biggest stalker. 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the videos and posts. Keep on keepin’ on, sista! 🙂 p.s. What up with that giant drink? Do tell: soda? iced tea?

    1. HAHAH the midwest?! I’m from San Diego but I live in Provo Utah, I’ve lived there for over 10 years and I do have some awesome utah accent words now! And I’m a Diet Dr Pepper girl, that one prob has pomegranate and lime flavoring in it! Come try one!!

  3. julie

    hi alison! i’m excited to try this buttercream frosting for my daughter’s bday party this sunday. i was hoping to make it ahead of time, (like today) to save time later. do you think it will keep well in the fridge? and then i could frost the cake on sunday morning? or, should i frost sooner then that and put the whole cake in the fridge until sunday morning? sorry- millions of questions. clearly i’m not a seasoned baker and i’m a little nervous… thanks for any help!

    1. Hey! Fun!

      So you CAN make your buttercream ahead of time, I don’t love to, but you can! But if the party is on Sunday I wouldn’t make it til Friday really. And then store it in the fridge, sealed, and then let it get closer to room temp and rewhip it before icing with it!

      OR if you want to do the whole cake ahead of time I recommend baking the layers, wrapping them in saran wrap and freezing them. Then move them to the fridge the night before, and make the frosting and frost the cake the morning of and let them get to room temp.

      If you wanted to make the whole cake a day or two ahead of time that would work too, if you bake, frost, and then cover it in a cake saver and store it in the fridge.

      I just always prefer to serve a cake a room temperature, so I put it on the counter at least 2 hours before we’ll be eating it!

      The cake is always so much more moist at room temp and day of! But I’ve had personal luck freezing the layers and the cake is easier to work with and frost when firmer.

      But I mean it really depends on your cake recipe too. A chocolate or carrot cake is going to be moister than your typical yellow or white cake and keep longer. Was this helpful or more confusing! haha BEST OF LUCK!

  4. Genius And adorable

  5. Nicole Solorzano

    This is the stuff of dreams. Whipped heavenly sugar fluff. ❤

  6. SO I broke the “unsalted butter” commandment. I’m now repenting. Never again!

  7. Christina

    Just want to say that your buttercream is amazing. I use it all the time and everyone loves it!!!!

    1. yay!! THANK YOU!

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