Attack of the Killer Pineapple


I have a fun project I’m working on with my friend Kimmy (her charts have nothing to do with the project, she just doesn’t have a blog), and we were totally inspired by all the fun pineapple stuff we’ve been seeing! Isn’t it funny how something like, “the pineapple” can be so hot right now?

It reminds me of that scene in “Never Been Kissed” when Drew Barrymore, who has posed as a high school student, starts telling her co-workers what’s cool…”It’s all about horseshoes this season!”

Haha. There aren’t TONS of things yet…but mark my words pineapples will be sprouting up more and more in the mainstream. These are just a few of the pineapple and pineapple inspired things I found that are awesome!

1. Pineapple Shirt: This is a men’s shirt from Forever 21, Mr. Mimi Knowles, always styled by the fab Miss Tara Brooke, was wearing it for the Boyz II Men concert and I’m going to have to go get it for myself!

2. Pineapple Lemonade Heels: I just don’t force myself to wear heels enough to make these practical, but man they are cute!

3. Pineapple Shades: You always look cooler in sunglasses.

4. Busy Busy I-pad case: All of Shop’s new line is CRAZY-SAUCE awesome. I love the pops of pineapple yellow!

5. Pineapple Necklace: I found this SUPER FUN esty seller ILC Tropics with the cutest acrylic jewlrey. I love acrylic jewlrey and these neons are perfect for spring in summer.

6. Pineapple tote: You can always count on Forever 21 to help you find a trendy trend on the cheap. I do love this lil $4 bag!

And I can’t mention pineapples without brining up the FABULOUS Studio DIY, she’s been turning things (and herself) into pineapples all year long. Haha. You can see ALL her Pineapple projects here! She’s too fabulous.

What do you think? You wanna rock it? Have I convinced you? If not no doubt my upcoming project will. MUHAHAHA. Love your guts.

Do you guys like stuff like this on the blog? Random round-ups? Why do you read my blog? Do you? Hahaha! Give me some blog direction? I need do to like a survey. Bah!



  1. I love your baking/craft posts–but because you asked,I really miss your essays of more personal nature. I read your blog before it became super popular and I loved your “confessions” so to speak. It’s so refreshing to hear someone who has the guts to be real!

  2. Jessica

    Agree with Courtney! I just read “mark as read” on bloglovin’ when I see a baking or painting post. Just not interested. Wish you would do more baby crafts again. Those were fun! I don’t like the round ups either. They’re everywhere! And that’s not what I come here for. :))))

  3. Jessica

    Meant to say I click “mark as read”……. Yikes!

  4. i agree with the comments above, your personal posts are the best! roundups are everywhere (although, i definitely feel like the pineapple is trending 😉 )
    your videos are also absolutely amazing!

  5. Melinda

    That lap top case is awesome!

    I wonder if the pineapple trend somehow started with the TV show Psych. I confess, I love Psych…so silly and funny. As all my nieces and nephews have found the show, they’ve become obsessed with pineapples, because there’s a hidden pineapple in every show. Who knows what causes things to trend? All I know is, I kinda suck at following trends, and I’m pretty okay with that. Haha!

    I love your posts!

  6. I am a new reader, but I love YOU. I just watched/listened to more than half your videos while I painted last night because I felt like I was hanging out with my totally awesome friend. (Your photoshoot one I could just leave on repeat). I love to read your posts where you spout out and are genuinely YOU, because I relate to that and think, “I’m not alone!” Keep it up, friend! 😉

  7. I love these! There a break in the usual mix. However, I’m currently obsessed with flamingos. Well, again. I had it bad for them in high school, too. Baaaaad.

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