How to be awesome Part 2: Put your goals before your pride


Hello! Ok, so doing part 2 in my How to Be Awesome series was even harder and more nerve-racking than doing part 1! Haha, because I got so worried it wouldn’t be as good, or it wouldn’t be what people wanted, but, well I just had to get to a place where what I wanted to say was more important to me than how people responded, which is a place I sometimes get to with almost too much ease! Haha and other times need a week or two!

If you’ll recall How to Be Awesome Part 1 was: Getting Started!

But How to Be Awesome Part 2 is: Put Your Goals Before Your Pride. This was alternately titled: Being Awesome Means Being Willing to Look Like an Idiot, but I think “pride” is the more universal thing that stops us from doing what we want and or think we should do!

In this episode I talk about the reasoning behind my IG dance videos and what they do for my brand.

I also issue Awesome Homework! So we can all become more awesome together! So be sure to do it and you can enter to win a Party in a Box from me! And you know how much I love to party!

Thank you guys so much for being awesome, and your support! Have a happy Thursday!



  1. nemiha

    Challenge accepted 🙂

  2. josie

    Yessssssssss this was so good. I am loving these mostly because it’s helping me to be ok with myself, surround myself with awesome people and to let go of all the waste timers and waste time things. Aaaand I know i keep commenting like a creepy stalker #sorrynotsorry


  3. NO Alison, Thank YOU! I really needed this today. In fact, I am right now, trying to work on my first video ever (of myself) and am terrified of looking ridiculous. And by the way, I got started on it after your first video. SO… let’s just see I can pull through, put my pride aside and make it work.

    1. UGH it’s so hard, I recorded this one and made like 3 versions, and finally you just have to LIG, you know, let it go. hahah xo

  4. Joanna

    So, for my awesome homework I got started right away. I had radiotherapy today and I walked in singing ‘always look on the bright side of life’. I got about 2 weird looks but everyone else was smiling so much and then the doctors joined in. It was SUCH a good feeling 🙂 I’m @beeetyj on instagram. I live in England so I wasn’t sure I was eligible to enter for the party in a box, hence I am posting my comment here instead of on your YouTube video 🙂

    1. Hey I love my ladies overseas! And I love you belting it out! haha amazing!

  5. This is awesome! I love it. I just feel so inspired after watching this video. Being ridiculous is SO much better than being boring. 🙂

    1. Haha thank you!

  6. Rachel English

    Alison! Thank you for being an inspiration and a fellow awesome possum! You make me smile and laugh and want to let my freak flag fly a little higher and help others feel confident and supported along the way! Thanks so much. Xoxo

    1. thank you so much! I can’t believe I have not incorporated more possums into this series!

  7. Nikki

    I LOVE this series!!! You have been an inspiration to me since I first found your blog a couple years ago. You don’t know how many times I’ve had an email written out to you asking for your story/advice only to delete it because I was too embarrassed to reach out to you!

    Part one of how to be awesome was like you describing my first shot at being a creative entrepreneur and I left my “business” feeling very wounded and still consider it such a failure. Since leaving that behind, I have been feeling so down and just not very mentally healthy. I’ve always wanted to create things to make people happy but the first step has always been the hardest and after the last fail, the first step has been a killer. I’ve been super worried about what my family, friends, and people will think about me giving up on what I was doing just to start something else. I need to just jump in and not worry what people think of me.

    Thanks, Alison! You are SO awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this series! Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Gosh, this comment JUST MOTIVATED ME AS MUCH AS THE VIDEOS!!

      xxo to my new friend Nikki – I too can relate!

    2. It can be SO hard when people you love and respect don’t “GET” your dreams, in fact I was hysterically crying just the other day about this. HAHA even when they mean no offense! But that’s why I find it’s best to keep your support group SUPER intimate, which is hard for me cause I get excited and want to tell EVERYONE but I’m usually not emotionally stable enough to handle that! So I totally totally get it, and you are awesome! xo

  8. Love these videos. It is almost like having crafty girly night with you like the ol’ pre-motherhood days. I am going to subscribe on youtube now.

  9. getitgetitgetitgurllll

    you kick ass Al. Was so looking forward to more inspiration from you, SO THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME AND SO MANY OTHER PEEPS PUMPED!!


  10. HannahF

    Gosh, Alison, you’re making me work hard now to be awesome! And that’s kind of awesome- so I have NO excuses! Maybe I should be better with Instagram. I want to those dance vids! Ok so I’ll post back on here cud I gotta do my homework now!!! Thanks for inspiring me. Love you to pieces!!!

  11. Theresa

    LOVE this! (and love following you on IG–ALWAYS makes my day!)

    1. thank you!

  12. Sasha

    Super, super love this series! Working on my awesome!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Xo Sash

  13. Christy

    I did it!!
    I’ve been so afraid to try and go out of my comfort zone BUT-I DID IT!!!

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! You are honestly one of my most favorites on IG!!

    1. aH! That’s so awesome! congrats!!!

  14. You are freaking awesome and I love everything about you! Can you imagine a world if we didn’t embarrass ourselves??? I accept your challenge and I like you am nervous, but I need to not let my pride or fears get in the way of what my mind wants to do! You’re a doll and real! Xoxo

  15. Hey girl! I just want to say that these videos are the reason I have been checking your blog recently. It’s been in my bookmarks forever and I’ve always looked occasionally, but these are so great. I’ve been wanting to be a blogger and small business owner since before I even knew what being a blogger really meant, but I’ve never been willing to really put myself out there or just go for it. Last year I had my son, Rowan and with all of those emotions and hormones I decided that if I was going to do it that I just had to DO IT ALREADY. So we are actually doing it. We made a plan, saved money, bought supplies, and now are in the printing process for our etsy shop. I saw your videos well after I had made the decision that I needed to either let it go or just go for it, but it really hit home with me and I am excited to learn and grow while watching these videos. I still have so far to go to reach my goals, but these videos are little reminders that I’m not going to get there unless I take risks. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  16. Marlene Escalera

    I couldnt wait for you to post the 2nd Video. I must have watched the first one like 10x (wish I was kidding) There is something about you that just lights a firecracker under my you know what. I like that there is a challenge too. I am stopping the excuse train and getting it done! I am having a Yard Sale this weekend with my sister (who is a crafter, sewer, do it all kinda of gal) and I decided I am going to sell some handmade goods too. I’m scared, nervous about what people will say (whos kidding I’m talking about my sister) but I am doing it. I’ve been making jewelry as gifts for friends and family for years (yes including my sister) but this weekend it will be for the world to judge. I can do this. Thank you for your encouragement.

  17. Alexis

    I have been an obsessed follower of your blog for about two and a half years. I have traveled all over the world and show people your fantastic ideas! You my dear are truly inspiring. Now you have challenged us to be awesome. So I accepted your challenge. First I decided what were the core values of both your ‘how to be awesome’ videos and I concluded with facing your fears. I figured that fear holds us all back from becoming our bigger better awesome-ness self. So….I dragged one of my friends to an evening trapeze class at a downtown park. Yes…trapeze like what you would see at a circus. Why trapeze? Well I heard it was a great workout and secretly I wanted to fly. We met with our Irish instructor who told me trapeze is a metaphor for life. He explained sometimes you must learn to let go. My excitement and enthusiasm did not last long. I climbed up to the platform and I started to panic. Which is odd because I am not afraid of heights. I did my first jump landed in the net shaking. My adrenaline kicked In and I was a crying hot mess. I did it two more times and finally had to stop because I was struggling breathing. My friend however was doing tricks. Boy I was feeling anything but awesome. After 45 mins I went back up petrified.the trapeze team were supportive and kind. I went back and as I swung I panicked again but now I couldn’t let go. Mind you my friend was recording the whole thing. I started to sob loudly and make strange animal noises. I do not know what came over me but I was freaking out. They tried to pull my harness up so I could let go but I refused. I refused out of insanity I think. Plus we were at a a popular park and their were lots spectators. So my embarrassment was at an all time high as people laughed at me as I cried. Finally my hands got tired of holding my weight and u had a dramatic fall into the net. They helped me off the net to a bench. The trapeze team came up to me after and said how awesome I was. I was like me awesome?! They explained that most people who become nervous or scared and sit out(like I did for 45 min) never go back up. But they said I came back even when I was fearful they applauded me and I was stunned! Of course I was still crying and having an emotional meltdown as I left the class but I told them I would be back! So…I suppose to all those out there who read this…sometimes your own awesomeness is unseen to you and that’s ok. Just keep going on the scary road! Your awesomeness can surprise others and even yourself. So learn to let go and fly!! Thanks Allison for this Awesome homework I learned a lot and I hope you continue your awesome journey if inspiring people.

  18. Thanks for making these videos! Reminding us to not apologize for what makes us “us” is such a great message to share. I have been learning Spanish and even speaking it with my husband who is a fluent speaker makes me feel sheepish, because I am so afraid and embarrassed that I don’t know how to say simple things. But being awesome and achieving that goal means I have to push through that so I have been trying to speak as many sentences as I can even though I sound like a toddler learning how to speak. Scary goals are the best goals.

  19. Wow wow wow! I realize I’m too late to be entering into this, but I just want you to know how much I look up to your confidence. I keep surrounding myself (okay let’s call it like it is: IG stalking) with other creatives and I feel like it’s just making me feel more and more down on myself because I should be doing something else. I’m a graphic designer that would love to break out into the collaboration community that resides here in Utah (there are always parties and shoots and DIYs blowing up my feed). I just don’t know where to start (etsy shop, lifestyle blog, booth at a craft fair, etc.) But your videos and amazing talent for just going for it has given me the boost that I needed this week. Just start and if it doesn’t work, try something else, the worst that can happen is you’ll be back at square one (where my butt currently resides). Can’t wait for your next homework!

  20. Hi Alison! Thank you so much for these videos, you are darling. I am turning in my first awesome homework late #storyofmylife, but nonetheless I am turning it in! I swallowed my pride and fear and made a HUGE announcement on my blog. Thank you for helping inspire the courage to do it! I’m getting ready to watch the next video right now.

    1. Awesome!! thank you so much for sharing!

  21. I found this a bit late but I am still joining. I started a blog about 2 months ago and I have been posting very serious non soul things. A friend told, “it doesn’t sound like you at all”. I gave this some thought and it is because I am afraid to post my soul on my blog. 1. I am afraid of all the criticism current “friends” might give me” 2. English is my second language and I am always nervous about english, so I always have my husband proof read my posts. My husband is a technical writter. He does this for a living. So naturally, he takes my voice out and thus it doesnt sound like me. I keep saying to myself, “kristal just write, you will get better on your own by just doing it, with time and practice” but I am scared of all the grammatical mistakes. Those that you are proabably reading here. I am inspired by these series you are making. I will post and feed my blog on my own, no matter how stupid or wrong my writting is. Thank you for inspiring me. Bye for now. I have homework to do. Oh and have I mention I love you. You are too awesome!

    1. Caroline R

      I am probably super late in replying to this, but I am crossing my fingers anyway that you will somehow read this. I just wanted to encourage you to write your thoughts in your own words. I see typos and incorrect grammar on blog posts all the time, even some of the most popular ones! It used to distract me sometimes, but I never once wrote a comment to point it out to anyone. Truth is, I am sure that I am not the only person who notices, but it seems there is an unspoken code of ethics that it would be rude to point it out if one understands what the writer intended to begin with. Hope you go for it, and I wish all the best to you! 🙂

  22. You gave me GOOSEBUMPS. No joke, Alison. I love the way you put yourself out there and how you continue to do so. Thank you for being YOU and inspiring us to do the same.

  23. I cant believe people unfollowed you after your dance video. I seriously loved it and loved you even more for that! People are weirdos… But you are not one of them 🙂 Love ya!

  24. mack


  25. It is my personal goal to create an everyday dance culture in the United States where dancing is a part of everyone’s everyday….So, after seeing this, I am now going to become a follwer of your instagram— “Cuz your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine” I love it!

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