9 Months and Killing It

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Hoodie and pants from Little Hip Squeaks Moccs from Freshly Picked

Never has there been, in the history of tiny humans, a more awesome human than Mr. Rad.

He is the sweetest, easiest, most laid-back little person I have ever encountered. I cannot fathom how my anxiety-ridden body produced such a chili bean.

No, this is not some product placement ad for that stupid cat piano, he just looked so cute with it I couldn’t help it. There’s no way I have as many pictures of Rad as I do of Gigi, even though he’s the baby who will always smile for me. So I’m trying to take more pictures of the little man before he’s too cool for his mom.

Because I know it is inevitable that he’s going to love another woman more than me. And I know that it’s inevitable that he’ll stop lighting up from head to toe when I walk in a room. And it’s only a matter of time that he stops letting out a gasp of despair when I exit a room.

He won’t always snuggle into me, or giggle just because I bat my eyes at him. So I just needed to quickly document it, and declare it to the public.


And now that I’ve said it, and got it off of my chest, I don’t have to rub it in my future daughter-in-law’s face. Hopefully.

Baby boys. UGGGGHHHH. There’s just something about knowing that a person who will one day be larger than you, and will probably have to commit you to your insane asylum, can currently fit his head in the crook of your neck.

I am smitten. I am obsessed. He’s like a little nicotine patch, just when I think I can’t breath, and I want to give up and collapse in on myself, I get a little boost from Mr. Rad, and I can make it a little longer.

I want to make it clear I know how incredibly lucky I am, and I hope that it occasionally comes across through the nonsense.

Thank you for letting me gush.



  1. Carley

    Ugh, that made me emotional??? Baby boys!! Mine is nearly 8 months and I could use this exact post to describe him as well.

  2. What a cute little guy! And I love his outfit!!

  3. Sarah

    I love this! and yes someday he will love another more than he loves you, but until then you are right to SOAK it UP!!
    My little man is 16 and about to go on his first date this weekend. So alright he is not so little but hey, he still wants me to come in his room every night and “tuck him in” The routine has changed over the years, from tickles and snuggles to now, he prefers a simple hug and kiss on the forehead, but if I am slow coming in, he always makes sure that I have not forgotten. It is magical and take it from me, just gets better and better

  4. Sarah

    Clearly, I am not as talented a writer as you, hopefully you can still grasp the message of my comment, despite the several missing words and absent punctuation. 🙂

  5. Ellen

    I Love this! Do you remember when you first found out he was going to be a boy and you were just beside yourself with grief and worry. Ha! Can you imagine it ANY differently now?! I think somewhere along the way you were also concerned about a lack of cute boy clothes out there. Ha! He’s adorable.

  6. BP

    Oooh, you are going to have an interesting ride, mama. He’s already a lady killer. This is a sweet post. Nothing like a good gush. I was overly smitten last summer with my nephews and wrote a post about them too. I blame it on the temporary insanity I feel when I am in love!

  7. So, so cute. And the patterns on his clothes? I’m dying!

  8. Those are the exact words I can use to describe my little 3 months baby boy. I know, I can relate and thank you for sharing this. I so dread the day he’ll meet that woman whom he’ll love and adore more than me. I love the hoody, amazing pattern

  9. what a sweet little baby

  10. It’s amazing how a little person needs their mama so much more than anything else in the whole wide world.. its the best 🙂

    PS Love the rug.

  11. Michelle

    Did I seriously just tear up at this post? My heart is fluttering thinking about my 9 month old loving someone more than me and committing me to a home! I’m about to go wake him up from his nap just to preemptive ly scold him!

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