Mighty Good Gifts for your Man

Eric and I have kind of gotten to be absolutely no fun in the gifts department. We buy our own gifts, or tell each other what to buy, or decide that we aren’t going to do gifts, and this happens basically every holiday. I’ve gotten sloppy and pretty lazy and that just isn’t right.

So I was pretty stoked when Kohl’s asked me to come up with a gift guide for men, because it forced me to think up some fun prezzies for my hubby! But these gifts would be great for your dad or brother too.


1. Raglan Henley $19 – There is nothing sexier than a Henley! I love them on my man, every guy looks good in them. The buttoned neckline is way cuter than a regular t-shirt, but just as comfy.

2. MUK LUKS Crew Dress Socks (3-pack) $21 – Eric and I were just talking about how getting socks as a kid bummed him out, but now we wear mismatched socks everyday and would actually LOVE some new socks. Haha.

3. Eddie Bauer Bruce Boot $60 – These are just dead sexy.

4. Front Pocket Wallet $20 – Eric has the worst duct tape wallet, that he always keeps in his front pocket! He need this. Ordering.

5. Sherpa Reversible Throw $18 – Last year I got my mother-in-law a fuzzy throw blanket like this. We go over there at least twice a month for dinner, and after the meal everyone cuddles up on the couches. And let me tell you, that fuzzy blanket is a HOT TICKET item! Everyone wants it! I know this seems like a random gift for a guy but this would be especially good for a college-age man. They need those homey touches! I felt this one in the store and it is nice! Not too thick, because I know my man doesn’t like a heavy blanket, but thick enough to feel substantial.

6. Luardi Hi-Tech Car Charger $27 – I feel like I’ve boughten SO many car chargers, yet I never have one that works. I want this for BOTH our stockings. Will you tell Santa for me? Thanks.

7. Levi’s Sutherland Messenger Bag $100 – This is such a good-looking bag! I like it so much more than the lame free sports duffel Eric packs when we have an overnighter. Oh my gosh, all of these gifts are me fixing things I hate. I’m the most selfish gifter ever!

8. Chaps Fairisle Mockneck Sweater $35 – Eric and I went to Kohl’s together, and he got a sweater very similar to this one. And he gets SO many compliments on it. I really like a mockneck, for men or women.

Still stumped? Kohl’s has a whole gift guide section on their site too! You can see that here.

So there you have it! I’ve spent A LOT of time at Kohl’s lately–I got a gift card in conjunction with this campaign and I’ve made it stretch! This is my second campaign with Kohl’s, you can see the IG dance I did for the first one here, and I’m not gonna lie, they’ve like, made a believer out of me! Haha, I never shopped there much before, but Eric and I really like it now. I got a number of gifts for people there, and they also have a tiny potty in the family restroom, so Gigi is OBSESSED. Now she only wants to go to the store with the “baby potty.” We had to use it twice the other night. As you can see, I lead a wild and crazy life!

Happy shopping friends!


This post was created in partnership with Kohl’s. Though, I think I made that pretty clear, right!?

However, all content and opinions are mine, mine, MIINE! I chose each and every item and think all the things I said I think about them! Thank you for supporting me as I work with sponsors! Want to work with me or learn how sponsored posts work on The Alison Show? Go here! Lots of love.


  1. Brittany

    Excellent. We too have become muy lazy in our gift-giving. We blame our shared amazon account, but it goes deeper than that. I love the Henley — and the socks! My MIL has sold me on kohls, she gets their crazy coupons that work on everything, including sale stuff.

    And no one shou ever doubt the magic of an elfin potty.

  2. Great picks. This inspired me to get my husband a henley! I was thinking he needed a new shirt and wanted something simple but more interesting than a plain tee. Love this!

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