Paper Party Bow – Halloween Garland

paper bow garland
paper bow garland

paper bow garland

Felt balls // homemade candy corn bunting // Martha Stewart Grave Decals //

Well I have been geeking out over the October treats I got from Martha Stewart (yeah she like personally sends me stuff…) for my 12 Months of Martha Challenge.

This month I’m really late sharing my craft, and I’ll probably get thrown out of the challenge…DON’T DO IT MARTHA! But the best part about this craft is it will work for any holiday, or any party. These paper party bows would look cute as cupcake toppers, attached to party hats, or you can do them like I did, and hot glue them onto some ribbon to make a fetching garland.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.35.53 PM

To make these little bows I created a free template that you print directly on the paper you’ll use to make the bows. Sometimes I even impress myself. So to download it and see how it’s all done, hop yo’ fine self on through.

I’ve LOVED having this 12 x 12 pad of Martha Stewart double-sided Halloween paper. I’ve used it for a lot of fun projects, cards, and sprucing up packages. I also used it for these bows, it’s perfect because it’s really thick. I trimmed my paper to 8.5×11, so I could feed it through put in my printer.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.36.20 PM

Some of the paper is dimensional, with glitter and flocking, so when I ran it through my printer I made sure to print on the flat side. Then you just fold the paper in half and cut the bow shape out.


Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.36.39 PM

It looks like a little bikini top, no?

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.36.55 PM

Then just bring the ends back, but don’t fold the paper flat. You want it to pop a lil. Well I did.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.37.46 PM

I used the Adhesive Border Pad as the center of the bows. But you could also use 3/4″ inch strips of the paper. I tried washi tape but it didn’t look as polished. I added some dabs of hot glue to my bows (where I attached the bands and on the ends of the bows on the back) so that they are sturdy and will last for next year.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.38.16 PM

Fun, right?!

Check out my other projects for the 12 Months of Martha challenge right here!

Lots of spooky love,



  1. Since having a girl, I think my bow love has gone up at least 45%. I am going to make these today. Thank you.

  2. Love these bows and love your blog! So much so, I featured your tutorial on a post today! So much fun and creative stuff here-love it and thanks for sharing!
    Hop over to my blog to check it out!


  3. adorable, as always!

  4. This would be awesome in colors for Doctor Who!

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