Obsessed: Booties for Fall


Do you own a pair of booties? Hahaha, I know, how seriously do I take myself to call my shoes booties. But, ok, THEY ARE THE BEST! You need, or really really should want, a pair for fall. I HATE wearing heels for everyday stuff. But I do like a little height. That’s why I’m obsessed with booties, they usually have a tiny bit of heel, but also offer the ankle support you need if you’re carrying a car seat. Dress them up, dress them down, they are the best pair of shoes to have around! So I rounded up 6 pairs I REALLY like.

1. Split Suede Bootie $89 – These are SO cute. I love the little metallic on the toe! And if you use the code ALISONSHOW you can get 10% off anything from Shop Riff Raff cause I have a little thing going with them!

2. Chic Ankle Boot $168 – I have this exact pair, though they come in other colors. But I am OBSESSED. They are worth every freaking penny, they are so comfy and well made. I know I will love them for years.

3. Amber Suedette Buckle Bootie $60 – I just discovered Boo Hoo and I’m really liking them! These shoes are so bad A hard core, ugh. They are sexy. I would love to tromp around the grocery store in them and have people think, “WHAT’S HER DEAL?!” haha.

4. Keno Bootie in Black $118 – Another pair from Riff Raff, so you can save 10% on them! I just really like these as an everyday bootie. That’s about as much heel as I want for most anything.

5. Ankle Bootie $50 – These suckers are from H&M, and I’ve actually had really good luck with my H&M shoes. I think this is a gorgeous color that is a little different than black or brown, but will go with just as many things.

6. Rosepoint Dew Bootie $140 – I LOVE these and I had to throw a pair of Clark’s in the mix, because they are the best shoes. I bought a pair last year and wore them every other day. They still look FAB this year.

So are you in for a Bootie Call?

Haha, it was looking a bit too Halloweenie up in here, so I had to jump in and share a few things I’ve been obsessed with lately!


And don’t forget! If you’re local, I have a few spots still open in my cookie class!


  1. Lisa W

    I feel like my legs need to be a ton thinner to successfully wear booties. What’s your take? My thighs just like to keep some extra lovin’ around, and that’s okay.

    1. Well I know firsthand you’re being insane, but aside from that, I think these are SUPER flattering. They elongate the leg and I even wear mine with skirts. If they hit the ankle right they look as good as heels! Esp those first ones I think, the suede ones would look hot with a skirt!

  2. I have a pair of black ankle boots and they are my favorite in the winter and fall. Now I gotta get my hands on a camel or cream colored pair. Thanks for the suggestions!

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