Rainy Day Craft – Gutter Boat

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On Saturday there was a crazy thunderstorm! I snuggled Rad while Gigi ran around freaking out (Eric was working) and we stood on the porch and watched our little street get a torrential beating. The rain moved across the pavement in loud waves. There was thunder and lightening and the whole shebang. I snapped a few shots!

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And even though I felt bad for the people whose basements were probably flooding, does it make me a horrible person that I was also super excited Ginger finally got to put on her new wellies from Joules?!

Ginger and I have been waiting for a rainy day so we could try out these little gutter boats we created from some leftover paper goods. So when Joules, a really fabulous clothing company based in the UK, asked if Ginger could use some of their classic wellies, I said, “Yes please! And she needs that pony tunic too!” And just like that she had an outfit to model the gutter boat in. HA! And holy moly, doesn’t she look adorable in it?!

**AND GOOD NEWS! You can get 20% off your order from Joules with the code BLTAS at checkout!**

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That girl.

We also have pony coat on the way, but it’s not quite cold enough for it yet.

I got the idea for these gutter boats when I was in San Diego a few months ago. Some shop had an adorable display window with giant paper sail boats, and I thought it would be so fun to create a smaller version to sail down the street on a day exactly like Saturday. Unfortunately Ginger, though outfitted perfectly, started running a fever, so I had to play in the gutter with my little boat all by myself. But it was actually super fun. Hahaha! No doubt this solidifies what the neighbors already suspected: I am certifiably insane.

Nonetheless, these gutter boats are a quick and inexpensive rainy day craft, and you could put little plastic animals in them Noah’s Ark style.

Hop through to see the quick how-to.


You could use any type of paper or plastic bowl, and a plastic straw would work too! Just snip the ends so you can flatten it out to tape it to the boat. I used a hole punch and then just slid my sail on.

So easy and really fun!

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 1.49.07 PM

I’m SO tempted to get these in my size…Gigi wants to match me…right?!

I hope you guys are as excited about fall as I am!


This post was sponsored by Joules. But all content and opinions are mine, mine, MIINE! Thank you for supporting me as I work with sponsors! Want to work with me or learn how sponsored posts work on The Alison Show? Go here!


  1. I love this! it has been raining like crazy today so, I think we will give it a try this afternoon!

  2. I am obsessed with everything on that site! If I were made of money I would re-wardrobe my entire family RIGHT now! Cute boat idea. You’re the best.

  3. Stephanie

    I miss the gutters in Provo! Best ever to float things down or throw rocks into like Andrew did when he was 1… for hours. Love this post, great boat idea, Gigi is adorable as always which makes any outfit look cute. (wish her a happy 3rd bday from me) And of course you have a neighbor with a sweet red VW bus in front of a cute gray house. How awesome of a photo was that!

  4. Pernel Martin

    this reminded me of when shelly would wear knee high socks in high school…so good

  5. Mame

    I don’t know if you remember but I horseback ride. Well rode? I don’t now but I got back into it after Josh and I got married and competed and etc etc. anyways this Joules company started making super trendy riding clothes and now it’s like big time! And I can’t believe they contacted you and I think that is so amazing for you!! I LOVE their stuff and when I went to Lexington, KY for the World Equestrian Games we would peruse (sp?) their vendors like no other!! (p.s. total side note. I was preggo with Lexi at the time. Hence her full name Lexington :o)

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