Hip Kid’s Rooms I wish I lived In

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What is it with kids these days? They are soooo hip. Hahaha I sound like such an old lady. We all know what it REALLY is, is that all those hip people are growing up and having babies and then making really hip things for their kids. And I love all of them!

On my Babble blog this week I rounded up 10 Hip Kid’s Rooms I Wish I Lived In!

And I really wish I had a better word for the word “hip” because apparently I’m overusing it! Case in point:

15 Shops and Sites with Hip Clothing for Baby Boys

Hip Handmade Baby Blankets

10 Hip Ways to Style Overalls

and of course…the book I wrote…

A Hip Handmade Holiday

Apparently I’m so hip it hurts?

Or is it like one of those things if you call yourself “hip” it automatically means you are not.

Either way, it seems to be the best word for the job. But I’m open to suggestions.

Have a “stylish and somewhat trendy without trying too hard” weekend.



  1. Sharp ? 😉

  2. Sharp? Neat? 😉

  3. My babies room is way hipper and cleaner than my own and oh…. also larger than my first room in my New York City apartment. Geez… kids these days. I will use these two things as comebacks when she starts to get sassy about life.


  4. Tower of Power spent a whole song wrestling with the hipness question. The relevant line for The Alison Show is: “You’re on a hip trip. Baby, hipper than hip.”

  5. The second one….seriously way “hipper” than my own room.

    -Alecia http://www.likesof.us

  6. You and I both know I am not very hip. I would trade my room for any of these in a second!!! 🙂 MBFL (magic babies for life)

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