My DIY Inspiration Bulletin Board

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I started this, what is now a bulletin/inspiration board frame of sorts, as a picture frame for my “You are my bucket list” print. But it didn’t turn out just like I wanted, and I didn’t like how it competed with the print so much.

So I stared at the frame for a few days, made a video on Instagram about it, and then decided to buy some cork board and put it in my office!

I just attached the balsa wood frame to the cork board with hot glue. I’m really happy with it now, and it fits well in my office.

The frame is made from balsa wood, so it’s very lightweight. You could paint the wood however you like, and use it to frame cork board anywhere you want it! You can buy cork board by the roll, or in packs of 4 squares (that’s what I bought) and you can cut it to be just about any shape.


So you can see how I did it. I used washi tape in two widths to make the pattern. I wanted the black paint to be crisper, and that’s what I was upset about. I shouldn’t have let the paint dry all the way before taking the tape off. But I grew to like the weathered look of the lines, so you could go either way really.

I made the tassels using my method found here, and I just hot glued those on as well.

It took a bit of time, but it was all enjoyable and easy. I gave Gigi some balsa wood to paint and we had a blast together. Balsa wood is very lightweight craft wood that is almost like styrofoam. It’s easily found at any craft and hobby store and it’s very inexpensive. You can cut it with a razor blade and sand it smooth. That’s why it’s nice for crafting, you don’t have to bust out any power tools. Even though I really really want a saw! Haha.

What do you think? Would you bother trying it? Haha. It really isn’t hard! And I had a lot of fun deciding on what design to paint the frame. Here are some other options I toyed with.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 9.52.01 PM

I think they’re fun, but when it came down to it, choosing one and doing it on the whole frame was just a little TOO much for me. I know! Is anything TOO MUCH for ME?! Haha, I guess so! I’m pretty happy with my black frame and tassels. I think this would also be a fun method to use on a smaller frame.

Do you like how serious I am when I talk about crafts? Haha. DON’T MESS!!



  1. josie

    Love it. #crafthardcore Parkour! (if you dont watch new girl that wont make sense…but im assuming you do cause who doesnt love zooey?)

    1. HAHA I’m just rewatching all of them right now too! sooo funny. I actually really disliked her until that show! just cause i thought she was always “i’m quirky and cute but not TOO quirky” but in that show she really proves she’s not too cool. haha, i know huge theories for random things.

  2. Janet

    Okay, so I’m a bit challenged when it comes to crafting. How did you glue the balsa wood frame together? Is it just glued where it abuts each new section of the frame?

    1. Yes! I just used hot glue. but gluing it to the cork board (also with hot glue) made it sturdier. if you’re not gluing the frame to something I’d use some duct tape on the back to reinforce the corners, where the two sides of board meet. does that clear it up? i did’t put a lot of detail on that post!

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