2 months old and 2 months cuter

mr. rad
Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 6.17.40 PM Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 6.17.48 PM
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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I hit the MOTHER LOAD of vintage goodies from Eric’s mom. This little number is one of Mr. Rads many spoils that belonged to his papa.

There is not one similarity between Gigi and Rad personality wise. Mr. Rad LOVES to snuggle and melt into whoever is holding him. When Ginger was his age she tried to wriggle free. She still does! Mr. Rad hardly fusses and sleeps for long stretches at night. Ginger cried all night long and fussed all the live-long-day. Basically Rad is an angel baby, BUT Rad insists on being held like ALL the time. And he loves his mama, or more accurately, his mama’s boobs. MEN. So it’s all me all the time.

It’s nice to have a baby who adores what I have to offer, but it makes for lots of boring hours on the couch with me wishing I could get SOMETHING/ANYTHING done. Which is what I did with Ginger, except instead of snuggling she was screaming. Haha. Oh babies! I am grateful I got the hard baby first! If I had Rad first I would have been SO shocked and dumbfounded with Gigi.

Rad is starting to give out smiles and they are the absolute best, but I just seem to capture him looking at me with great concern. Haha.

Thanks for letting me gush a bit!



  1. He is just adorable Alison!!!

    1. thank you! I think so too so I love hearing it 🙂

  2. Wow, can’t believe it’s been two months already since you had him! He is a doll. I LOVE that bear stuffed toy you made. You should make more and sell them. I’d totally buy one for my little boy, due any day now.

    1. Oh thank you! I wish I could! hahaha i was going to put the pattern up, would you want that?

  3. My first and second were exactly like yours. But ALL my friends had easy first babies!! When I had my second I couldn’t believe a baby could be so mellow!

    He’s adorable in his daddy’s clothes. You are SO lucky your MIL saved those!!

    1. seriously so lucky! and we’re lucky that we were fooled into thinking babies were THAT hard after our first! makes the second one a dream! Rad can do no wrong

  4. Dana

    Still waiting for my mellow baby. I totally got smiles out of Rad the other day!

    1. whatever your kiddos are the cutest. I’m still dying over Sebastian’s little smile

  5. liz

    stop it with that outfit! just kidding… don’t stop it!!

    i must say his little man face sure does remind me of my little man,
    who also hides his adorable dimpled smiles when the big black camera comes out. 🙂

    1. EXACTLY. i think he has some sort of plan to make me look nuts so he can stick me in a retirement home extra early

  6. sarah

    gush away! he is absolutely delicious!

    1. oh thank you!

  7. Oh sweet little guy! I am glad I got to snuggle him a little. He looks like he is completely confused about why you are not holding him in those pictures, sweetness.

    1. hahah or why my shirt is still on 🙂 haha

  8. andrea f williams

    My nephew is the cutest.

    1. hahaha my nephew the cutest

  9. Pernel Martin

    I think you should really go for 3 while you’re still winning. Keep up the hard work mama & keep on cuddling that baby! xo

    1. BAH NEVER!!! xoxox

  10. Kalli

    What a cute lil guy!!!!!! My baby was the same for
    I just wanted to tell you that I think YOU
    Are so rad too! Maybe this is weird coming from
    A stranger,but u just seem to be this ray of happy-
    Shining-positivity on the Internet, and I love it!
    I’m sure there are lots of hard days, but I think
    It’s so cool that you are still real, and genuine, and
    Positive and loving. I hope some of that rubs off
    on me Reading your blog :). Thanks for sharing
    Your “funness

    1. What a sweet comment! thank you so much. I really really appreciate it. I do try to keep it real, haha, but for every anxiety attack there’s also a whole lot of love and fun in my life so I’m glad that shines through, because that’s what I’d like to focus on! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Lots of love!

  11. Oh my I remember feeling the exact same way: SOMETHING/Anything done!?! Oh the sheer frustration of watching the mess pile, by other family members, or ‘letting go’ while someone ELSE ‘washed my dishes’ or washed my floors, as I was on couch-arrest. It did help me in a million ways but, so not easy to ‘do nothing’!! Now, I long for the thought! My four year old Miss.Naughty lol (I call her Miss. BusyPants) has me arrested on the couch unable to tidy bcuz of no energy..LOL! S it doesn’t get better, just changes LOL! Congrats to you and Im glad I found your blog through ETSYFINDS BLOG choices of theirs from their main blog page! 😉 COOL

    1. Oh awesome! Thank you so much! I love what you said, it’s not that it gets better, it’s just different! haha that’s parenthood huh?!

  12. Kat

    Late to the party here, but how adorable is he??!?

    My sister-in-law wears her 2nd baby constantly and does her housework, etc. Wee Martha also loves to be held and that is the only way she gets anything done!

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