Rad’s Blessing and Father’s Day

a wild party
On Father’s Day we blessed our little Radcliff Eric Roberston! As you may or may not know, I’m one of those Mormons, and when a baby is born we gather family and close friends and give them a special blessing in church. It’s basically just a prayer and a way to introduce the baby to the congregation. We blessed baby Rad last Sunday and then we had a luncheon at our house afterwards. I’ve been trying really hard to not go over-the-top with gatherings lately. Haha, for Eric’s birthday I even BOUGHT A CAKE. I know, I know. It was seriously really hard for me, but it made for such an easy, nice day and Eric really appreciated it.

For the lunch I wanted to do something special, but not stress myself out. So I bought some cookie cutters to spell out “RAD” and decided I’d make cookies and nothing else. I bought mostly prepared food from Costco and didn’t let myself make printables, labels, or any other treats. I didn’t go crazy on decorations either. I basically used everything I saw laying around on the floors. Haha, seriously those masks are all over my house.

It was such a fun and wonderful day. I was able to really enjoy everyone’s company and actually talk to our family and friends, instead of staying in the kitchen the whole time or hiding in a corner because I had tired myself out being a crazy craft lady. This may seem OBVIOUS to some, but I’m really not a moderate person, so it’s difficult for me!

Rad wore what Eric was blessed in. He looked so cute I just about cried every time I looked at him. I bought myself a whole new outfit at JCPenny. (Have you been there lately I LOVE IT!) My baby weight is coming off SO SLOWLY and I’ve been really struggling with it. I gained A LOT OF WEIGHT. But I figured I needed to stop moaning about it and wearing all black and buy myself something perky to wear in the meantime.


The pulled pork sandwiches were so easy to assemble. I just dumped pre-cooked pulled pork in the crock pot with a jar of Stubbs BBQ sauce. Then we toasted the torta rolls with provolone cheese. We served coleslaw from Whole Foods, along with kettle chips and pickles. Eric’s mom made homemade banana ice-cream and served it with caramel sauce. It was SO GOOD. I got the little serving trays at a party supply store and it was a fun thing to eat the pork sandwiches in piled high with slaw. It was such a fun and beautiful day.

I feel like over the last two years my blog has become less personal. I haven’t posted something like this little family gathering in a while. I think my distance was a gut reaction to me sharing too much of myself in my early years of blogging. I started sharing just crafts and DIY’s but not too much of myself. It’s hard for me to find a balance. I’m an all or nothing type of gal!

But in the last six months, and especially since the birth of Rad I’ve decided that I want my blog to be more genuine and meaningful to me, otherwise it’s a waste of my time, and probably yours. I know not to get too personal now. But I’m also so over sharing DIYs or crafts just for the sake of having content. So even though I might not post as often, I want to share real ideas and things that I love and that I use in my life that might inspire you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll share sponsored posts from time to time or write aspirational stuff and round-ups for pay. Mama needs money! But I try to still keep them sincere and relevant to my life. I don’t want to post random DIYs or crafts anymore just in the hopes of driving or attracting traffic. Nope. I feel like that’s the type of blogging that kills blogs…and bloggers! Ha. Blogging is a funny beast. Blogs are a funny medium and it’s taken me a while to decide exactly what I want to with mine. And what do I want to do? I want to keep it real.

So whether you’ve been around for a few weeks or a few years, I thank you.

I’m not rich, I’m not thin (anymore…but I’m working on it!) and my house is almost always a mess. But I sincerely love to write, share ideas, craft, and bake, (in that order) and I’m flattered daily that anyone might care what I have to say.

Thanks for partying with me. I love your guts.



  1. Jessica

    RAD! What a little darling. It kills me that I haven’t met him yet. Your family looks so happy and I’m glad it was such a special day. You deserve good things, my dear!

  2. Those little Rad cookies are so awesome! And so is little Rad himself!

  3. I think you look beautiful, I think his blessing day is perfection, and I love your personal posts! 🙂

  4. I adore everything you create and write! Can’t wait to see how you and your lovely blog evolve as you keep on keepin it real 🙂

  5. You are the best. ! Love your messes and that new outfit is killer!

  6. That first photo with Gigi? KILLS me! What a silly girl. Also? I knew she looked like you, but Rad looks so much like his daddy- your sweet little minis! You look great Alison. It took time for the weight to go on, so it’ll take time for it to come off. (Remind me of that in a year, k? ;))

  7. Yes, this reminds me of our recent conversation. I love it! I’m into the real blogging. And congrats on Rad’s blessing! Lastly, AMEN to JCP. I’ve been saying it for a year now…loving their new stuff and their prices.

  8. What a special day! I love that you kept things simple. I just know that when little girl gets here, I’m going to want to do everything in an over-the-top fashion. This was a perfect reminder that simple is beautiful and almost always better!

    Your fam is so cute. And you are a stunna!

  9. you rock! 2nd baby weight sucks!! I’m STILL having a hard time. I’ve never actually had to work to lose weight so i’m kind of at a loss. also I heart bacon, donuts, cheesecake, pizza, chips, ice cream… food. Rad looks adorable and Gigi looks so grown up! y’all are adorable! you’re doing a great job momma! it’s nice to make things easier for yourself. I think mom guilt gets the best of us sometimes and if we don’t do every little thing from scratch for them makes us feel like bad moms. we’re not! they’ll remember the fun times, the tickle time, not all the time you spent in the kitchen.

  10. such a cute family you have! i love reading your blog and appreciate your realness. i love the blessing party setup! so simple and beautiful. i tend to put a lot of work into my gatherings too…but simple really is the best. it tends to be more beautiful because you put effort into what really matters and let the rest go. and that’s pretty much how life should work.

  11. What a beautiful happy family!!! I have loved you and your blog since I met you. I think you have so many friends because you are so great to be around, (you always lift my spirits!). Your blog is a great way for all of us to get some of Alison even when we are away from you.

  12. Jenny

    He is so adorable. And you are gorgeous. What a darling party. Your creativity has ALWAYS amazed me.

  13. thank you for sharing such a special occasion. i always find your blog to be so inspirational… especially as a fellow crazy craft lady that has a hard time setting limits for myself. rad’s blessing party looks like it was amazing – and you look so pretty!

  14. Kimmy

    I love blessing days. Proud of you for being able to enjoy your day-and the food / decor and company was stellar. Love this post, can wait to keep reading -xoxoxo

  15. Shalynna

    You are so sweet and genuine! I think I’ve told you before that I don’t read as many blogs as I used to and I definitely don’t update mine anymore, but I always find myself coming back to a few favorites and yours is one of them. I love that you share your talents (I owe you my life for your royal frosting tutorial) and ideas and you are always so witty. 🙂

    And those children of yours are so, so darling. What a wonderful blessing day!

  16. Shalynna

    Oh and you look gorgeous. I love your fresh summery look – the blush and lipstick are so pretty on you!

  17. so grateful you posted this. with a new blog it is hard for me to find the balance of personal, paid, and too much of anything. i appreciate your perspective.

  18. Love the RAD sugar cookies! People don’t make sugar cookies enough anymore. And I love your sincerity, that’s why I keep reading your blog! You’re funny! And honest! And I think a mix of personal and crafty posts is perfect! It’s always fun to get to know the person behind the blog. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. Nina

    Love your guts back! Thanks for sharing a bit of YOU! ;D

  20. I love this, and look forward to what you have to say and write in the future. P.s. we are coming to Provo this week, can we hang out with our babies?

  21. Hannah F

    I love you, Alison. And you look soo adorbs! Along with the rest of your clan. Gigi’s getting soo grown up. I love how genuine you are and you make my day! Thank you for sharing and thanks for being an inspiration.

  22. Heidi

    For as much as I love the crafty goodness, I really, really enjoy getting to know bloggers when they do share a little bit of their personal life. I hope you find the balance–which is really whatever you feel comfortable sharing.
    BTW, I didn’t know you were Mormon (maybe I did a long time ago and I forgot?) What is it with you Mormons?? You’re all so creative! I swear, every creative blog I follow is run by a Mormon. Craziness.

  23. tiff

    Love it! And by the way, you look amazing and beautiful. My boy was born two weeks before Rad, and I feel like such a lump sometimes– I hope you don’t, but just in case: I had to let you know how radiant you looked in these pics. We sistas have to have each others backs!

  24. I realize this comment is way after the fact that you posted this but:
    1.) That side-eye Gigi is giving you in the family picture cracks me up.
    2.) Isn’t everyone struggling with their weight to some degree? You look awesome and have two beautiful babies so don’t stress.
    3.) That whole last paragraph of not doing crafts or posts just for the sake of content – amen, sister. I’m going through a similar transition in my blog and I appreciated reading this so much. You’re awesome.

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