Lil’ Sucker Onesie

lil sucker onesie stencil
lil sucker onesie stencil
Tank onesie // Juniper Wilde Blanket and Beanie // Utah Shaped Teether

My favorite type of gift to give includes something I’ve made paired with something I’ve bought. I learned a while ago that not everyone really cares about receiving a handmade gift. So instead of forcing them on people like a crazy craft lady, I save elaborate/time consuming/super expensive handmade gifts for people who have either requested one, or people I KNOW will want one/ cherish one. Also this is kind of neither here nor there, but I’m also REALLY careful about making people things that have to display in their home. It’s hard to predict what people will like for their home, and unless you’re POSITIVE I say stick to an accessory.

This saves me from being offended when someone doesn’t use or display or really love something I make. After all, a gift SHOULD be about the other person, not about me, right? Haha.

ANYWAY a good friend of mine is having a baby boy! HOORAY! And she always calls everyone a “lil sucker.” So naturally I thought I was HYSTERICAL when I put the phrase on a onesie. Then right before she opened it at her baby shower I got self-conscious that it wasn’t nice enough (I paired it with some lil items from Baby Gap) or special enough. Or that I was the only one who would “get it.” I don’t know why. But I just felt kind of lame. When you make something for someone else you are putting yourself out there in a way.

But when she opened it she was really touched and excited about the present. She loved that I had remembered she uses that phrase a lot. And even though it had only taken me 30 minutes to make, she was so thankful. (She’s a really wonderful person I might add) But it just made me feel so good!

I’ve noticed in life that sometimes when I want to do a nice thing, I get self-conscious for whatever reason, and then almost talk myself out of it. I’ve learned this lesson before, probably even written about it before, but it’s just such a good reminder for me to not let my own insecurities get in the way of serving and loving others.

If I feel like doing something that I think is “nice” I should just do it and get over myself.

Anyway. Don’t be a lil’ sucker like me, go ahead and make one of these for a friend! Haha.



Happy crafting!



  1. It’s adorable!
    I feel the same way about giving andmade gifts. I always feel so nervous and vulnerable despite the fact that I wouldn’t give anything I myself don’t love. 🙂

  2. I could have written this post. I love, love, love handmade goodies but I know not everyone appreciates them and I’m so afraid of coming off as “cheap” even if whatever I made is adorable. I wish I had a creative friend like you to make stuff for me. ha!

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