How to make a message wall

how to make a message wall
I have a lot to say. So NO SURPRISE I wanted a message wall (I’m not really sure what else to call it) in Rad’s room. I just figured the whole thing out as I went, and I thought I’d share my tips with you because the wall has really held up great! So ready or not, here we go!


I used these kraft letters from Joann. I waited til they were on sale, and then I used a coupon that gave me an additional 20% off on top of that.
Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultral Coverage is my favorite. It’s cheaper and better than Krylon.
I used 3M, you can get a jumbo roll at Home Depot

I measured from the top of the wall to mark, with a pencil, where I wanted the base line for my top row of letters. I made a mark every 12 inches or so, and then placed my painter’s tape UNDER the marks to form a straight line. You COULD use a level, but my reasoning is that I’d be basing the straightness of the letters in comparison to the ceiling. We have an old basement and chances are the ceiling is not perfectly level. I’m not sure, but I do know my letters look hella straight.

A great thing about having the whole piece of tape there is you can make sure the WHOLE letter is flush with the line (and therefore level) without making a giant pencil line on your wall.

I used the painter’s tape between letters (vertically) to make sure they were kerned evenly. I used three strips of painter’s tape to space my WORDS. I repeated this process for my second row of letters, except instead of measuring from the ceiling to establish the straight line, I measured from the bottom of the top strip of tape. Read that sentence a few times, look at the pictures, and I’m pretty sure it will make sense!

I centered my second row of letters by first measuring “MR RAD” all laid out on the floor. Then I measured the “CALL ME” (as it was mounted on the wall). I divided the difference in two, and measured in that many inches from the end of each letter (the C and the E). I hung the “M” in Mr. and the “D” in Rad first, to account for any errors I made in measuring and so that things would be perfectly centered FOR SURE, even if the words on the second row didn’t measure EXACTLY 3 pieces of tape in-between (like they did on the top row).

I used double-sided mounting tape and made sure to use A LOT OF IT. I haven’t had any letters fall down, and even though it says, “permanent” on the mounting tape it doesn’t really damage your walls.

I use this painter’s tape trick to mount everything now. I also used it to make the straight lines for the grid I made to hang my wall decals. But I’ll share some pictures of that too later!

Let me know if you have any questions! I’ve really been loving this wall, and I love that I didn’t have to put a bunch of holes in my wall to do it! I’m sure I’ll want to change the room up as Rad grows. And even though the wall is super bold, it’s not really uber permanent. In the future I might just want the “Mr. Rad” part, and I’ll still be able to use the letters. HIGH KICK!

Here’s to a happy week!


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  1. Hannah F

    So awesome!! I love it. Mr Rad has a cool room

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