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So remember how I’m participating in the awesome 12 Months of Martha Challenge!? Well I’m a little behind…you know, I had a baby and all…but last month I was sent a box of the most awesome Martha Stewart jewelry supplies.

I actually love making jewelry, when I was 12 or so I sold jewelry at a local coffee shop and on Saturdays at a farmer’s market. I’d beg my mom to drive me almost an hour to this tiny specialty bead store. I’ve always loved finding random bead shops in the different towns I visit as well. So even though I don’t have much time for crafting, I thought it would be fun to show Gigi all the pretty goodies and have some special mommy-daughter time “crafting” together. Which means I make stuff and she rips apart my craft room.

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Gigi and I had so much fun searching through the “treasures.” I let her choose some beads, and then I made us a little necklace to share.


Basically I just strung some gorgeous ombre beads on waxed thread and tied them to two strands of chain. Then I added one of Martha’s fab clam clasps (technically it’s a lobster clasp but it has a clam on it) and boom! I’ve been wearing it paired with some other necklaces. Gigi likes to wear it for a few hours than tells me to put it back on. Oh my bossy little dictator.

There are lots of other pretty goodies and I plan on playing with them soon!

Happy crafting!



  1. GOrgeous! I dabbled in jewelry making last summer and now you’ve got me itching to try it again…I wonder if I can find my beads two moves later? 😉

  2. Love this! I find the simplicity of a necklace like this so much nicer than those giant statement bubble necklaces that have been so popular lately. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s so easy to make either! 😀

    1. oh thank you! I love statement necklaces in THEORY, but in reality they bug the crap out of me on my neck! haha

  3. Cat

    ok, now i want to go buy beads. also, where can i find that gold rope knot necklace you’re wearing? i love the way you layered those necklaces.

  4. Barb Delaney

    love the necklace, I am going to try it with leather in place of the chain.

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