Obsessed: Bump Nest Body Pillow

Remember when I was pregnant? WORST THING EVER. Haha, no seriously. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that pregnancy and I DO NOT get along. That’s why I wanted to share a few things that helped me survive the whole ordeal while Mr. Rad was just an adorable fetus keeping busy by giving me stretch marks. And the first of these items is a body pillow that was gifted to me by Bump Nest.

My last pregancy I actually used a Snoogle, and it was helpful. But the Snoogle was not so great that I felt like getting it out for pregnancy #2. Mostly because the case got really yucky, like it pilled a lot after using it and washing it, and the case is super hard to get on and off. Also I switch sides a lot when I sleep trying to get comfortable, and the shape of the Snoogle made switching sides a pain.

So when Bump Nest contacted me and asked if I’d like to try their body pillow I was pretty excited. I mean, can’t you tell I’m kind of a body pillow aficionado? After using the pillow, I totally fell in love. Actually, I loved my Bump Nest so much I took it with us on our road trip to San Diego and I ALMOST didn’t let my pregnant sister (she’s due in August!) borrow it after I was done. But her back has been hurting so horribly I figured she needed it more than me.

Bump Nest, don’t leave home without it.

I like the cover so much better than the Snoogle. It’s so soft and it’s really easy to peel on and off the pillow for washing. I got my pillow in Pure White because I got my pillow BEFORE all the fab cases were ready for shipping, but they have so many pretty options!

The other thing I loved about the pillow was it was super easy to flip with as I tossed and turned from side to side.

So THANK YOU Bump Nest for making my pregnancy a little more bearable.

Do you guys have any Preggo Must-Haves? NOT because I’m getting pregnant ever again, just because I like to share helpful ideas. Haha.

Love you all!


NOTE: OBVIOUSLY this was a sponsored post, but OBVIOUSLY I only ever post things on this blog that I love, care about, and would give to a friend. I would totally give this to a friend.


  1. I just got a snoogle for Mother’s Day and it has certainly been a game changer. It’s not perfect, but I sleep much better. I haven’t washed the pillowcase yet, though, and I was afraid it’s going to be rough to change. Wish I’d known about the bump nest before I spent my money on snoogle! These things aren’t cheap! I’m pinning it for next time, though!

  2. You are SO funny! I love that bump nest pillow and want one even though I’m not pregnant. Is that weird?

  3. jackie nelson

    I need that pillow!!!

  4. Claire

    I used a pillow for both my pregnancies, but that huge monster of a thing you got there just cracks me up! I can’t believe the size of it!! I have no doubt it was very comfy though. Did your husband fit in the bed?!?!

    1. haha I swear it’s not as big as it looks in that picture! it’s about the same size as the snoogle. but did you see that movie with jLO, haha and how he threw out the pillow? HA we have a queen size bed and we managed

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