Introducing the Radcliff mobile and a due date

Well here it is! The mobile for my lil man’s nursery (though this is Heather’s nursery, little boy & photography!) and also what we are naming our little man: Radcliff. You can call him Mr. Rad.

leather triangle mobile in radcliff

The mobile is for sale here!

Here are some cute pictures of Hawk enjoying Radcliff’s leather triangle mobile! He told me he especially loves the limited edition ostrich printed leather, and the emerald green leather. Thanks Hawk.

leather triangle mobile

leather triangle mobile

Oh and as for that due date?

Well careful what you wish for. For the last couple days I have been itching (mostly on my feet, but also my arms, back and chest) like a mad woman. I knew it could be signs of a disease I had with Gigi, which caused me to be induced early, but I just tried to think it was in my head. After a very ITCHY and sleepless night I went to see my midwives, got the blood work done…got even more itchy, got an ultra sound, and BOOM. I have it again. It’s called cholestasis, and you can read more about it here if you’re interested.

Basically I’m living in an itchy hell. You itch from the inside out, so topical creams and even the antibiotics I’m taking aren’t doing much (read ANYTHING). I can’t sleep, I just itch and scratch. BUT Radcliff will most likely be induced at 37 weeks on the dot, or next Thursday, April 18. If I’m still alive by then. So I mean, I got what I wished for! Ha, but just with a hefty price tag.

So yeah for me! And woe is me, sorry to be so bleh. Send non-itchy vibes my way! Thanks for all the love and feedback on my last post! You guys are the best. Love you all.

Happy weekend!



  1. Aw no, that stinks! Do they know why women would ever get that during pregnancy? Is it an allergic reaction to something? At least you will meet your little guy soon. Hope you dont itch too much in the meantime. Maybe a bath would help?

  2. I’m so sorry sweetie! But hey, you get your little man early! I’m sending you nice, non-itchy vibes…. and you’ll have more time to recover before the family wedding this time!!!! I wanted to talk to you about a custom mobile for Benson’s room. But that can wait. *hugs*

  3. You’re at the finish line, mama! Sending non-itchy, calamine-type vibes! xo

  4. Liz

    That sounds horrible! April 18 is a wonderful day! My birthday in fact :). Your new mobile is my favorite so far!!

  5. Michelle Densley

    I had cholestasis and I was told by my doctors to go on a BRAT type diet and to not drink anything, except clear liquids. A lot of stuff in our diets can irritate the organs involved in metabolizing food. Just a thought, from a total stranger.

  6. Shut the front door on that name. I love it.

  7. Pernel Martin

    Yey!! I heard the news from Arin last night that you were getting induced next week! I know this is bittersweet but still..he is coming so soon! I’m only going to pray for the itching to stop b/c nothing on this earth will probably help…or you would have already investigated that option:) I know Shelly dealt with this too and it succcccked. You are such a trooper! Love you so much and you should win a medal. XOXO

  8. Radcliff!!!!!!! That’s totally awesome. You’re already poised to be mother of the year.

  9. Oh my goodness. I would be making them take Radcliffe out TODAY! Sounds awfully itchy over there…eeek! Beautiful name hon and were sending you non itchy vibes all the way from down here. x

  10. My cousin had long-awaited, worked-hard-for twins a few months ago, and the boy is named Rad! What a coinky-dink!

    So happy that you get to meet your little Radcliff soon, and that the itching will be but a memory!

  11. Oooooh. Poor thing. I had cholestasis during my first pregnancy, and all I could do to describe the itching was compare it to crazy drug addict scratching-at-the-invisible-spiders-under-my-skin itching.

    I think I drew blood on a couple of occasions. I found it really hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

    I’m itchy. No. I’m *really* itchy. It just doesn’t do it justice.

    Hang in there.

  12. I LOVE RAD! We cannot wait for our tiny to be here! We love you sister. Sending so many prayers your way.


  13. agh! You poor thing! I’m wishing you all the very best this week. TONS of non-itchy vibes are flying across town.

    But on the bright side, Rad is rad. You are rad. These mobiles are rad. Go get ’em!

  14. so excited about your new little man! we just had our first boy last month. named him Remy Roberts (he was almost Remington but it got too long sounding w/ his dad’s name in the middle; ‘sides we were planning on calling him Remy anyway).

    and i just think it’s RAD that yours is going to be Radcliff Robertson! alliteration names For The Win! we are kindred namers.

    p.s. sorry about your itchies! glad it will all be over soon.

  15. Kristina Powers

    I just read this post and was blown away! I had that with my last 2 pregnancies and my last son was born a month early and needed to be in the NICU for 2 weeks because his lungs were not fully formed. I was told by both OBGYNs during those pregnancies that the itching was just a weird side affect of my pregnancies and I just need to get thru it! I’m incredibly angry that my child was put in danger and that there was a name for what I had yet no one looked. I would sit up at night on my couch with my feet in ice water so I could sleep. I plan on letting my OBGYNS know about this disorder and I’m so glad I saw this post.

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