DIY Mounted Animal Masks

DIY mounted animal masks
DIY mounted animal masks
DIY mounted animal masks
gigi in a mask

Haha. This wall is for my lil man’s nursery! But Gigi always keeps me company while I’m working in there. I’ve been seriously crushing on plastic animal masks for a while. I stayed up late one night researching all the different kinds and places to buy them. I love the ones I got, even though I had to pay for international shipping (which I think cost more than the actual masks…) because some of them can be, well, downright creepy. I decided to mount them instead of just hanging them on the wall to discourage them being played with. BUT! Before you think I’m the meanest mom in the world…I got 12 of them! So that leaves 9 for playing. At first I was going to mount 6 of them, but it started to seem like A LOT, but I think I’ll hang some of the other animals else where.

Like this!

animal mask art

It’s gonna be a full-on menagerie. For my sources and how-to read the full post! It’s super simple, but I have a few tips.

You’ll need an incredibly helpful volunteer and animal masks. I got mine here! They send two sets of 6, so maybe you can split the cost with a friend!


I wanted the boards I mounted the masks on to be ultra glossy white. So even though the boards I got from Michael’s Arts and Crafts (they have a better selection of mounts than JoAnn or Hobby Lobby here) were white, I spray painted them. I just grabbed the spray paint they had at the store. EHH. I’ve done two projects lately with that paint, and then I went to Home Depot to grab some more–they didn’t have the Krylon so I grabbed some Rust-Oleum–and I was SHOCKED at how much better it coated the project! And it was exactly half as much. In the future I think it’s worth the extra trip to the hardware store.

I liked these modern flat plaques, but a wood log or a plaque with a beveled edge would be cute too. They also have those at Michael’s. FYI!


After the plaques were dry, I measured out an inch from each corner. Then I used painter’s tape to mark off the corner. Press the tape firmly to seal the edges. I used black acrylic paint to created the photo corners. I snipped the elastic off the masks, and then I used sticky dots around the edges of the mask to stick the masks to the plaques. I stretched them out a bit. I didn’t use hot glue because I was worried it might melt the plastic. My glue gun gets VERY hot. Plus the masks are so lightweight the sticky dots really worked well. I’ve had the masks up for a week and they seem very secure.

I used a black paint pen to write the animal names on the masks, I just used my handwriting. But if you’re nervous you could try to mimic a typeface in pencil first. I figured if I screwed up I would just paint over it. I actually thinned up a few lines with a white paint pen and you can hardly see it in person. So don’t stress!

And that’s it!

So simple. I feel like there are so many ways to personalize this! You could even spray the masks all one color. I almost did this, but the colors actually work really well in my nursery so I figured why bother. Can’t wait to see if you try it!

diy mounted animal masks

Happy crafting!



  1. Haha. They are kinda creepy. But in a good way…? Love the idea of mounting them on the wall. No need to encourage the kids to sneak up on mama wearing a mask.

  2. Sarah

    super cute idea! I love it

  3. your little man’s room is super adorable! i am so not secretly hoping for a little boy next time around… i already put my order in with my husband for one, or possibly two boys… ha.

    thanks for sharing your animal mask source – i have been searching for a piggy mask to hang along with some alice in wonderland postcards in my little girls room.

  4. They look so great!

    I have a boy – a toddler – they’re so much fun! He’s mad on animals, he would love a room like this.

  5. nailed it.

  6. Elise

    Those are adorable! I clicked on the link so I could buy a set, but I’m at work and our netnanny software filtered it. It says “prohibited web category: Sex.” I think it’s because the masks are labeled “unisex.” Or maybe you got the cute masks at one of THOSE types of stores… 🙂

  7. Michell Adams

    Hi There! I was wondering about the adorable bear pillow…I’m dying, it’s so cute. Is it the only one or can it be found online somewhere? Cheerio!

    May 1, 2013   |   Reply
  8. Love this! I don’t think they’re creepy at all. Thanks for the link for where you got them!

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