Obsessed: Hip Handmade Baby Blankets


For the sources and a tangent on handmade pricing…CLICK THROUGH!

Most of the baby essentials I used for Gigi will work for this baby, but when it comes to blankets, well, I want my lil’ man to have some manly ones! So even though these aren’t all boy blankies, I’ve been loving so many of them I wanted to share! Because even if you aren’t having little people, I’m sure you’ll need a gift at some point, and a mama would be CRAZY to not want any of these.

Now, some are for sale, some are inspiration. But I’d like to make a note about handmade pricing. I’ve seen people complain on Instagram about the prices of handmade leggings and blankets. But here’s the thing, getting custom fabric printed is INCREDIBLY expensive, especially knit fabrics (stretchy fabrics). And there is almost no way to do it cheaply unless you get a VERY large quantity printed. So even though I can’t afford some of these blankets, let’s be honest, I can’t afford one of my own mobiles really, I always respect a handmade seller more when their prices accurately account for their time and materials.

So yeah, I think it’s great when I can buy stuff cheaply, especially REALLY cute stuff, but I think it’s greater when people don’t sell themselves short. Because let’s be honest people, no handmade artist is getting rich off their product. Even the very VERY successful ones, like Freshly Picked (as you know I am VERY close with her) aren’t driving around in a Benz with a Fendi purse. And once they are making money, the product usually stops being “handmade.” So…with THAT tangent, which is also the reason why I haven’t bought these YET…! here are some blankets I’ve been gasping over.

1. Heirloom Bear Blanket by Roxy Marj: I am so obsessed with this bear blanket I could roll over and die! In fact I’m pretty much in love with everything Roxy Marj does. If I could be a fine artist I would totally want to be her. Does that sound pathetic? I don’t really care.

2. Organic Trees Swaddle Blanket by Juniper Wilde: AHHH! I just found this seller on Etsy and she has SO many amazing prints. Stop, drop, and roll yourself over to her site.

3. Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt Tutorial from See Kate Sew: Doesn’t this quilt have the perfect shades of pink?! I’ve exchanged a few emails with the lovely seamstress and she is truly a GEM. The full tutorial is on her blog plus lots of other amazing ones too!

4. Knottie Baby Sleeper from Lalas Pequenos: What is there to say about this? Nothing. I think they only thing to do is hold your ovaries and moan.

5. Organic Cross Baby Blanket from Candy Kirby Designs: Another mama who is WORKING it these days. I love this blanket and all of her adorable leggings! Gigi has a pair in this print.

6. Bitty Bunny Blanket from Mer Mag: I know, I KNOW! I shared this one already! But it’s just SO cute. Mer also has a hand-stamped swaddle blanket tutorial, and a black cat blanket tutorial you should check out!

I hope these lil blankies make you as happy as they make me! It’s gonna be a good week…right? RIGHT?! I don’t know how much longer I can last. Help.



  1. I’m obsessed with that bear blanket too. My baby nephew got one and I may or may not attempt to steal it next time I’m there….

  2. Jen

    I made that triangle quilt! It’s super easy and looks SO good! (Not tooting my own horn, giving props to the talented lady who made the pattern!)

    1. I thought this looked like yours!!

  3. I love your honesty. It sucks because I can’t afford a lot of the amazing handmade stuff out there, but I don’t begrudge the prices because I love to sew and craft, too, and I know how much WORK it takes to put something together that looks professional enough to sell! I have been obsessed with that Roxy Marj bear blanket for a while now and I think I’m going to break down and buy it when I get my taxes back… Eeee!

  4. And whoops, I spelled my own name wrong. It’s *KrystynA! I’ll blame that on pregnancy brain… Ha

  5. Kelly

    I feel the same way about most if the shops on Instagram. Freshly picked, YOURS, psi love you, mason and the tambourine, and so many more!! I love and appreciate handmade so much! Thanks for the shop shout outs. Those knotty onesies are amazing! Now one more thing ill be obsessing about.

  6. Thanks for the feature Alison! You are so sweet, and what a cool round-up!

  7. Hey Alison, loving your blog. I too am obsessed with baby bedding and thought you might like my latest handmade creation – the crib-sized down comforter in a linen cover. BOOM!


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