I used to be cooler: The origin of Sprinkles

This post is part of a series called: “I used to be cooler.” My blog used to consist entirely of essays. I’m sure many of you have not seen them, and I’d like to start sharing some of them again. Some are funny (or at least I think so) and some are “thoughtful.” For the whole series go here.

Back in the day my blog had a mascot, in fact, I had an etsy shop with the mascot as well. His name was “Sprinkles the Pony.” Sprinkles was born from a large felt pony that I made and nailed to our wall shortly after getting married. Here’s what he looked as a cookie:

pony cookie

And here’s what he looked like as pin the tail on the pony for Gigi’s first Fancy Pants Birthday Party:

pin the tail on the pony

Click through to read all about the birth of Sprinkles the Pony!

This essay was originally published July 28, 2008

Sometimes when you get married people forget that you are still, in fact, a normal human being who needs…what normal human beings need.


Just because you get married and have a sexy little husband who dotes on you and tells you that you’re pretty everyday, it doesn’t mean you don’t need friends to call you and tell you that you are pretty everyday too! And they don’t even have to tell me I’m pretty, they could just call and say, “Hi, I care that you exist…and I bet you look great in your jeans even if your butt is a tinch (read: A WHOLE LOT) bigger.” That would work too.

I know I’m needy, I need. I need. Give give! Love love!

However, no one likes a whiner. No one likes the friend that stomps around saying, “Why don’t you like me! Why don’t you call me!????” Who wants to be friends with a guilt trip? NO ONE. (Yes. I realize this post itself is a guilt trip. I’m a paradox, watch me blow your mind!) I learned this lesson in fifth grade when Shannon Collins, bless her heart, sat next to me on the bus and for the duration of the ride to school said, “WHY DON’T YOU CALL ME, DO YOU LIKE ME? DO YOU LIKE ME?” And I wanted to say, “NOT ANYMORE!”

So, sometimes in life you have to take matters into your own hands. And last Thursday, when Eric was gone yet again, I did.

And so, without further ado, and sans further guilt tripping, I’d like to present you with my NEW BEST FRIEND (other than my beautiful husband Eric)…


Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 11.35.20 PM

First I cut him out of felt.

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 11.35.34 PM

Then, like any good friend would, I nailed him to the wall. So I’ll always know right where to find him. I like his hair.

I pet Sprinkles and talk to him when I walk past. He is very understanding and a really good listener. And if I keep the bathroom door open, I can talk to him while I’m in the shower. It’s really nice to have another man in the house when Eric is out of town.

If you want, you can make the REALLY REALLY long trip to SLC and say hi to Sprinkles and sometime. I mean, only if you want to. We might be busy, but I’ll see if we can fit you in.


  1. I love this series–please keep it up (as I missed all of these the first time around)! I love your blog. Sadly, I usually read it on my phone where my enthusiastic comments refuse to publish, so please know that I’m loving your crafty, sassy self, even though I’m (unintentionally) just lurking.

    1. Ugh! You’re such a babe! Look at you in all your hot dresses! Thanks for coming on by!

  2. Ha! I didn’t read your blog back then, I like this series.
    I need a sprinkles the pony! I am not lonely, but my company is two crazy miniature people. I will make a paper mache bunny that can hold gluten free treats that I can eat.

    1. obviously this was before you moved across the hall!

  3. Brit

    Can I be your needy friend? You are flippin hilarious.

    1. haha YES PLEASE! xo

  4. Kim

    This is too funny. If only I had ever thought to make a felt pony for a friend! And, a comment about you other posts: 1) The onesies are beyond cute. Nicely done. 2) Your Ginger may have a soul mate in my 3 year old son Benton. They just might be perfect for each other- unless their similar personalities combust when together, in which case they’re not perfect for each other. I love me a kid with some spunk and sass (although raising one can have its challenges).

    1. 1) thank you so much! 2) oh i’d love to see them together! Gigi gets tamer around other strong kids, she just picks on the younger weak ones…haha

  5. Nicole

    I need a sprinkle friend. To love and to pet!

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